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About Bookies Enemy #1


I focus mainly on flat horse racing both on turf and on the all-weather and have been running a highly profitable tipping service for the last 5 years. I focus on value with an average priced winning horse of around 12/1 which although can mean going through lean spells it can also mean plenty of profit at the end of the month/year. Tips are usually put on the website and emailed to members between 6-7pm the night before racing which is where all the value lies so always be aware that these big prices don't last for long and you always need to be ready to get on!
The staking system is slightly different on this service to the simple 1-2pts stakes I used to use on my old service as it uses stakes between 1-10pts so most selections will be tipped at 10pts which will mean level stakes on all bets.I also advise Doubles and Trixie's so you will always have the chance to land that juicy big bet that my members have enjoyed over the years.

Lumping on at short prices might be the favourite way of betting for many punters and indeed they will have more regular winners which is what makes many bettors "think" they are a successful punter because regular winners keeps the adrenalin running high and gives the illusion that they're making lots of money,but 9 times out of 10 when these punters sit down and do their sums they will find that they won't have made much money at all and that in most cases it's always the people that look for the value in the bigger priced horses that come out with much more profit at the end of the year.
So when it comes to extracting more money from the bookies over a longer period remember the most important factors....

Value + Patience = Profit!

I will always try to give you a detailed analysis on every race/selection that I tip but on the rare occasion when I'm short of time due to other commitments the analysis will be made shorter or possibly no analysis at all when I'm really rushed for time.
But rest assured the same amount of work will go into every tip irrelevant of the amount of detail given in the analysis.

You can read reviews on my service at this top review site which covers all the best tipsters in the UK: Bookie's Enemy Review

If you have any questions about the service or any other topics then you can either message me on here or find me on Twitter 

Best of Luck!


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Blog Posts

BOOM! June

Hello again,

Well what a fantastic month June has been! (apart from England getting dumped out of the Euros by Tesco,sorry I mean Iceland)

We've had loads of double figure priced horses go in and on top of that we've hit a juicy 95/1 double along with a another double as part of a Trixie with a non-runner giving us 1,400pts profit and a crazy ROI of over 100%.So using £1 stakes per point which would be £10 per horse and £3 e/w Doubles/Trixies would equate to a whopping £1,400 profit.

This must be my most profitable month yet since I started tipping about 5 years go so I'm proper chuffed! I'm sure you all are too and although I can't expect these kind of figures to continue I will certainly be doing my damnedest to make sure the steady profit continues and the dry spells become minimal.Saying that,the winners have dried up in the last week or so but even still we've been knocking on the door with a 10/1 20/1 and 6/1 2nds and it won't be long before BOOM!'s start rolling in again.

Until next month!

All the Best,



5th July 2016 @ 19:40

Record breakers!


Well would you Adam & Eve it....

After a record breaking April we go and break yet another record,only this time it was for the "least" profitable month!

May has seen some hard luck stories without doubt but overall it was poor and with plenty of horses running well below par it left me with more than a few head scratching days to say the least.Maybe I can be accused of being a bit "Gung Ho" and over speculative after such a profitable April which,after looking over the months results,I can hold my hands up and say I did.
I apologise for doing that on a few occasions but on the whole I was happy with the selections I gave and in most cases their popularity in the market suggested we were on the "right" horses.
But lots of horses just didn't want to perform last month and ran well below par and in such case there's just nothing you can do.If a horse doesn't want to run there is nothing you can do about it,it makes us tipsters look poor but it can and does happen quite often.

April also seen us get lots of doubles which,when they come in are obviously very profitable,but May saw no doubles at all,we may have got close on a couple of occasions and had one or more of them come in then we would probably be looking at a profit rather than a loss.But none did come in so it has taken a big chunk of our profit from April.

Not all of you like these bets and I don't blame you if you just stick to the singles which can mean less of a downswing when we're on a poor run.But I have always been a lover of the multis as I like to live in the hope that one day we will hit the jackpot and win a life changing sum of money,it's happen for me in the past and I'm sure it will again in the future,you just need to have the patience of a saint and sit tight during poor months like April and adhere to my favourite bunch of words...

"Believe" ..... 

"Speculate to Accumulate".....

 "Always the Optimist".

But the record breaking never stopped there....

During the first week in June (along with some great weather) we also hit 6 winners on the bounce and yet another record got broke! Haha I'm not sure if that's happened before tbh but I can't remember it in the 4 or so years I've been tipping.

Consecutive days of winning tips so far in June...5/1 3/1 5/1 6/1 16/1 16/1 - 5/1.....


We then missed out on the 7th day but hit another winner on the 8th day,so that's 7 out of 8!

The profits haven't been as great as they were in April with no doubles hitting as yet, but how close we came yesterday (8th June) was painful with 1 winner and three 2nds!

But we are certainly back on track and with Royal Ascot just round the corner we can go forward with plenty of optimism and hopefully return with lots of profit.

Goodbye for now and enjoy the weather!


9th June 2016 @ 11:34

A month to savour.

Hi guys,

We're coming to the end of my first full month of tipping (6 weeks in total) with the new service and what a month it's been!

