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Blog Posts

Update - End of 2016

Our cracking run had to end at some point and it certainly did this last week with a near 12pt loss. We obtained some cracking value in the markets both on the evening & morning selections with the majority going off considerably shorter however there were some really below par performances on the whole. The poor run coincided with some busy racing days so considerably more selections than normal to boot.

Weekly/monthly profit (certainly at the higher prices) sometimes comes down to just hitting 2 or 3 winners in that period. This week was a prime example with Tribesman and Poyle Vinne just coming up short in 2nd place at 8/1 and 11/1 respectively. Very unlucky/frustrating but thats racing. We finish 2016 on tipstrr (6 weeks) with +35pts profit. Quite disapointing as I feel we deserve more considering the number of cross bar hits we have had mentioned on this and my previous post! Newer members may be kicking themselves for joining during a losing run which is understandable, just hang on in there and use a 100pt bank.

To summarise the 6 weeks to date:

Advised Prices               +35pts

Level BSP -                   +11.46

Advised BSP -               +23.45

BSP is still work in progress, for now all advised bets will be recorded as 1pt win for BSP stats unless advised to members otherwise.

Hopefully the next blog post will bring good news and heavier pockets for all.



1st January 2017 @ 23:09

Pre-Xmas Update & BSP Stats

Since my last update, this week from 19th Dec, we have had 9 official selections and two winners (Holiday Magic 11/8 and General Tufto 20/1) but more like 18 or 16/1 by the time the email went out.

8 of the 9 selections qualified for BSP:

Level stake profit to BSP: +2.07points

Advised stake profit to BSP: +0.07points - we will call it break even!

21 Dec saw two 2nd places (Constantion 8/1 SP and Zamdy Man 5/1 SP). A tidy profit if using bookie accounts, however we needed an additional winner to make any real profit to BSP but unfortunately it wasn't to be. The final aim before 2017 is to hit some winners over the festive period and I will be trying my best to mirror the success to date.

Merry Christmas all.

23rd December 2016 @ 15:05

Nearly One Month In - Smashing it!

Nearly one month in, and we are nearing 50pts profit from just 51 bets! A crazy ROI of 92%+! ALL simple 1 pt wins, no multiples!

Just some of the winners so far in this period were priced 7/1, 16/1, 14/1 and 20/1 (R4) that along with some shorter price selections along the way for a SR of 25%. That 25% is win only, I never tip EW it's on the nose or nothing.

Not forgetting some close calls this month which could be putting us nearer to 100pts:

Sennockian Star (2nd by a NK) - advised 16/1

River Dart (2nd by a HD) - advised 6/1

Boots and Spurs (2nd by a NK) - advised 13/2


Members generally receive 3 emails, 1 around 6 or 7pm advising any early value, a further email later in the evening based on race analysis and a further morning email for any market movers of interst! This month, we have tipped an average of 1.7 bets per day. Rest assured, these are highly selective bets ONLY with simple staking.

Join today at a reasonable £22 to see if this service is for you. That's about 0.75p a day.

Everyone is different, this highly selective approach may not suit everyone. Working in the investment industry myself, it's clear that the majority of investors are risk adverse this is why I aim to minimise the risk and only put a bet up if I am putting my own money down also!

20th December 2016 @ 23:01

Betfair SP


I am aiming to update the blog at the end of each week - so keep an eye out if you are interested in monitoring the Betfair SP profit, both to single and advised stakes. Of course, if you have bookie accounts open then your best bet (literally!) is to utilise them first and foremost to take advantage of BOG, early prices etc. However, as you can see at the moment, the BSP profit is not far off from the advised prices, and also using my 1-3pt plan, end line profit has increased further.

To summarise the past month (from 16th Nov):

Selections: 62, Winners 19, 30.65% SR,

BSP Profit to Level Stakes (excl commission) = 33.25points

BSP Profit to Advised Stakes (excl commission) = 43.67points, of the 62 selections, 5 in total qualified for a 2 point stake. There were no 3 point stake qualifiers in this period.


To summarise against Tipstrr since the 23rd November:

Selections: 43, Winners 10, 23.25% SR,

BSP Profit to Level Stakes (excl commission) = 21.28 points

BSP Profit to Advised Stakes (excl commission) = 31.47points, of the 43 selections, 4 in total qualified for a 2 point stake. There were no 3 point stake qualifiers in this period.

Hit a bit of a drought in November (5 close 2nds), hence the SR reduced but we also hit a couple of big winners along the way to boost the bank.

Remember - long term profit is the name of the game.

18th December 2016 @ 21:01

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