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Bookies Enemy #1 image

Bookies Enemy #1

Horse Racing

Results Summary

Period: Sport:
  • ROI: 27.78%
  • Profit: 5866.8
  • Tips: 3275
  • Win: 12%
  • Average Odds: 155.72

So near but yet so ....AAAAGGGHHHHH!

Hey guys,

Well what a day it's been today! Of course members will know how we very nearly pulled off a major punt with a 12/1 & 14/1 winner in our Trixie and then the 3rd horse coming 2nd again at 14/1! That would have been mega profit and maybe even holidays & cars paid for for some big hitters!

But we will still settle for a tidy profit and maybe a new mountain bike for the kids and/or a nice bottle of perfume and a plush meal for the Mrs (if she even knows) ;-)

We had loads of days like this last year and the year before on my old service and to get one so early on in the season this time around is just a sign of things to come and as the season unfolds and there are more angles to look it it can only mean that days like this will become much more regular and hopefully we will one day hit the BIG one!

All The Best guys!

Published 14th April @ 19:50