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This my basketball page, my favorites sport. Mostly tips will be at NBA match which is favorites league. I've been gambling for over 6 years. Basically i'm gambling to pay my paycheck. Every tips here are made by deep research and i'll do my best to bring the FUN stay on. My goal is to bring steady profit for long term. I never put all my bankroll on 1 stake. There no such a bet that doesn't have possibility of losing, only bet with high precent rate of winning. So don't do all in shit !!!

1 Tips perday (If there at least 2 NBA game at the market )
Average tips is 3 tips perday
Sometimes tipping on Euroleague Basketball

If you see 2 tips on same match (usually spreads or over/under for HT and FT) i highly recommended to punt on both. This show how confidence on those match

I used 5% of my bankroll for 10/10 tips, it important to always use same stakes of every tips i published. Keep it steady because i'm aiming long term profit, not to mentions that there isn't a tips that have 100% wins rate. No matters how hard you study the game, there is always possibility to going either way, especially on market with odds 1.80 above which is that i always picks

My bottom line is 1.80 decimal, but it's possible that i tip for under it, but it will rarely happens here, Average odds is 1.90-1.95 for single bet
So it will perfect if you take "100% welcome bonus offers" to boost your bankroll. Rollover requirements shouldn't be the problem anymore
Here some *bonus offers (*i don't own the website, i'm not responsible with that anything could happens in future, you can consult with me first before make any deposits, i complete 85% of this offers)

Only tipping on Basketball Game

Dont hesitate to contact me for anything : davidbet@outlook.com or Twitter @davidbet13

The prices gonna be more expensive when i reach profit +350 | +1000
It's basketball page, you know how many NBA game that available on each day, don't get me wrong but don't compare my price with football tipster that only turn up on weekends, NBA have great match almost every

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Black Friday turn to Green Friday

Welcome aboard for everyone who join my service from black friday offers. All win from single tips and it was great day doesn't it? What a way to welcome you all


I'm planning to regulary tag 1 match with #BetOfTheDay tag. Every picks that tag with it will be advised to used 7.5% of bankroll stakes (regular was 5%). But i'm not gave that tag everyday so don't ask me for that in future. It will appear on picks that really really i'm confident with

I'm also planning to make private twitter account for everyone who subscribe to my service. I'll posted inplay tips there. But then again i'm not gonna post inplay tips everyday. Only when i see great one. It will began next month if nothing change my mind

In meantime you can follow my twitter @davidbet13 

Thanks and have a good day

26th November 2016 @ 07:52

9.11.2016 Add spesial market bet

Add tips on spesial player market

- John Wall - Isaiah Thomas Totals Points Over 46.5 1.85 (Washington Wizards - Boston Celtics)
- Sergei Ibaka Karl Anthony Towns Total Points Over 35.5 1.85 (Orlando Magic - Minnesota Timberwolves)

For someone isn't familiar with it. It's market on specific player that say on the line. So both scored on each player will combine

9th November 2016 @ 14:07

4-5 Profit | 6.11.2016 build up match

4 Nov 2016 +20.2 unit
5 Nov 2016 +30.7 unit

Busy day really on this NBA event, i'm glad to be back on track. Gutted by couples points on those 2 games which lose today (5.11.2016). Need little more luck here and i'll do my best to keep us stays green
Note : There is 2 mistake on tipstrr settlement but they gonna fix it asap


6 Nov 2016
Tough schedule here, most of the match is evens. Celtics is the most favorites to win here while facing Nuggets at  their home courts. Nuggets is unpredictable here and Celtics so far 2-0 at home. Other game mostly have 1-3 asian handicap to give or take which is pretty much evens match on NBA

Milwaukee Bucks @ Dallas Mavericks
Dallas still winless so far and they should be very eager to stop their losing streaks in front off their own crowds. The problem is who gonna help Mavs to get their first winner? Harrison Barnes? or the oldies Dirk Norwitzki? (Norwitzki are out). Mavs got a day off before this game while Bucks didn't, however Bucks play superb when beating up kings (Fields goals rate 50% | PF & C got little over 60%) today and they manage to get some rest for their starters. The last 5 meets up is favor for the home side (Mavs win at home | Bucks win at home). Will bucks continues their got runs or Mavs got their first win?
Handicap Mavs -2.5 | Over/Under 198


