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based on an average stake of £25 in the all time

Basket Tipster

Professional Basketball Tipster

Basket Tipster has proven himself to be an extremely reliable, consistent and profitable tipster. Focusing on the NBA, Euroleague and Internationals, depending on the service, this tipster is never short of a winning tip or two. At time of his Tipstrr Pro induction, Basket Tipster had yet to suffer a losing month (Dec 18 through Aug 19)

  • £37.25
    Avg. Monthly Profit
  • 3.5%
  • 10
    Avg. Tips per Week
  • 54%
    Strike Rate
  • 1.96
    Avg. Odds
  • £1599.66

All time based on an average stake of £25 in the all time

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Basket Tipster logoBasketballBasket TipsterTipster since

  • Total profit£1599
  • ROI3.45%
  • £37.25profit per monthAll time

This is an exciting addition. For only the second time in Tipstrr history, a basketball tipster has made the cut. His unbelievable and consistent start to life on the platform means he is a shoe in for the honour. Focusing on all of the NBA, Euroleague and International action, Basket Tipster remains active all year round. Naturally, the peak of the NBA season is when things get a little bit busier, but there's a steady flow of tips throughout the year. You'll be well covered by the bankroll advice and staking plan, but that seems almost irrelevant at the time of induction! Basket Tipster has become known for his level of consistency, producing win rates ranging from 50% right up to 90% on a regularly basis. His performance, statistics and style combine to suggest this service is not a flash in the pan, but one that will remain profitable for years to come

From as little as £20 per week

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Understanding the importance of transparency, Basket Tipster verifies their tips with the Tipstrr platform giving you great insight into their service.

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From as little as £20 per week

£37.25 average monthly profit

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£37.25 Average Monthly Profit

Basket Tipster has averaged a £37.25 profit per month over the All time

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Average odds of 1.96

With average odds of 1.96 combined with a 54% strike rate makes Basket Tipster a service worth joining


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Subscription to Basket Tipster costs £20 per week. There are other membership options available, depending on the length of membership you’re after. The longer your commitment, the bigger the discount.

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Tip notifications are sent out via email. You can view all active tips from your tipsters in your own Tipstrr dashboard

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Recurring subscriptions will automatically renew so you won't miss a single tip. If you forget to cancel a subscription please contact us and we'll sort it out. See our Terms & conditions for more information.

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We’ve built our platform to bring transparency to the tipster industry. Our system ensures that the tipsters on our site can be trusted, and can’t manipulate their results in any way whatsoever.

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