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About Football Advisor.net

Football Advisor is a premium football betting service from FootballAdvisor.net where we have been running this service for over 2 years. We are now very excited to bring the service to the Tipstrr platform.

Over the last 2+ years we have delivered over 2,000 bets with a

  • Win rate of 38%
  • 340+ points profit
  • ROI of 22%
  • Average odds of 4.70+

You can read just some of the reviews of our service here and here

And we have member testimonials such as


I was a bit sceptical at first but I took the trial and in the first week I was well in front. 

Boxing Day(by which time I had increased my unit stake) exploded with more than 25 points profit but the really awesome tipping came on 17th/18th Jan with more than 35 points profit. 

I have never been involved with such a consistently brilliant tipping service.


Yes it has been a good weekend, but I must say I was not surprised, This has been far and away the best sport advisory service I have ever used. I have tried many over the years but had become completely disillusioned as NONE of them were successful at all. I had not tried any services for quite some time but decided to give your 7 day free trial a go. That week only returned a small profit but I was impressed with the betting strategy used and the realistic staking plan. I have now been a subscriber for 3 months, all of which have returned a profit. It has also changed my philosophy to football betting and I have not placed a “stupid, ill thought out bet” for quite some time.


Advised Betting Bank

We recommend a 100 unit betting bank


Any questions, feel free to get in touch either here or through our website at Football Advisor




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