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Football / Kazakhstan. Cup



  Шахтер Караганда - Тараз Dnb1(0) 1.8


Football / Kazakhstan. Cup. 1/4 final. Rematch matches.

The site does not offer the match, and whoever offers it will have no value.

 The first game in Taraz ended in a 0-0 draw. Shakhtar's main goal of the season is to win the cup. Even the match of the last round they sent backups to Kostanay. Taraz has big financial problems. They are not paid for 3 months. The coach resigned yesterday. And the problem is financial. Plus there is talk that Taraz players do not want to play this match for these reasons. Shakhtar has more motivation, and they are stronger in class. I think they can win big. Who does not want to take risks, the most ideal optionDnb 0 for the hosts.

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Казахстан Super League

Tobol Kostanay - Shakhtyor Karagandy

first half / final result

1/1 @ odds 1.53 bet365

in Kazakh and Russian bookmakers this coefficient is about 1.3Tobol in Kostanay takes the Karaganda Shakhtar. Tobol is only 1 point inferior to Astana for 2 rounds and they need victory as air. Moreover, Astana tomorrow plays in Almaty against Kairat. And it is clear that there is a very great possibility of their loss of points. 99% sure of Tobol's victory. Moreover, Shakhtar's coach openly said that base players would not fly to Kostanay. Tobol's stronger. What they proved in the first round match, beating Shakhtar 3-0. And against the second composition, especially. I believe that ТОБОЛ will win a home victory.

There are no other better options at the moment, there is no Asian handicap, and the match is not yet available on the site.

1 FC Astana 24 56 17 5 2 52 23 29

2 Tobol Kostanay 24 55 16 7 1 48 17 31

3 Kairat Almaty 24 47 13 8 3 51 21 30

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Football. Championship of Kazakhstan. Division 1

Ekibastuz - Baikonur

Football. Championship of Kazakhstan. Division 1

 (-1.5) @ 1.80

-: -

Football Kazakhstan 1st Division in Ekibastuz local club of the same name hosts Baikonur from Kyzylorda.

 3 rounds left until the end of the championship and this game of teams that do not solve big problems. Ekibastuz does not have the best funding, but they were able to put together a very good team. Of course, in terms of class, they are inferior to the teams of the first four, which are fighting for a place in the playoffs. But to take the 5th place they are quite capable. Ekibastuz are very strong at home. 9 matches 6 wins 2 draws and only 1 defeat. And if you take the last matches, they do not lose 9 games in a row. Kyzylorda's Baikonur plays against Ekibastuz. This is Kaiser's double from the Premier League. They rank 10th out of 12 teams. But the team scored all 16 points at home. This is because doubles teams in home games are reinforced by the base players, who get into the application, but spend very little time on the field. But the visiting statistics are just awful. 9 matches 9 defeats with a total goal difference of 6-44.

In this game, I believe that Ekibastuz, who are fighting for 5th place with Taraz-Karatau and the Kairat Academy, must win confidently.

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. Chilean Championship. Series B

San Marcos De Arica - Coquimbo Unido

Football. Chilean Championship. Series B

over 5.5 goals @ 15.00The San Marcos de Arica Club announced two positive cases a couple of days ago. But yesterday there were already 14 of them and all were identified as Delta. In Chile it is very strict with the virus but with the delta it is twice as strict. Therefore, it was decided to remove the entire team from the game. This means that according to the rules of the transfer of the game can not be and the team of San Marcos de Arica is forced to play players under the age of 21.

A similar situation in Chile B was in May when Cocuimbo played away against 21-year-old players and took them 1: 7. I expect a repeat of the banquet.

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Ordabasy - Caspian Aktau

Football. Championship of Kazakhstan

victory for the guest @ 3.62

-: It is necessary to take away while give.

