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Feel free to follow our tips. We are using tipstrr solely to record our stats and see what we can win long term. As of February 2017 we are no longer doing doubles bets or multiples as they seem to play into the bookmakers hands. Singles tipster only.
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Blog Posts

Gambling & Investing. Just how similar are they?

For a lot of people, gambling is classed as a bad idea while investing is good. Gamblers will throw their money around in the hopes to win a big bet and potentially lose the lot. Or you will join a tipster service, place some larger bets than you'd usually make and again lose the lot. If you stick to the system advised then this couldn't be further from the truth. Professional, reputable tipsters work hard to find the best value and tips. For example, by taking our expert advice about the top bets to place every day, Bookie Beatings’ customers are taking informed, considered chances – just like good investors.

Now, of course, betting isn’t low risk, but neither are most investments. If you put your money in a stocks and shares ISA and choose which stocks and funds to invest in, you’ll notice that each fund comes with a track record of losses and gains, and very few funds will be making only gains, even those managed by world-leading investors. No investments are ever risk-free.

A major point we must make is that you yourself must firstly remove the emotional side of gambling. Bookie Beatings always suggest gambling as a healthy and moderate way of earning money. Our strategy does not involve placing huge amounts of money on high-risk options, nor do we ever chase our loss days by placing more and more bets. It is a long-term, low investment strategy for financially conscious individuals who are interested in making modest but significant profits over a period of time. Members who have followed us for some time will notice we (like anybody else), have good & bad days, but the strategy we have in place has delivered consistant profit every month.


Following us in the month of July 2016 would see you with a profit of £1787.60 using just £10 stakes (correct at the time of posting 26th July 2016*), that's a return on investment of over 115%. These stats alone show you that while some tips don’t end in profit, overall our service reads pretty healthy. You would be hard pushed to find an investment that offers you that kind of return, from such a small starting bank balance. Also, with investments you will need to keep your money in for a number of years to see a return, while our service has provided members with instant, available cash.



So to sum up, the lines between investing and gambling are certainly getting tighter and while you may follow Bookie Beatings and see some bad days recorded, all in all you would find it very difficult to find another investment or service that brings you this kind of return. Do not become a gambler who NEEDS to win every bet they place, this is the kind of gambling the bookmakers thrive on. By making informed decisions, such as the ones advised by Bookie Beatings, many punters are able to see annual or even monthly returns. It’s these gamblers who can transform a hobby into a viable source of income, making them more similar to good investors than anything else.

26th July 2016 @ 15:48

Our Second Huge Treble in 2 Weeks!!

Well what can we say other than 'Bookies Taking Another Beating'.

What a day and what a week for our members again this week. We've hit 26 weeks of profit and week 27 cannot fail to be profit after we land our 3rd treble in just 2 weeks and our 4th double.
Members are making a fortune from our daily horse tips. 3 tips today and a HUGE treble lands.




A £50 each way on these would return you £7000.

We have members who place small stakes and 1 member yesterday returned over £125 profit from 50p stakes. We work on a weekly basis and choose our horse tips very carefully to ensure the best possible chance for a constant stream of profit. Unlike a lot of other tipsters who may go weeks, even months without a single win in the hopes of that big score (which maybe the 1 day you don't follow), we choose to build our pot gradually and when the big wins does occur.. well... we already have a nice sum behind us.

In the last 30 days we have made members just over 1100 units profit... thats a ridiculous £11,000 to £100 stakes or £1100 to £10 stakes.

Follow>>www.tipstrr.com/tipster/bookiebeatings We are not just saying this, nobody does it better.

1st July 2016 @ 11:00

What a start

Followers of Bookie Beatings will have noticed a huge increase in funds over the past 3 days as we have hit over 10 winners and a huge 30/1 double landed plus on the 04th of May we gave our tips out for FREE via social media which saw a lot of new followers get on. On the 04th we hit 4 winners out of our 6 tips. Gentlemen 10/1 won easily, Western Approad 5/2, Scotswell 7/1 and Amour De Nuit 2/1 this was an incredible 395/1 acca if you'd had it.

We also moved up the Tipstrr rankings into 5th position globally which is a fantastic achievement after just 5 days tipping compared to every other tipster who has had an extra 25 days over us.

We ended today with another fantastic winner... Dark Red at 6/1.

Tomorrow will see 4 tips which are huge prices and we're very confident of each and every one.

Join the proven tipster & let the results speak for themselves!! BB

5th May 2016 @ 21:59

My First Blog

Welcome to the only tipster page you'll ever need.

I'm very excited to have this new partnership in place with Tipstrr and look forward to offering you all some fantastic tips.

Bookie Beatings was set up to offer tips on Horses & Football. This isn't a get rich quick scheme! and we always stress to gamble responsibly. We offer daily tips of around 3-5 selections per day on Horses and Football selections only when I see something fancied.
The points system is so easy to follow with doubles and singles bets being placed. Every bet will be explained in full.

We tip singles either each way or straight win depending on the price with an average price tipped last month alone of 8/1.

On average we record an ROI of 41% with April seeing us hit 95%. This means at just £5 stakes you would return on average £750 profit for the month.

Join the proven tipster & let the results speak for themselves!! BB

28th April 2016 @ 16:26

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We're still calculating data for this tipster