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Football Horse Racing

Results Summary

Period: Sport:
  • ROI: -44.22%
  • Profit: -605.8
  • Picks: 94
  • Win: 13%
  • Average Odds: 21.59

About EliteDutching



This service is very highly regarded,we Are very selective about our tips and should carry a strike rate around 65% but most months should be winning months,that's why we are here to prove our tips and are proved by a 3rd party! Tips are sent hours before the events starts if that's being American football all down to soccer,when the line is right and the bet in mind ticks all the boxes then the tip will be sent out,we don't bet for the sake of it and we are that sure as if a month does not end in profit you will have your next month free or your money back that's how sure we are about our tips,lets class it as an investment ,nothing is 100% guaranteed when it comes to sport betting and should be based on long term profit and we should end most months in profit simple as that and as stated it comes with a full guarantee.

Regarding the odds most tips go around 1-90 and over mark and would expect at least 70 points profit at the end of the month,a lot of months have 4 fold this and when it comes staking for what we have learned is the best way is level stakes and set your self a point back say 40 points,a lot of people like  a 50 point back but this up to you! So your starting off with a €1000 back your stakes would be €25 each tip,every one has there own way of staking but we would definitely stay with level stakes and to begin with a 50 point back to start and what ever profit at the end of the month take out or leave in for a bigger back meaning higher stakes this is entirely up to you  and if you need guidance please let us know !







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