Sacramento Kings @ Toronto Raptors
King really doing roller costers this seasons. At some point the looks like a playoff team and sometimes they being stupid stuck team. They have many stuck moment so far and yet they always manage to scores more than 90 points. Their avg points is 97.7, this is good but yes they only wins 2 from their 7 games. In other side Raptors keep showing to be more solid team these days. They only lose to Cavs so far (W 4-1 L) but they always slips at 4th quarters even still manage to win the game but how with the handicap right (3 of 4 wins from Raptors also win the handicap). Kings plays 7 games and Raptors 5. Raptors have day off and kings didn't, should be means something here
Handicap and Over/Under still not came out yet


Phoenix Suns @ LA Lakers
Yep Lakers, no stars team but beat Golden State Warriors 2 days ago. I'm fully watch the game and i can tell the only reason GSW got beaten is they nervous at the time and Lakers play so agresif and fucking fast. Lakers fans always big, they always shown great crowds each match but is this enough to scare away Suns? Both team coming to this game with 2 win streaks. Lakers beat Hawks and GSW, Suns wins dramatically over Blazers and Pelicans (both on overtime). This game should go on fast pace with lots of medium or long ranges shoot attempt, looks easy on over but it can go either way if the players doesn't have high passions on it since this is not a big match, more likely medium low game meets up
Handicap Lakers -2.5 | Over/Under 217




6th November 2016 @ 04:14


Oke, Cavs totally lame they don't care about the capper with fucking -8.5 handicap

Clippers v Grizzlies
1 thing that improve on Clippers this season is their defence skill, they don't allow the opponent to drive easily to the rim, which is a good for memphis that have plenty mid range shooter last season. Yes last season, this season Memphis still strugle to score. Memphis avg score this season was 91.4. Highest points is went facing Knicks (new shape team that still have la lot of homeworks on defence) and Timberwoles (Young team that their main strong area on shooting and mostly go small). In other hand Clippers is famous with their alley oop from pick and roll that can draw fouls trobles for Grizzlies big man Randolph and Gasol

Spurs v Jazz
Spurs are eager to revenge their loss at home to jazz. Sure it does Spurs gonna pay more attention on Hill that crush them on last meets up. Greg Popovich is a great coach, I'm prety sure he learn something on their last defeated. However last season Spurs is the best defending team that why the Over/Under always low, This season?

Team that currently seeking for first winner on 04.11.2016
Wizard, Mavericks, Pelicans

Tips are up, 7 picks for friday game, 6 single and 1 treble
Spurs v Jazz 2picks
Clippers v Grizzlies 1pick
Hawks v Wizards 1pick
Blazzers v Mavs 1pick
Hornets v Nets 1pick
Heat v Raptors 1pick

4th November 2016 @ 03:47


It's bad runs yesterday, i'm sure today gonna be lot better, Hope great lucks on our side


- Boston have tough game against bulls yesterday, Boston got lucky that Amir Johnson pulls up "great form", yes he make 4/4 3s with little bit unmarked situations, this not gonna happens when they face Cavs that have big players on their forwards, sure hell Cavs can defend it. Boston lose J.Crowder today so it gonna leave isaiah thomas alone. He's great player, don't get me wrong, but he facing K. IRVING.
I'm so confident that Cavs gonna win big and gonna forced Celtics make more turnover today

-Timberwolves without Ribio turned out become more dynamic and unpridictable. Nuggents guards still bellow Timberwoles quality in which this area will be the key of this game. Zach on the edge to prove what he capable off, and this match is the right time to do it
This game gonna be shootout contest, Timberworlves got better quality on this one and they got Wiggins that have ability to drive inside when the "shoot" didn't workout well. Timberwolves -3.5 is nice option for me. To keep unbeaten at home gonna be moral boost for them


3rd November 2016 @ 06:35

KINGS wanst King at all

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1st November 2016 @ 03:15

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