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Football Tennis Horse Racing

Results Summary

Period: Sport:
  • ROI: 1.74%
  • Profit: 295.5
  • Tips: 1771
  • Win: 46%
  • Average Odds: 4.49

Good run in the football

With a change of tactics often comes excellent results. Since I have begun focusing mainly on soccer I have started to make good profits and I can see the good run continuing.

The soccer season runs pretty much 365 days a year so there are potential picks every day of the year and with a new system I have devised, I am looking for value and playing the Asian Handicap markets.

The system I am using is looking for prices that I think the bookmaker has got wrong and then taking advantage using +/- 0.5, 1 on the AH markets.

The teams I pick are not "underdogs" - they usually have a great chance of getting the result required. They will oftentimes be ahead in the table and have a very strong history with their opponent. I will then look to take the best price at around the Evens money mark.

Most times we can expect the team I pick to either win or draw. Very occasionally they will lose but I hope to be picking stronger teams that can give us a valuable return.

Let's look forward to some more great picks!

Published 9th October @ 20:18