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About Football Fever

I mostly tip on the major leagues in World football but also have a good record in the MLS,Australian league and Scandanavian leagues.

I use a different staking plan when backing on the football compared to horse racing. Betting on football the margins are much lower than when backing on horse racing, so you really need to have larger bets to make backing on the football pay.

I would advise a betting bank of £500- £1000 starting out as you should be  betting to £5 a point at least. The majority of my singles bets will be maximum 10 point bets so, you will be betting to £50 bets starting out. It's understandable that most people will probably not have that sort of disposable cash starting out but you really need a decent bank starting out and keep it separate from your daily living. A bank of £250 starting out is the absolute minimum and you should be backing to £2.50 a point then. As your bank grows then you can increase your bet size to account for that. This is a marathon and not a sprint so just play a patient game as we are not going to win with every bet.

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Betting at £2.50 a point where max bet is £25

August 2016 +43.2( +£108.25 )

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Blog Posts

Weekly Update 5th-11th September

Selections: 17

Winners: 7

Losers: 9


Profit/Loss: -19.6


Single AH 5th September Ireland +0.5 @ 1.90

Treble 9th September Dundalk,Shelbourne & Derry City @ 3.54

Single 9th September Shelbourne @ 1.57

Single 9th Derry City @ 1.60

Single AH 10th September Celtic -1 @ 2.07

Single 10th September Arsenal @ 1.83

Single 11th September AIK @ 1.80

We had a very frustrating week this week and suffered a loss of 19.6 points. The most annoying results this week came in the MLS where New York Redbulls were cruising to a 2-0 win and conceded two goals in the 89th and 95th minutes.FC Dallas absolutely dominated their game with Colarado Rapids and how they managed to come away from that game with a 1-0 defeat  I will never know. Another frustrating game for us was Frances draw with Belarus as they absolutely dominated the game and should have put three or four past their opponents easily. Poland were also two nil up against Kazakhstan and really should have been coming away from that game with a win.There was also one or two surprise results as I fully expected Brighton to win at home against Brentford. I think it was just one of those weeks where the betting gods were against us so hopefully this upcoming week will hold better fortune for us.

12th September 2016 @ 20:16

Weekly Update 29th August -4th September



Losers: 5


Profit/Loss: +32.85 pts


Single 30th August Plymouth @ 1.85

Single EH 31st August Ireland -2 @ 3.40

Single 2nd September New York @ 1.84

Single 2nd September Dundalk @ 1.55

Single 3rd September Oxford @ 2.35

Double 3rd September Oxford/Sligo Double @ 3.75 Sligo game was void so single went on Oxford @ 2.35

Single 4th September Dallas @ 1.62

We had a good week on the site with seven of our thirteen bets successful and a healthy32.85pts of profit for the week which would be £82.12 profit if betting to £2.50 a point. The stats on the site for the last week have not been correct and I am still waiting on the site to settle the Oxford /Sligo double as the Sligo game was abandoned but that would have seen the bet turn in to another single. Hopefully we can continue our good start to the month and continue in profit and I will still be as selective as ever as my clients  betting bank is always kept in mind. Like most punters I don't like to have too much of my betting bank in play all at one time.

I will adjust this report if the Oxford/Sligo double price has been calculated to the price it was on Corals as I was taking the single price from Bet365 where I advised my single on the same match.

6th September 2016 @ 19:30

Monthly Update - August





Profit/Loss: 43.3pts

ROI: 7.29%

We had a decent enough month this month considering the start of the football season for the European leagues can be tricky. We ended the month with 43.3pts of profit and if betting to the advised stakes of £2.50 a point where the maximum bet would be £25, it would have seen you return a profit of £108.25. That is not too bad a return for the month of August as things should improve a great deal as we get longer in to the season. What I have noticed so far this season is that the Premier League games are going to form unlike last season where results were all over the place and it was impossible to predict games with any degree of accuracy.

Hope we can have an even more profitable September.

