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We play all sports and have a 55%-60% lifetime winning percentage . I have been playing my entire life but launched Coach D Spoerts three years ago. Our first year we went through growing pains. I am a retired teacher and Coach. My wife is a former Coach also. She coached ladies basketball and softball. I coached football and baseball at high school and collegiate levels. I had to retire because of serious accident. I am lucky to be living, but after 9 surgeries and plenty of hardware in my legs I am walking. As I said, I have always played and was successful at it. I thought why shouldn't I start this to help others enjoy the same success. While I was coaching, I would pick 10 contest and fully research them and pick those that had a 60% chance of hitting. The difference then to now is I research all games in just about every sport. I still only pick those that have a 60% chance of winning. I work very hard and play everything I pick. I look forward to working hard for you. Thanks for choosing Tipstrr and CoachDSports. My email is coachdsportspicks@gmail.com

Coach D


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Get Coach D Sports Picks through November for $15.00 weekly or 30.00 monthly. Overall 54% wins Hockey 58% ROI 17.60% and NBA 67% ROI 27.17%. Join Today and WIN. coachdsportspicks@Tipstrr.com


Coach D

26th October 2016 @ 14:12

NCAA College Football Begins

4 College Football Tips; 4 NFL Pre-Season Picks; 5MLB Tips; At 57 to 65% correct check them out and Join us in WINNING! 

You can even speak or communicate with Coach D. He also has 1 Sport packages. CoachDSportsPicks someone you can trust and who cares.


Coach D

1st September 2016 @ 16:40

Coach D Sports

Check Out Coach D Sports at Tipstrr.com hitting 57% to 60% in all sports.

28th August 2016 @ 14:03

Check out the results

Not going to Win them but 57 to 65% brings dough. WE VALUE AND TAKE PRIDE IN OUR RESULT and our association. Check out Coach D Sports Picks at Tipstrr.com

Have A Great Day

Coach D

24th August 2016 @ 15:37

Great Plays

At Coach D Sports all the plays are winners. We pick all that check out 55% chance or better of winning and then send email to all players of Coach D sports his top 10 or less. Come check Coach D Sports out at Tipstrr. We even have a phone where you can talk to Coach D himself or herself where either are delighted to help you. Have a Great Day and I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks Have Great Day!

Coach D

22nd August 2016 @ 19:13

Past two Days

The past two days have been excellent. I may pick 20 to 24 but out of these I pick 5 to 7 favorites and email those to all. Past two days we were 13-1 out 14 picks. Come join the winning team at Coach D Sports. Have a Great Day!

Coach D

20th August 2016 @ 15:06


on July 29 Coach D picked 15 picks went 10-4-1 not bad but waiting for college and NFL but check out his 15 MLB picks today and 7 soccer plays.

Have Great Day!

Coach D

30th July 2016 @ 15:39

Big one in Frisco

The prime time game tonight is Washington at San Francisco . The Giants are starting Cueto, who is having a phenomonial year. The only game he was roughed up was in All star game. The Nationals are countering with Tanner Roark, who has a 1.17 whip out of 20 games. This one will be another classic. Check out Coach D Sports at Tipstrr to see how to play it. 


Coach D

28th July 2016 @ 15:34

Windy City Battle 2

Check out pick Today!

Coach D

26th July 2016 @ 19:11

Battle for Windy City

iff one ever thinks when the White Sox and Cubs get together that it is not serious then think again. Jake Arrieta rotation day was suppose to be yesterday, but he will go today instead. The White Sox will counter with Miguel Gonzalez, whom they acquired from the Orioles. Going to be exciting game and if you go to coachdsports@tipstrr then you will know who wins.

Have Great Day

Ccach D

25th July 2016 @ 20:05

Grown ups who never grow up.

Yesterday evening, the White Sox were going to wear throw back jerseys from the past. However, a very talented pitcher did not want to wear them so he took scissors and cut them. The manager benched him as he was suppose to start last night. His play on the field is superb. As a matter of fact, his play ranks in top 10 in the majors. After being benched, their team lost and they are talking about selling him to another team. So his behavior cost everyone especially himself. His team was one of my picks mainly because he was on hill but I pray he learns from this and grows. Check out all my picks at Coachdsportspicks@tipstrr.com

Have Great Day!

