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Bookies Enemy #1

Horse Racing

Results Summary

Period: Sport:
  • ROI: 27.33%
  • Profit: 5816.8
  • Tips: 3288
  • Win: 12%
  • Average Odds: 155.16

Record breakers!


Well would you Adam & Eve it....

After a record breaking April we go and break yet another record,only this time it was for the "least" profitable month!

May has seen some hard luck stories without doubt but overall it was poor and with plenty of horses running well below par it left me with more than a few head scratching days to say the least.Maybe I can be accused of being a bit "Gung Ho" and over speculative after such a profitable April which,after looking over the months results,I can hold my hands up and say I did.
I apologise for doing that on a few occasions but on the whole I was happy with the selections I gave and in most cases their popularity in the market suggested we were on the "right" horses.
But lots of horses just didn't want to perform last month and ran well below par and in such case there's just nothing you can do.If a horse doesn't want to run there is nothing you can do about it,it makes us tipsters look poor but it can and does happen quite often.

April also seen us get lots of doubles which,when they come in are obviously very profitable,but May saw no doubles at all,we may have got close on a couple of occasions and had one or more of them come in then we would probably be looking at a profit rather than a loss.But none did come in so it has taken a big chunk of our profit from April.

Not all of you like these bets and I don't blame you if you just stick to the singles which can mean less of a downswing when we're on a poor run.But I have always been a lover of the multis as I like to live in the hope that one day we will hit the jackpot and win a life changing sum of money,it's happen for me in the past and I'm sure it will again in the future,you just need to have the patience of a saint and sit tight during poor months like April and adhere to my favourite bunch of words...

"Believe" ..... 

"Speculate to Accumulate".....

 "Always the Optimist".

But the record breaking never stopped there....

During the first week in June (along with some great weather) we also hit 6 winners on the bounce and yet another record got broke! Haha I'm not sure if that's happened before tbh but I can't remember it in the 4 or so years I've been tipping.

Consecutive days of winning tips so far in June...5/1 3/1 5/1 6/1 16/1 16/1 - 5/1.....


We then missed out on the 7th day but hit another winner on the 8th day,so that's 7 out of 8!

The profits haven't been as great as they were in April with no doubles hitting as yet, but how close we came yesterday (8th June) was painful with 1 winner and three 2nds!

But we are certainly back on track and with Royal Ascot just round the corner we can go forward with plenty of optimism and hopefully return with lots of profit.

Goodbye for now and enjoy the weather!


Published 9th June @ 11:34