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About CGC Tips

We deliver carefully analysed betting tips. Every selection posted on tipstrr is a tip we have 100% confidence in.  Explanations for bets will be posted (time consuming), However, If you are curious to why I have tipped a bet - message me and I will respond

We will focus primarily on football and NHL but will also post occasional other sports.                        

We back our own bets so together we win and together we will lose.  Everyone has to be willing to lose as that is how gambling works, this is not a get rich quick scheme.  We could predict a solid tip only for a red card to be shown which could change the whole outcome of the tip! Please be respectful to us as we will be respectful to you and do not abuse us over losing tips.  We understand emotions may run high after a loss, we have all been there! 

We will also post free inplays on our twitter account! If we receive enough demand we will be looking to open a facebook members page for member interaction, and possibly a whatsapp or telegram group to allow instant notifications of bets.

Please get involved and do not hesitate to contact us!


Kind regards








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Gap in tips

As you will notice we had gone a period of 4 months with no tips from September - January.  This was due to a change in work/personal circumstances and not having the required hours or access to research tips

I am now fully committed to tipstrr and hope to make people a great deal of money!

I thought it was necessary to address the gap in tips in case anyone was doubting membership.




15th February 2017 @ 13:44


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19th August 2016 @ 21:04

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