I could hardly have expected things to have started so well with no fewer than 14 winners including a 20/1 14/1 12/1 10/1... as well as 3 big doubles two at 59/1 and one at a whopping 131/1 and on top of that I thought we went very close to yet another big priced double on the 20th April with Duke Of Firenze who looked all over the winner in the final furlong but for some reason decided he didn't want to win the race and bailed out and then Unforgiving Minute was given what I though was a very poor ride as he was once again held up which didn't suit as he yet again raced keen.But he was staying on well at the end which proved that if he was ridden more prominently like the time before he would probably have won.

But let's not get greedy!

With those returns it gave us a very healthy ROI of 89% (peaked at 111%) I'm more than happy with that and although I certainly don't expect those kinds of figures to last I'm positive I can maintain a level of profit and consistency higher than I ever did before with the old service.

Going forward...

I've spoken to the developers and what I would like is a place where you can have your say on here and maybe reply to my blogs and let me know your thoughts on either the service,my rationale behind selections or even just to have a general discussion about how horses have run etc.That is something we can work towards in the future but in the meantime feel free to either add your comments under each selection or just email admin with any feedback regarding the new service you have or on any other topics.
One member did say how it would be nice to read a comment from me about the previous day's selections and how they ran but that's not something I've ever bothered with tbh as it would take up far too much time and decuce from the time I need to find angles which produces winners.If I was like most tipsters and gave just 1 or 2 selections then it would be different but finding 3,4,5,6 horses to tip in any one day along with Doubles/Trixie's takes time and there's just not enough time in the day to give a review of each horse's running especially as I'm not the fastest typist in the world!

March/April are renowned for being the toughest months of the year for finding winners as there are so many different "nagative" angles that make a lot of races impossible to find a good betting opportunity so producing my most profitable month in the last 4 years and with it being March/April of all months is a massive bonus and a big big confidence booster as we step forward into the new season.

Onwards & Upwards!

27th April 2016 @ 15:09

So near but yet so ....AAAAGGGHHHHH!

Hey guys,

Well what a day it's been today! Of course members will know how we very nearly pulled off a major punt with a 12/1 & 14/1 winner in our Trixie and then the 3rd horse coming 2nd again at 14/1! That would have been mega profit and maybe even holidays & cars paid for for some big hitters!

But we will still settle for a tidy profit and maybe a new mountain bike for the kids and/or a nice bottle of perfume and a plush meal for the Mrs (if she even knows) ;-)

We had loads of days like this last year and the year before on my old service and to get one so early on in the season this time around is just a sign of things to come and as the season unfolds and there are more angles to look it it can only mean that days like this will become much more regular and hopefully we will one day hit the BIG one!

All The Best guys!

14th April 2016 @ 19:50

The Ups & Downs of racing.


Well what a week we've had to end the month! We've had some real highs & lows but the month has been littered with horses running below par and a few hard luck stories along the way.But today's two horses just summed up the month as a whole for me as I really fancied today's runners and both horses were very strong in the market,in fact they both went off as favourite after again being heavily backed on course but the fate was sealed at the start of their races after both broke slowly and gave themselves a mountain to climb!
Surround Sound was the slowest away and probably the most unlucky but he was staying on really well once he found his stride and is a horse I will be very interested in next time hopefully running in the same grade.But that just outlines the ups & downs of horse racing and just how silly some horses can make us tipsters look especially to the novice punter who doesn't actually watch the races and only looks at the final results and sees our horse(s) isn't in the top 3!

But onwards & upwards and although we've certainly not broke any records since the new service begun at least we've made a slight profit on our races and with the new flat season upon us we can look forward to a very busy and fruitful campaign where hopefully bigger priced winners and much more profit will be heading our way.



31st March 2016 @ 17:35

My first blog!

Hi guys,

Welcome to my tipping service and my first ever blog!

I'm really excited about working with my new partners and all the new members of the service who I'm certain (if they have patience) will be more than happy with the info I provide and will enjoy the juicy long term profits along the way.I work hard in finding regular big priced winners and like nothing better than taking money off those dastardly bookies month after month!
I've had around 200 bookies accounts closed (in various names) over the past 15 years which is why I've ended up with the name Bookies Enemy No1 and if you follow my advice over the coming months/years hopefully you will also be having your accounts closed (or at least restricted) .That's why it's always good to have friends or family to help you out when this does happen so you can use their name (for a small fee) and open new accounts,they sometimes don't last long but you can be wise and use various methods to keep the bookie off your sent like playing the "slots" or other games that your typical losing punter likes to play so they think you're a "mug punter" like around 90% of all punters are then even though you're losing a bit of your "hard earned" geegee money you are at least making the bookie think that it won't be long before you've giving back all your winnings.You can even use methods like losing on purpose to make you look like a fool!
But what the bookie doesn't know is you've also layed that "losing" bet on Betfair so you never really lost a bean!

Enough from me as I have a lot of work to be doing in sampling the new features and gadgets on my new service but I will always be around to answer any questions and hopefully put up a regular blog and keep members (and potential members) updated on how things are going regarding the service and give an update on horse's performances etc as we go.

Goodbye for now!


18th March 2016 @ 11:25

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