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August 1st - Keeping Records

It's all been leading up to today. I hadn't been serious about keeping betting records except for my wins. In fact, wins below a certain amount were one of those things for me. I'd crossed a hundred thousand naira ($315) 8 times in total so I felt invincible. Until last season. I hit that amount once, but I lost so much and lost confidence as a result. Of course, I lost my discipline to a point. So I wanted to know what I was doing wrong. I went through the records of my major bookmaker (I only bothered with two)... I'd won over nine hundred thousand naira ($2,900) in the period I reviewed, but the losses were unbelieveable. A little under three hundred thousand naira ($940). I mean, it wasn't all that bad but it shook me. I checked the other bookmaker... a hundred and twenty thousand in losses ($380). I hardly win there anyway. I only use it to try for the maximum payout which is the largest in my country - N50m ($160,000). 

A friend recommended OLBG and I learned a lot from the community there. Their betting school brought home some hard truths and I learned a few things. There, I realised horse racing wasn't for me. Oh, believe me, I tried. They seemed to be the big winners anyway. I then decided to focus on my strengths - football (soccer to you American folk) and in particular accumulators, with a few well researched games from other sports. Then I stumbled upon Goliath on Twitter and now here I am.

As much as time permits, I'll post most (but not all of my real life tips). By the way, I bet on all games posted except for the fact that I do not have an account with foriegn bookmakers because of the difficulty in withdrawing funds and unfair practices. I'm good with the few I'm with. I keep records now, on an Excel spreadsheet to record all games selected, odds offered, reason behind the picks and a few stats to back up my decision. I hope it gives me an insight to my weaknesses which I'm constantly trying to eliminate, and I hope I'm consistent with it. 

So if you are here for the ride, or to just watch or maybe somehow, I manage to hit the profit levels of some of the horse racing tipsters on here, and you wonder about me, I hope this is a decent start... If you decide to bet on my selections, I hope you know you do so solely at your own risk. I do not claim to make a profit for you or anyone else for that matter, and will not be liable to any loss or claim. However, I hope that you make lots of profit along with me... and should you feel generous enough to share some of it with me... I wouldn't mind at all.

Okay, this has gone long enough. I'm currently hoping August begins on a green note, and fingers crossed for a PSG win @ Bastia. Should earn me some thirty-five thousand naira ($109) from a thousand naira ($3) stake. One last thing, I almost never go beyond two thousand naira ($6) in stakes.



Published 1st August @ 06:26