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Paid Tips

Been a profitable better for a long while taking tips off other people. Over time I have developed my own methods of betting to make a small but consistant profit. My paid tips will be singles to trebles with odds of under 6 usually around 2.5 to 3 to try and make a profit day in day out. I will post the odd horse but mainly football bets from matches worldwide.


Free Bets

There are many different methods of betting, most of all being Over0.5 in plays at 1.2 odds for a small 20% per bet profit. 

Not a lot of people realise the £10 over 0.5 challenge, so for free, in here I will explain how it works.

Say you start with £10 and you bet on a result of 1.1, off your first bet you will get £11 back. Once that settles you put your returns on the next 1.1 bet, £11 would return £12.1. Now imagine you bet 30 times in a row on 1.1 odds. After 30 bets you will be at £174.49 

So now take the same system and apply it to betting on games in play. Usually at half time and usually on the Over 0.5 market on 0-0 games. You need to look at all stats and check that there is action, you want at least 10 shots and 50 dangerous attacks. You could normally get 1.2-1.3 odds at half time. Lets assume you do the same £10 30 bets at 1.2, what does that return after 30 wins in a row? £2372.76 yup. 30 bets of odds at 1.2 wins over £2000. It can be done, give it a go.



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