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So Close Yet So Far!...

Hi Everybody,

Hope you are all keeping well. Just wanted to say that since 1st August 2021, I've added my 'Daily Longshots' tips to the site to track results based on a WIN stake! Now if you didn't know, 'Daily Longshots' are horses that I've selected to run better than their forecasted odds & are normally posted on my Twitter feed (@dmburgess85).

Results shown on here though may be somewhat misleading as it doesn't tell the whole story on how the horses are running. As of today (Saturday 14th August 2021), last weeks results were as shown -3172.50 to a 25pt win stake (-126.9pts, level stake), -71.3% ROI, Ave Odds 20.15, Win rate 5%. From a outcast looking in, it isn't great but can I just remind everybody that 'Daily Longshots' is just that.

So Close Yet So Far!...

Why don't we look at yesterday's results for example (Friday 13th August 2021). Below are the horses that just missed out who finished 2nd...

Mossbawn (SP20/1)

Firth Of Clyde (SP9/4)

Speedo Boy (SP2/1)

Russellinthebushes (SP40/1)

Oh Herberts Reign (SP11/1)

Electric Love (SP6/4)

Soyuz (SP50/1)

National Treasure (SP10/1)

Nagasaki Dream (SP3/1)

(The total SP amount above is 139.75pts (3493.75), 148.75pts (3718.75) including stakes!)

As you can see, If we just had a bit more luck here & there then results/figures shown would be so much different. They say "What goes around, comes around" so next week in hindsight could be a great one!.

"Take Care & always gamble responsibly" Dave

All my tips are FREE but if you would like to make a donation for my time & effort then it'll be much appreciated. Thank You.

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New Month, New Ideas...

Hey All,

Just a quick update on what I’ll be doing next month.

I've had a good look around & decided that starting next month; I'll be putting all my multiple bets into a new portfolio. I will also be adding more portfolio(s) to break down results for each category. For example, I'll have one portfolio for each country for correct scores & so on.
Doing this simple thing will benefit both you & us, your will see exactly where your money is loss & won!

In the last 2 weeks...
As you've probably saw, I've continued to tip a correct score in every major European league match (England, Italy, Spain, Germany, France). Holland, Portugal, Russia & Turkey have all been removed due to the lack of interest & odds available.
I have also continued to pick horses out using the 'trainers in form' method (in handicap races only!).

Until next time, Continue to enjoy the FREE content...

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Correct Score predictions for all major leagues... Yes, including Russia!

You may have notices but yesterday (Saturday 9th September), I put up a correct score for every major league game including Portugal, Holland, Turkey & even Russia!

I also put one up for every English Championship, League 1 & League 2 match.

I think i done quite well considering the amount of matches in total (72 matches to be precise)

5 Correct Scores landed:
Freiburg 0 Dortmund 0 @ 18/1
Hoffenheim 2 Bayern 0 @ 50/1
Accrington 3 Carlisle 0 @ 25/1
Bolton 0 Middlesbrough 3 @ 19/1
Norwich 1 Birmingham 0 @ 17/2

There were also a few games that were just the one goal out... But a 53.50pt profit to a level 1pt stake is nothing to complain about!...

Will it continue today (Sunday 10th September), Or will we give a bit back?


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Trainers in Form? Has it worked?

Hello All,

This week I've continued to test the 'trainers in form (last 14 days)' method as discussed in a earlier post. I decided though only do this on the handicap races & no other (including the specilsed handicaps).

After today's results (Friday 8th September), You would've been down -19.75pts to a level 1pt WIN stake. This doesn't tell the whole story though. 

So many placed horses which would've made all the different. For example today, 9 horses placed out of the 18, not including the 8/1 winner. The placed horses' odds were 7/4, 6/1, 40/1, 9/1, 9/2, 13/8, 9/2, 12/1 & 5/2.

I still believe in this, so will continue for at least another week.


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Have I Found a Correct Score Winning Method?

During the International break, I thought i would try something new in the correct score market. I won't reveal how it's done but going into the 4th of September, My ROI reads +195.1%. (I've used level 1pt stakes).

Is this just a short/good fortune thing or will it last over a longer period?

Once the International matches end, I'll use the same theoy in the English Premier League to see if it's a one week thing or not!

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Is it worth following trainers in form?

For the next 4 days (Tuesday 29th August-Friday 1st September), I'll tip up a horse in every UK race whose trainer has the highest win% for the last 14 days. Trainer's win% will be determined on race type etc.

Will it worth following trainer's in form? or Not?

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So it Begins!...

Hello Everybody,

Just a simple note to say that i've finally landed on Tipstrr.

i'm pleased to announce that in the near future, I'll be posting tips/views for upcoming major sporting events here on Tipstrr. 

Only created account today so will need time to take a look around & figure out what kind of service(s) i can offer the public.

I specilaise in Horse Racing (over 15 years) so will be consentating on that more than most. 

All tips posted will be FREE to view.

I'm looking forward to this new challenge. Hopefully we'll create something profitable but most importantly enjoyable!

Let the journey begin!