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50.8 Last 6 months

About Beautiful Disaster


Hello Followers this portfolio is a new test portfolio. The plays on the Beautiful Disaster portfolio will be strictly Draw and under Plays and in most cases same game draw and under.  I call this DISASTER because draw and under have been the main reason I have lost countless big bets and parlays over the years.  I am starting this portfolio to test situations that I think may give reason for or draw or under game.  Since this is test portfolio please thread carefully

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200 Picks Summary: 15% ROI and 36.1 units of Profit

(Email sent to members on Oct 29 2016)

Members of Beautiful Disaster,

As stated with the first email last month I will be emailing members of Beautiful Disaster after every 100 plays posted (give or take 10-15 plays).  Last month we were 22% Rate of Interest (ROI) and 22.5 unit’s profit with average odds of +157(American Odds). Today after 213 picks were are currently at 36.1 units of profit and 15.1% ROI with average odds of +170.  Although the ROI slipped a bit over the course of the month (due mainly to a couple of bad runs) we are still looking pretty well with overall growth of bankroll. Some may not think 36.1 units is a lot but if you are a $100 unit bettor that’s $3600 over 200 plays with very little Vig(Juice). I could easily post 10 unit plays for each of my plays and it would show as 360 units profit and I would sky rocket at the top of Tippstr rankings. However, that is not the approach I want to take with this portfolio. Posting big 10 unit plays every game is not realistic in my opinion. Most people wager $50- $100 per game and I want to represent the average person trying to make a profit.     Another update from last months is regarding the comment I made stating I would try to post a few parlays when I get the chance and I did post 1 which went 2 out of 3 on a treble. We were very close to hitting nearly 30 units on that particular parlay but I feel these long shots are not the right path to follow with this portfolio. With that said I will try not to post parlays moving forward and if I do it will be maximum of 2 games max.

Wager Units:

I one subject I wanted to discuss again is my unit size. I originally started this portfolio with intent to not go bigger than 1 unit flat wagers with each play. However, I have changed it up a bit and implemented 2 unit stakes with my under plays.  This is the result of the high success rate of the under plays. I have also noticed that if I play 2 units on an under and lose the draw I usually end up higher on units. This has helped maintain a higher ROI over the course of the last month when draws were not hitting. I will continue this trend on most but not all under plays.

 To end I wanted to not that I am happy to see that our client base has increased slightly and appreciate any referrals and feedback. I not only here to test but to grow and I would love to increase profit for clients as I grow. Again, if any of you have questions about specific plays or thoughts on our plays feel free to send us message on twitter https://twitter.com/MAJORWAJOR  Best of luck!


Major K

30th October 2016 @ 00:32

100 Picks Summary: 22% ROI and 22.5 units of Profit


Members of Beautiful Disaster,

I generally do not send emails regarding pick summary or pick information but I will try to send an email/blog after every 100 picks. This will be away to assess our current Rate of Interest and or profitability. As the subject title states the portfolio is currently at 102 picks with 22% Rate of Interest (ROI) and 22.5 unit’s profit. Please note our average odds is +157 which is amazing considering the vig on most tipster plays are -110 or so. Also note that units of profit vary by person a unit can be $1 or $1000 it really depends on the user and their bankroll. As stated in some of our other portfolios we use a 100 pt. bank roll and will rarely post over 1% of our bankroll on any giving play. This strategy will ensure we do not fall to fast when we hit a cold streak and believe me cold streaks hit the best of us. When these streaks come just hold steady and trust in our formula. The best thing about our plays is that we can win generally win both plays with 0-0, or 1-1 but we are not a complete loss with 0-1, 2-0, or in some cases 2-2 or 3-3. What this means is that the worst case score for our plays is 2-1, 3-2 or rare occasion 3-4. (All other score lines are so rare we do not include them in our assumption). Essentially, it will take specific score lines for us to lose both plays for any given Disaster play.

To end this message I just wanted to thank all the members (there is not many of you) for taking the time to follow our free test portfolios. I hope you all are profiting from them :)... As we move into our next 100 plays I may try to add a parlay or two but I am on the fence since it’s hard to hit them and it will lower ROI when we miss. Also, if any of you have questions about specific plays or thoughts on our plays feel free to send us message on twitter Best of luck!


Major K

21st September 2016 @ 14:14

Results Summary

Period: Sport:
  • ROI: 16.53%
  • Profit: 50.8
  • Tips: 264
  • Win: 50%
  • Average Odds: 2.66





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