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About Davidbet Football

This is my football betting tips page. I'm from Indonesia and I love gambling. I've been gambling for over 5 years. Basically i'm gambling to pay my paycheck. Every tips here are made by deep research and i'll do my best to bring the FUN stay on. My goal is to bring steady profit for long term. I never put all my bankroll on 1 stake. There no such a bet that doesn't have possibility of losing, only bet with high precent rate of winning. So don't do all in shit !!!

I have deep knowledge for major league from Asia and England. Here football leagues based by country that i used to be great at

Asia : Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Australia, China

Europe : England, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Denmark, Finland



MIN 2 tips a day and 6 Days a weak for tipping



-  Safer acca with minimum odds 2.50

-  Double draw with minimum odds 10.50

-  Trebles with minimum odds 5.50

-  4-Fold OVER 1.5 with minimum odds 2.25

> note : each type of acca will be given atleast 1 each for a weak


If you want me to write up on every match for the reason i picks it, please let me know

Dont hesitate to contact me for anything : davidbet@outlook.com

My tennis page (free) tipstrr.com/tipster/tennisofdavidbet
My NBA page (paid) tipstrr.com/tipster/davidbetnba


Thanks and Good Luck

Stop gambling when the FUN stop

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Blog Posts

Accumulators kill by 1 match

I don't know how many times this happen to me, Feel like a lot been happening these days
Even on hocky acca for the first time kill by 1 match

I got draw shit for EuropeLeague, gonna post it as 4-fold, i'm personally cover it for treble for 4 match, odds around 45-50 each bet

19th October 2016 @ 22:00


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19th October 2016 @ 21:49

Big Odds

Yesterday we all being let down by england. Treble Correction with odds 250 lost because england lack of great performane. Hope one of you make it as trixie

However we will try it again today with 4-Fold Draw. Hope it will join the last 4-Fold draw that come out as a Winner. But i'm kinda fuzzy with some of it. Got feeling to make it treble but can't decide which one to scracth out of the 4-Fold. So i belive you know what to do guys

Cheers Up and Good Luck Everyone

9th October 2016 @ 03:57

Rapid day

Downgrade you stake if you wan follow all of them, 5% top

Good luck guys, profit +100 please


Have a good day, David

24th September 2016 @ 07:10

Stake Plan

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21st September 2016 @ 22:23

Good Bye and Good Luck

This is my last week as a free tipster

Hope you all enjoyed every last trip with me

Have a great day and good luck lads

14th September 2016 @ 15:56

Green tuesday

You'll be up plenty unit if you follow all my tips today

here for people who appreciate my work

paypal.me/davidbet  or  davidbet@outlook.com

skrill cinoarjuno@gmail.com


I don't care how much, it's nice to know that my work has benn fully appreciated, thanks mate

13th September 2016 @ 23:50

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