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About DavePatonNBA

Tips/picks from the 4 most liquid sports to bet on;to wit, NBA (basketball), NFL (North American Football), MLB (Major League Baseball), NHL (Ice Hockey).

The pricing here is predicated on 7 days and 30 or 31 days; nottttttt the best idea in the world to buy into season-long packages, in my humble opinion...

If I don't see something wagerable in one of the 4 sports with high liquidity, then I may post a tip in the Canadian Football League or WNBA Basketball (assuming an edge does indeed exist there).

I bet my own money on the tips I hand out.

I'm not going to push matters just to pump out plays; again, I bet my own money on the plays that I hand out


I am pricing my tips at the least expensive Tipstrr tier; to wit, FREE

There are some GREAT MLB TIPSTERS HERE with a proven track record at Minimum Pricing

10 British Pounds Sterling per week which exchanged on 8/5/2016 at $13.07 US per week which is $1.87 US per day (heckpeople pay 5 or 6 times more than that for newsletters which only hit 50/50)


The monthly package works out to 19 British Pounds Sterling or $24.84 US per month which is $0.82 per day.; if I'm worth more, I'll charge more.... but right now there are some pretty good tipsters here at Tipstrr.com who are BOTH hitting at a very good clip AND charging the minimum AS WELL AS have a significant body of work to take a long look at.

No Arena Football.. lines are too volatile.

Former SEC Attorney and Chief of Compliance at Putnam Investments, Edward Siedle has testified before the United States Congress and appeared intermittently on CNBC < Wall Street Week and other US-based finance-oriented television shows. He also writes and maintains a blog on Forbes Magazine

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