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CD Systems - Daily Bargain has made £-365 profit in the last 3 months across 83 Horse racing tips (roughly 7 tips per week), based on an average stake of £25 (1/10 unit) giving an average monthly profit of £-124.83

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If you aspire towards betting professionally, the Daily Bargain service will guide you through the process. Even if you don't have those aspirations, you can set in motion a simple investment which has the potential to consistently out-perform any conventional high-street package.

A professional betting operation involves careful planning from the start. An investment bank is set up, staking from the bank is optimised in order to maximise profits and minimise the effect of negative sequences. Bets are researched, with pricing a paramount consideration.

Re-investment of profits provides the longer-term growth that leads to ultimate fulfilment (either professional status or a successfully concluded investment), and this is achieved without ever-increasing the relative risk factor attached to the investment.

1. One race is targeted each day.
2. You will receive the main bet for the featured race. The advice will be sent by email, via Tipstrr, the evening before the race.
3. Staking advice for the main bet is included when the tip is added.

In the current economic climate, there are more and more reasons why betting, when conducted professionally, can provide a very attractive alternative to traditional forms of financial investment. Please read my article, 'An Introduction to Betting as an Investment', lower down this page.

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