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Gambling & Investing. Just how similar are they?

For a lot of people, gambling is classed as a bad idea while investing is good. Gamblers will throw their money around in the hopes to win a big bet and potentially lose the lot. Or you will join a tipster service, place some larger bets than you'd usually make and again lose the lot. If you stick to the system advised then this couldn't be further from the truth. Professional, reputable tipsters work hard to find the best value and tips. For example, by taking our expert advice about the top bets to place every day, Bookie Beatings’ customers are taking informed, considered chances – just like good investors.

Now, of course, betting isn’t low risk, but neither are most investments. If you put your money in a stocks and shares ISA and choose which stocks and funds to invest in, you’ll notice that each fund comes with a track record of losses and gains, and very few funds will be making only gains, even those managed by world-leading investors. No investments are ever risk-free.

A major point we must make is that you yourself must firstly remove the emotional side of gambling. Bookie Beatings always suggest gambling as a healthy and moderate way of earning money. Our strategy does not involve placing huge amounts of money on high-risk options, nor do we ever chase our loss days by placing more and more bets. It is a long-term, low investment strategy for financially conscious individuals who are interested in making modest but significant profits over a period of time. Members who have followed us for some time will notice we (like anybody else), have good & bad days, but the strategy we have in place has delivered consistant profit every month.


Following us in the month of July 2016 would see you with a profit of £1787.60 using just £10 stakes (correct at the time of posting 26th July 2016*), that's a return on investment of over 115%. These stats alone show you that while some tips don’t end in profit, overall our service reads pretty healthy. You would be hard pushed to find an investment that offers you that kind of return, from such a small starting bank balance. Also, with investments you will need to keep your money in for a number of years to see a return, while our service has provided members with instant, available cash.



So to sum up, the lines between investing and gambling are certainly getting tighter and while you may follow Bookie Beatings and see some bad days recorded, all in all you would find it very difficult to find another investment or service that brings you this kind of return. Do not become a gambler who NEEDS to win every bet they place, this is the kind of gambling the bookmakers thrive on. By making informed decisions, such as the ones advised by Bookie Beatings, many punters are able to see annual or even monthly returns. It’s these gamblers who can transform a hobby into a viable source of income, making them more similar to good investors than anything else.

Published 26th July @ 15:48