1st September 2016 @ 15:32

Weekly Update 22nd-28th August

Weekly Update 22nd-28th August

Selections: 19
Winners: 10
Losers: 9
Profit/Loss: -0.4pts


22nd August Single Malmo @ 1.8 European handicap

22nd August BTTS Mondalen v Sandefjord @ 1.56

23rd August Single Everton @ 1.50 European handicap

24th August Treble Sunderland,Manchester City,Borussia Monchegladbach @ 2.39

26th August BTTS Vitesse v Utrect @ 1.57

26th August Single  Sporting Charleroi @ 1.79

27th August Single Everton @ 1.75

27th August Single Leicester @ 1.72

27th August Double Everton & Leicester @ 3.01

28th August Single Barcelona @ 1.57

We take a small loss on the week and it has been a really frustrating week. We had two trebles let down by just the one team and the week would have been a profitable one if one of the trebles went in as it was decent odds of 6.24. I did find value hard to come by this week too. With the international break coming up we will be probably have less bets over the coming week and a half. We are still in profit for the month so hopefully we can close out the remaining few days of the month with a few winning selections.


29th August 2016 @ 16:03

Weekly Update 15th-21st August

Weekly Update 15th-21st August

Selections: 19
Winners: 12
Losers: 7
Profit/Loss: +64pts


Double 15th August St Pats and Shamrock Rovers @ 2.50

BTTS 15th August Chelsea v Westham @ 1.91

Single 16th August Manchester City @ 1.57

Single 16th August Brighton @ 1.47

Single 16th August Norwich @ 1.83

Treble 16th August Manchester City,Brighton & Norwich @ 4.22

Single 18th August Astana @ 2.50

Single 19th August Manchester United @ 1.95 Asian Handicap

Single 20th August Everton @ 1.81 Asian Handicap

BTTS 21st August Sunderland v Middlesboro @ 2.00

BTTS 21st August Ipswich v Norwich @ 2.00

Double BTTS Sunderland & Ipsich games @ 4.00

We have had an excellent week with 64 points of profit for the week and unlucky not to have more as West Ham really should have won in Romania and that would have given us another single and a double. I will admit there were two games this week that I got completely wrong but early season can throw up a few curve balls. Onwards and upwards and hopefully we can replicate the same form next week.


21st August 2016 @ 19:04

Weekly Update 8th-14th August

Weekly Update 8th-14th August

Selections: 18
Winners: 8
Losers: 10
Profit/Loss: -29.4

Winning Bets

9th August Derby County @ 1.5

9th August Brighton @ 1.53

12th August Brighton @ 1.8

14th August New York Red Bulls @ 1.75

14th August Columbus Crew v New York City BTTS @ 1.51

14th August Liverpool v Arsenal BTTS @ 1.67

14th August Manchester United @ 1.80

Double 14th August Liverpool v Arsenal BTTS & Manchester United @ 3.01

While we did finish the week on a loss, it was an unlucky week for us too. We had two trebles let down by one team on both and the week would have had a very different complexion if both those selections had come in, as they accounted for 30pts of negative profit on the stake alone. It is early season and you will have results like that go against you far more often than when we get ten games in and results become a bit easier to predict with accuracy.


14th August 2016 @ 22:55

Weekly Update 2nd-7th August

Selections: 9
Winners: 4
Losers: 5
Profit/Loss: +1.6pts

Winning Bets

7th August Montreal Impact @ 1.85

7th August Colorado Rapids @ 1.80

7th August Montreal Impact/Colarado Rapids double @ 3.33

7th August Manchester United @ 1.95


We started the week in terrible fashion with our first five bets all losing but we did turn it around with our next four bets being successful. We end up in profit at the end of the week thanks to a lovely double and the same two teams in singles in the MLS. I will try to be cautious for the rest of the month as early season in the leagues can throw up the odd strange result as teams get up to speed with match sharpness, which comes with games. 

I will be providing weekly updates in my blog to how my selections are faring and will also do a monthly update at the end of each month.

7th August 2016 @ 21:38

Results Summary

We're still calculating data for this tipster