 The last match of the team was played when the Horde had all the legionnaires. From what can we expect the victory of the Horde here? Provided that the composition of the Horde is now much worse. Yes, the Caspian played in the cup, but the club has a good team, and in fact many leaders did not play in the cup. Therefore in general I think that here kefs should be return.

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Europa League

Tonight, Red Star's match of the Serbian championship has been postponed due to a whole bunch of infected players. The next match of the team is the visit of Ludogorets in a week. In other circumstances, I am the last person who would bet on the factory team from Razgrad, but in this case I see a huge wave at 3.00 odds for their victory.

There are three options:

1. They postpone this match as well, if the infected Serbs have a covid and are many.

Canceled bet - no risk of loss.

2. The match is played normally and all patients are online.

We close the bet before the match starts - minimal risk of small loss.

3. The sweetest option.

The match is played despite the many sick guests. Red Star come out with reserves and teenagers.

The odds will fall brutally and whoever wants can close at a huge profit before the start of the match.

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Basketball Russian Cup. Women




Nadezhda (wives) - Peresvet-UFU (wives)

Basketball. Cup of Russia. Women

FORA2 (+10.5) @ 1.72

only 5 people have hope, which can be attributed to the basis, a couple of them with tension - fat, mosquito, tokhtash, bear, hint. the rest that year played for hope-2 in 3 in terms of league strength. here they beat a weak youth in 40, and in just 8 points the Cossack from the Super League, which became much weaker compared to last season in composition.

retooling is a Rostov-Don, the sponsor and name, the champion of recent years in the Super League, were changed. Kazan and youth confidently outplayed, the composition and coach survived from the championship seasons, good ripples and couplin were added. I think the Rostov women will definitely compete in this match, the motivation to beat the Premier League team in plus to this. I'm taking 10.

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Basketball Russian Cup. Women




Dynamo Novosibirsk (women) - Dynamo Moscow (women)

Basketball. Russian Cup. Women

2 (-7.5) @ 1.81

forecast for basketball, women's cup of russia group stage, dynamo moscow against novosibirsk.

the team from Novosibirsk seriously updated the lineup, the coach also changed. Legionnaires do not play in the cup, and the roster of Russian players is not strong, to put it mildly, said several people from the double. in the 1st round they beat weak Parma by 40 points, and today they lost to the oil league team

Muscovites beat Petroleum in the 1st round, and took Parma 116-31. the team was joined by good Russian players - Abaydulin, Poluyanov, Black, players remained from that season. a new head coach came, an experienced shumikhin. Muscovites' game looks much more convincing,

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Kazakhstan. Division 1

Kyzyl-Zhar II - Makhtaaral

Football. Championship of Kazakhstan. Division 1

2 (-2) @ 1.6


I don't see why Kyzylzhar's academy can fight here at all, Makhta is stronger in all respects and will definitely win this match by at least two goals. Kyzylzhar lost to all the best teams of the 1st league by at least two goals. Recently lost to Aksu 4-0, Kyran 4-0. Here, too, I expect at least 3 goals from the mast. With the attack they are all right, Kyran stumbled in the last match, which gives Makhta the opportunity to take a clean first place. The mood of the players will be serious, the motivation to win is huge. The teams have already played each other, Makhta won 4-0, right now I expect about the same result,

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Smorgon 2 - Slutsk 2

Smorgon 2 - Slutsk 2

victory in the match Slutsk 2 @ 2.15 bet 365

Much overstated beech coefier on Slutsk's victory in my opinion. Smorgon is the weakest team in the League, and with strengthening from the base, the team will be difficult in the match with Slutsk's double. Still, local pupils play for Smorgon, who are simply not ready to play on equal terms with other teams of the youth of the Major League. I would give Slutsk about 1.4 to win.., In the last round Slutsk beat strong Isloch, I think the team will not have problems with Smorgon. It's worth a try. 3% of the bank. They'll probably kill the coef. and perhaps they will remove the game from the line - so you should wait for the live - there will also be good options for bets.