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Bookies Enemy #1

Horse Racing

Results Summary

Period: Sport:
  • ROI: 27.33%
  • Profit: 5816.8
  • Tips: 3288
  • Win: 12%
  • Average Odds: 155.16

A month to savour.

Hi guys,

We're coming to the end of my first full month of tipping (6 weeks in total) with the new service and what a month it's been!

I could hardly have expected things to have started so well with no fewer than 14 winners including a 20/1 14/1 12/1 10/1... as well as 3 big doubles two at 59/1 and one at a whopping 131/1 and on top of that I thought we went very close to yet another big priced double on the 20th April with Duke Of Firenze who looked all over the winner in the final furlong but for some reason decided he didn't want to win the race and bailed out and then Unforgiving Minute was given what I though was a very poor ride as he was once again held up which didn't suit as he yet again raced keen.But he was staying on well at the end which proved that if he was ridden more prominently like the time before he would probably have won.

But let's not get greedy!

With those returns it gave us a very healthy ROI of 89% (peaked at 111%) I'm more than happy with that and although I certainly don't expect those kinds of figures to last I'm positive I can maintain a level of profit and consistency higher than I ever did before with the old service.

Going forward...

I've spoken to the developers and what I would like is a place where you can have your say on here and maybe reply to my blogs and let me know your thoughts on either the service,my rationale behind selections or even just to have a general discussion about how horses have run etc.That is something we can work towards in the future but in the meantime feel free to either add your comments under each selection or just email admin with any feedback regarding the new service you have or on any other topics.
One member did say how it would be nice to read a comment from me about the previous day's selections and how they ran but that's not something I've ever bothered with tbh as it would take up far too much time and decuce from the time I need to find angles which produces winners.If I was like most tipsters and gave just 1 or 2 selections then it would be different but finding 3,4,5,6 horses to tip in any one day along with Doubles/Trixie's takes time and there's just not enough time in the day to give a review of each horse's running especially as I'm not the fastest typist in the world!

March/April are renowned for being the toughest months of the year for finding winners as there are so many different "nagative" angles that make a lot of races impossible to find a good betting opportunity so producing my most profitable month in the last 4 years and with it being March/April of all months is a massive bonus and a big big confidence booster as we step forward into the new season.

Onwards & Upwards!

Published 27th April @ 15:09