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Why Buy My Tips?

I have been crunching statistics ever since I started to watch football back in 2001 and this gave me a small advantage over some bookies.

It actually went really well I had a few of my betting accounts closed because of beating them. I believe my system and statistics can also give you the edge to make some money. I will be the first to admit that we can not get a full house every day but that is the life of a punter.

If you expect to win every bet I suggest, please do not subscribe or pay me money because it is not possible.

Basically over a week, we make money, over a month more money, and then over the course of a year we have been in profit for the past 2 years.

Before you subscribe feel free to check the results section and if it looks good for you, subscribe for a week and see how it goes. 


Here is to sending those bookies packing!


Bon Voyage

Published 25th August @ 13:58