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About ColinPowell

Colin Powell, 26, Chelmsford.

Over the past 8 years, I've turned gambling for fun into gambling for gains. Once upon a time I was your average punter searching for that big acca win which would send me into an early retirement home. 8 years later I've found myself making a very good long term gain from gambling through experience, hard work researching and a very good knowledge of football.

What to expect on my Tipstrr page...

You'll find nothing but football tips on my page, I'm a keen follower of most sports but my field of expertise is football. In terms of what type of bets you'll see, it'll be singles or low odds doubles/trebles only. Singles will never be priced lower than 1.75 (3/4) and average around the 2.00 (EVS) mark, the low odds doubles/trebles will normally be upwards of 2.00 (EVS). The average odds of my bets can be found on my 'Results Summary'. You'll NEVER find high odds accumulators on my page, these are NOT profitable in any way shape or form. Its worth noting that Tipstrr use the term 'Accumulator' when a tipster posts a 'Treble', I'm not sure why but don't be fooled into thinking I post accas, I don't. I personally think the term should be changed as it can be misleading when reading a tipsters results. 

Staking System...

What stakes do I advise? Its very important to have a staking system and mine is very simple, use flat/level stakes. Flat/level means you stake the same amount on every bet, which for me is £20 (£2 per point). If your bankroll isn't large enough to stake £20 per bet, then lower it until you build a bigger bankroll. Aslong as your staking the same on every bet it doesn't matter how much it is, your return on investment (ROI) will be the same as mine. DO NOT go down the route of staking £6 on one bet, £25 on another bet and £14 on another bet, doing this will result in you losing your bankroll very quickly. For anyone wondering, my starting bankroll was £200. If your bankroll is £50 then i'd advise staking £5 per bet, once it increases to £100 then i've advise staking £10 per bet and once it increases to £200 i'd advise staking £20 per bet. You get the jist.


If you have any knowledge of how gambling works then this section will be a given to you, but unfortunely not everyone has the same level of knowledge. Lets get one thing clear, gambling is a RISK and nothing is guaranteed so be aware that not every day will end in profit. If you think anyone can provide profit every single day then stop gambling because you'll end up in a downwards spiral once you realise this isn't the case. One of the hardest but most important parts of gambling and making a long term profit is being able to accept the losses. 99% of punters chase losses and will never be able to make a long term gain from this game as they lack discipline when it comes to accepting losses and sticking to a staking plan. My service provides steady profit over a substantial period of time, it is NOT a get rich quick scheme. Stick to the staking system, follow my bets and you'll be on the correct path.

Subscribing to my service...

My service offers the cheapest subscription fee that tipstrr allows. Once you become a subscriber, you'll be able to view all my tips and they'll be emailed straight to your inbox as soon as I post them. Tips are posted the day before each game which gives you plenty of time to place the bet and get on the early price/value.

Contact Information...

If you have a question about my service or anything else, feel free to message me on my Twitter page, I can be found @ColinPowellTips

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