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Betakos 2016-2017 Portfolio image

Betakos 2016-2017 Portfolio

Results Summary

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About Betakos 2016-2017 Portfolio

Current portfolio is my proposal for 2016-2017 betting season.


This portfolio is designed for long term profitability.

All picks included are chosen in a special manner.

Picks will be covering E.P.L, Primera Division and Serie A exclusively.


Data research has taken place in the past results of all three competitions. Matches have been divided into cluster groups and each one has been analyzed in terms of profitability concerning the Full Time market results.

Over 6809 matches in total during 2010-2011 till 2015-2016 seasons concerning the major leagues listed above,  15 cluster groups have been qualified for betting.

These 15 cluster groups included 384 valid stakes resulting in 196.55 units of profit (384 units wagered, 580.55 units returned).

The criteria which a cluster group should both meet for qualifying for new season were:


  1. Cluster group should have produced at least 20 stakes during 2010-2011 till 2015-2016
  2. Cluster group should have produced at least 35% profit on stakes in one of the three Full Time market outcomes


Our model is 100% stats based. No other information like teams’ form, past meetings, injuries lists etc are being taken in consideration.



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