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Blog Posts

Singles going well

I've stumbled onto some great singles picks lately. In fact, it's not stumbling, I looked for them. Only being let down by ACCAs at the moment but will continue to play them for smaller stakes as I like the way they look, just got to refine a few things. Tend to miss out on ACCAs by one goal or just one team so I am working on my system which should eliminate the *MINES* in the statistics.

Day of the 8th and the evening and early on in the 9th of April was excellent with massive profits. Took advantage of some Asian handicap markets. I've compiled a new spreadsheet which although early days has gone great so far so hopefully there will be more profits to come. 

I feel like this is a learning game and despite being in it so long I am still learning. I'm devising new systems all the time and trying to exploit where I think the odds are wrong or where they simply represent good value. Although profit margins still remain relatively low, I am hoping to iron out some losses and increase the profits. 

9th April 2017 @ 06:27

Be a Shark

Being very sloppy at the moment, making too many picks, just throwing money away really, chucking bad picks out there. Will get back to what was working and get back on the winning trail. So easy to be seduced by the desire to make more money or just to be "right" as opposed to forecasting what will actually happen in the game.

Discipline is the #1 thing in this game and the only way to truly make a profit. You have to be disciplined enough not to go for big wins and be satisfied with small gains which add up to big wins. I've blown a lot of my profit and my ROI is nowhere near it was. Been trying to look for too much "value" which is just giving the bookmakers their money back, and playing a few poor o/u picks. 

Went for Celtic -1.5 and Brugge -1.5 tonight, picked the double as well. Both wrong. They both won, as I knew they would, but the greed to go for a bigger result was just not a good idea. It's very hard to cover that sort of spread in football. Unless you are Barcelona or Real Madrid. The mentality of the team being ahead by 1 goal is usually enough to mean they won't push for more. As long as they win, that's all that matters. The old favorite 1-0 result is powerful. Silly picks.

We all know how hard this game is, betting on sport. You're basically starting already down. In the ocean with bookmakers, they are the sharks and we are the fish who have to swim very fast just to survive, remember that!

We are trying to take the shark's meal and they don't like that.

That's the honesty of sports betting. We must think more like a shark to win and know how to take the easy meals.

Will keep going. It's that or give up. 


25th January 2017 @ 21:55

Good day

Feel compelled to write a blog post today as it was a very good 2 January 2017. 

The results have really been picking up lately. A bit of luck here and there but getting some good forecasts correct.

Today's spanking was due to a well-judged 34/1 7-fold. Now these are insanely risky as you only need one to let you down for the accumulator to fail, but when you make good picks it can be really valuable and turn a small stake into a massive profit. 

Besides the accumulator, profit was very good, with all picks winning today. 

I'd like to think this is now the average day. Winners across the board. A bad day is a couple of bad picks. 

Continuing to work the DNB market, straight HWs and also enjoying the over 2.5 goals at the moment. Spotting trends and doing a bit of reading as others make good suggestions as well.

Really sometimes the bookmakers just give us gifts: West Brom today was 1.85. It didn't look too clever when they were 1-0 down but in the end, their class told and they won easily 3-1. 

Good results. 

2nd January 2017 @ 17:52

Football Revitalised

So the football picks have been revitalised the last couple weeks or so. It's a bit of a new system - still looking for value - but playing the U/O 2.5 goals market. I think some games just have almost an inevitability of having goals in them.

So I am looking for teams which regularly involve high scoring games and using the h2h as a marker as well for games which should have goals. Hopefully, I will be throwing some doubles and trebles together as well because although riskier this is the way to make really good profits to spank the bookies. 

4th December 2016 @ 02:26

Good run in the football

With a change of tactics often comes excellent results. Since I have begun focusing mainly on soccer I have started to make good profits and I can see the good run continuing.

The soccer season runs pretty much 365 days a year so there are potential picks every day of the year and with a new system I have devised, I am looking for value and playing the Asian Handicap markets.

The system I am using is looking for prices that I think the bookmaker has got wrong and then taking advantage using +/- 0.5, 1 on the AH markets.

The teams I pick are not "underdogs" - they usually have a great chance of getting the result required. They will oftentimes be ahead in the table and have a very strong history with their opponent. I will then look to take the best price at around the Evens money mark.

Most times we can expect the team I pick to either win or draw. Very occasionally they will lose but I hope to be picking stronger teams that can give us a valuable return.

Let's look forward to some more great picks!

9th October 2016 @ 20:18

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