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We play all sports and have a 55%-60% lifetime winning percentage . I have been playing my entire life but launched Coach D Spoerts three years ago. Our first year we went through growing pains. I am a retired teacher and Coach. My wife is a former Coach also. She coached ladies basketball and softball. I coached football and baseball at high school and collegiate levels. I had to retire because of serious accident. I am lucky to be living, but after 9 surgeries and plenty of hardware in my legs I am walking. As I said, I have always played and was successful at it. I thought why shouldn't I start this to help others enjoy the same success. While I was coaching, I would pick 10 contest and fully research them and pick those that had a 60% chance of hitting. The difference then to now is I research all games in just about every sport. I still only pick those that have a 60% chance of winning. I work very hard and play everything I pick. I look forward to working hard for you. Thanks for choosing Tipstrr and CoachDSports. My email is [email protected]

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