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hello will be posting some tips not everyday soon will add more stuff here

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Bankroll Management

in order to make money with bookies you need to be organized and patient.There will be losing days so you dont freak out when you are 8-9 days losing days and start betting with more money to cover your losses.This is the biggest mistake people do with betting chasing losses.

First important step is sep up your bankroll 100 200 500 1000 2000 etc i suggest you bet between 1-3% so if your bank is 1000 you shound bet max 30 that so even after you lose 10 bets in a roll you will be left with 700 and wont go bankruptcy

if you follow this rule you wont feel panic and so much stress

This is imporant rule cuz bad run happens so even after bad run your bank is safe 

So my suggestion for all 

  1. Your bank should be 100-200 units.

  2. Each bet should be 1-2 units - no more then that!!

  3. You should not get nervous after bad run - bad runs are normal and happened in this business all the time.

  4. You choose how much your unit will be.

  5. Each first of the month you check your bank. So if your bank is 1000 euro and you bet 10euro per bet and your profit that you make in one month is 250 euro then your bank next month is 1250euro. So from first of that month your bet will not be anymore 10euro - you will change it to 12.5 euro per bet since now your bank is 1250euro. Same case is if for example went down to 950euro after one month - then your bet will not be 10euro per bet - will be 9.5 euro per bet.

20th October 2016 @ 10:41

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We're still calculating data for this tipster