Coach D

24th July 2016 @ 16:35

Big Games for 23rd

i cannot wait to watch the New York Mets, with DeGrom on hill going against Fernandez of Miami. Runs will be difficult as these two who are two of best in majors, go at it. Both have ERA's below 3 and I researched it longer than any other games. Find out who will take it at CoachDsportspicks@tipstrr.com.

Have Great Day and enjoy the games

Coach D

23rd July 2016 @ 15:11

July 18 2016

Today's games great pick. Wonder how many home runs the wrecking Orioles hit , who lead majors in the long ball, will hit against the struggling Nova of Yankees. Also, last time Lester faced Mets,he was lite up but Lester's overall numbers are very impressive and during his career, he has never been torched by same club two times in a season and definitely not twice in same season. So will his string continue. Well check out my picks for the answers ar CoachDSportspicks@Tipstrr.com

Have Great Day

Coach D

18th July 2016 @ 19:42

Check out picks

Usually never have two days in row where you break even or go backwards so today going to be good. Have Great Day!


Coach D at Coachdsportspicks@tipstrr.com

16th July 2016 @ 15:37

July 15 MLB Picks

check them all out! Solid picks. The over pick on Indians/Twins game was suppose to be UNDER so from now on will double check everything. The rest are solid picks. Have a Great Day! 


Coach D Sports Picks

15th July 2016 @ 16:25

MLB starts back up tomorrow

Working on tomorrow's picks. Will be stellar Day! You can check all sports picks at CoachDSportspicks@Tipstrr.com and always email me at coachdsportspicks@gmail.com or if you want to speak to me call Coach D at 901-831-9523. Have Great Day!

14th July 2016 @ 16:44

All Star Game

The Nationals now have lost 11 of 13 years. They stranded 15 on base and if you leave that many on base not scoring then the outcome is going to probably not favor you. Back to drawing board as MLB starts back up Friday. Media days for NCAA college football is going on so we are getting closer to kickoff. Have Great Day! Stay in touch as you can reach me by phone or email. Email coachdsportspicks@gmail.com. My phone 901-831-9523.  Thanks


13th July 2016 @ 13:15

July 12

All Star Game Big Day!  Check out Tipstrr.Com.  Coach D says you will love the Tips from Tipstrrs Have Great Day!

12th July 2016 @ 13:51

All Star Break

The all star game should be interesting. I lean slightly to National League. However, this is all stars and anything can happen. I play it lightly. I cannot boost about my all star picks over past 20 years, I am just 50% but hey this game is fun. I would rather go to all star game then World Series. In August, we have the European Leagues soccer starting, the NFL, College (American football), NHL, and Basketball which I pick all and the percentages go through roof. (Cannot Wait). Thanks Coach D

11th July 2016 @ 17:41

July 8 Picks results

On July 8, Coach picked 30 picks hit 22 and on Coach's 9 favorites he went 7-2. He is back to normal hitting 60% plus on all picks and more on baseball. Check it out at Tipstrr. He wants all to WIN have a Great Day!

9th July 2016 @ 17:51

Picks for today

I am glad for new day cause yesterday was my worst in history or for 3 years. Getting ready for tomorrow's action. Also, studying American football for upcoming year. Hey look forward to each day and sports. You have great Day. Remember, you can contact me at coachdsportspicks@gmail.com or follow me and all picks at Tipstrr.com. I would welcome you to the party. Thanks

Coach D

8th July 2016 @ 18:54

Coach D Picks

Been picking 3 years and uncontrolled variables like humans in sports WOW. Last night in all picks went 14--9-0  and on my favorites 7-3-1. I am working on tomorrow' s baseball, soccer, and the fights that will take place tonight. I am busier now than when I was actively coaching. I still coach but only teams at the church. Cannot run no more but I love teaching and helping people in general. I will chat tomorrow and You keep winning and have Great Day!          

Coach D

7th July 2016 @ 18:49

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