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Footballer Tips has made £7,871.25 profit in the last 6 months across 1800 Football tips (roughly 72 tips per week), based on an average stake of £25 (10/10 units) giving an average monthly profit of £1,361.23

What to expect

Hi There! Are you tired of loosing money with sports betting and feel frustrated with constant losses? Are you an investor and would like to generate good profits with very interesting ROI? 

If yes, Stick with me for a moment!!

By following this betting strategy, you are following a betting strategy which I've mastered for the last years and kept me having constant profits with very interesting ROI. Most of the bets are in football, however I always keep an eye in some other sports when I do find interesting odds.

The tips which I send are a mix of tips in with high striking rate and a lower ROI and tips with lower striking rates but with very good ROI.. With that mix, we keep constant results and we are not dependent of only 1 or 2 markets. 

The bets which I send are bets with odds which are misadjusted in favor of the person who bets / investor.. That is the only way we can keep constant gainings on a long term

Some of the markets in which I bet need some volume to generate the profit which I expect.. therefore, you could expect a considerable number of tips, specially during the weekend when secondary leagues and inferior divisions have their games scheduled..Some of the tips are sent in the same day of the game since odds very often fluctuate few hours before the events

COVID has kept me away from posting tips since sports and football games have been stopped almost all over the world.. Now that things are coming back to a "new normal", Ive started to share with you all my betting strategy to let you evaluate and enjoy good profits

I'm sending tips for free for now and I hope you all enjoy.. Hope to count with you in the future if I decide to convert this to a paid service so we all have a Win-Win situation here


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