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Bookies Enemy #1 image

Bookies Enemy #1

Horse Racing

Results Summary

Period: Sport:
  • ROI: 27.18%
  • Profit: 5766.8
  • Tips: 3283
  • Win: 12%
  • Average Odds: 155.38

My first blog!

Hi guys,

Welcome to my tipping service and my first ever blog!

I'm really excited about working with my new partners and all the new members of the service who I'm certain (if they have patience) will be more than happy with the info I provide and will enjoy the juicy long term profits along the way.I work hard in finding regular big priced winners and like nothing better than taking money off those dastardly bookies month after month!
I've had around 200 bookies accounts closed (in various names) over the past 15 years which is why I've ended up with the name Bookies Enemy No1 and if you follow my advice over the coming months/years hopefully you will also be having your accounts closed (or at least restricted) .That's why it's always good to have friends or family to help you out when this does happen so you can use their name (for a small fee) and open new accounts,they sometimes don't last long but you can be wise and use various methods to keep the bookie off your sent like playing the "slots" or other games that your typical losing punter likes to play so they think you're a "mug punter" like around 90% of all punters are then even though you're losing a bit of your "hard earned" geegee money you are at least making the bookie think that it won't be long before you've giving back all your winnings.You can even use methods like losing on purpose to make you look like a fool!
But what the bookie doesn't know is you've also layed that "losing" bet on Betfair so you never really lost a bean!

Enough from me as I have a lot of work to be doing in sampling the new features and gadgets on my new service but I will always be around to answer any questions and hopefully put up a regular blog and keep members (and potential members) updated on how things are going regarding the service and give an update on horse's performances etc as we go.

Goodbye for now!


Published 18th March @ 11:25