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Results Summary

Period: Sport:
  • ROI: -1.08%
  • Profit: -37.6
  • Tips: 371
  • Win: 55%
  • Average Odds: 1.80

Grown ups who never grow up.

Yesterday evening, the White Sox were going to wear throw back jerseys from the past. However, a very talented pitcher did not want to wear them so he took scissors and cut them. The manager benched him as he was suppose to start last night. His play on the field is superb. As a matter of fact, his play ranks in top 10 in the majors. After being benched, their team lost and they are talking about selling him to another team. So his behavior cost everyone especially himself. His team was one of my picks mainly because he was on hill but I pray he learns from this and grows. Check out all my picks at Coachdsportspicks@tipstrr.com

Have Great Day!

Coach D

Published 24th July @ 16:35