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About cavallo

After riding racehorses for over 30 y'rs they teach you a few things. First of all they are not machines just amazing animals, my best friends. They don't think they react or respond. They have a stride, pace or rate if you are American.

What does this translate to in a race. Recently it enabled me to pick out Sword Fighter at Ascot at 44/1 ! Of course no method is a certainty. A horse is a horse with more reasons for losing than winning. Though all of my method is based on one thing that does not lie. Time.

Although this has varients when finding winners on turf in the U.K. What I can do is translate and adjust for those to good effect.



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Origional selection is now a none runner. Present selection should be suited by distance and course and perform above his true odds.

3rd August 2016 @ 13:56