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Value bets from football around the world. I post tips as and when I find a valuable market, there's no specific amount of tips on each given day. By putting my years of knowledge along with the indepth research I do, I provide a steady long term profit on football betting. By signing up to my tips through the tipstrr platform, you will receive an email every time I post a tip. You can also follow my twitter page @FootballTipstrr where an automatic tweet is posted every time I post a tip on here. I mainly bet singles at level stakes (10pt per bet, £10 per bet as I use £1 per point) as I have found they are the most profitable (over 90% of my tips are singles), however you may find the odd double or treble which will be made up of that days singles, depending how much value I think there is by doubling or trebling them up.

As said above, my football tips are from 'around the world'. I research every bet thoroughly to ensure it has the best chance of winning, so just because you haven't bet on or followed a certain league before, it doesn't mean we haven't. If you're following my tips, I'd recommend a starting pot of between £100 - £200.




If you have any further questions, message me on my Twitter (@FootballTipstrr) or footballtipstrr@gmail.com


Thank you for viewing my page!

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Blog Posts

3 months in and long term profit!

Where has the time gone? Its quickly approaching the 3 month mark since I joined Tipstrr and became a verified football tipster. Its been a fantastic journey so far and i'm sat in a very good position as the #1 football tipster on the whole Tipstrr site and the only football tipster to have over 1,000 units of profit.

My profit charts look exactly how i'd expect them to at this point, some weeks are up and some weeks are down but overall i've acheieved over 1,000 units of profit. What's important to remember as a punter is that not every week is going to end in profit, its all about LONG TERM profit, meaning you acheive profit over a substantial period of time. Many people think that you can make thousands very quickly in this game but in reality thats very unpractical and the only way you'll make a good amount of profit is focusing on a long term strategy, which is what my service provides. Any punter expecting to end every single week in profit is very uneducated and should learn more about the meaning of long term profit. If you're someone who can't accept the bad weeks and begin to lose discipline or up your stakes due to a bad week then you shouldn't really be gambling at all. Being able to keep your discipline through good and bad periods is one of the most important things when trying to achieve a long term profit. 

As well as keeping your discipline through good and bad periods, it's equally as important that you stick to a staking plan through good and bad periods. My advised staking plan is £10 level stakes, meaning you bet £10 on every single tip, no higher or no lower. When punters go through a very good period and start winning a lot of bets, many begin to think they are invinsible and move away from the staking plan / start staking £50 on bets and £100 on bets but BE AWARE, this is the quickest way to lose all your bankroll. 10/20 winners by following the staking plan can quickly be wiped out in 2 or 3 losers if you start being reckless and betting higher stakes thinking your invinsible. The same with bad periods, many punters start 'chasing losses' by upping their stakes to try and recoup what they've lost, again this is a very quick way to lose money and should be avoided at all costs, KEEP YOUR DISCIPLINE. If you take anything away from this blog, remember to follow a staking plan correctly and keep your discipline through good AND bad periods.

I've said it before and i'll say it again, ending a week in profit doesn't make you a GOOD tipster and ending a week with a loss doesn't make you a BAD tipster, good and bad weeks are part of the game and are inevitable. Many punters seem to think that results over a 1 week period give an overview of how good/bad a service is and this couldn't be further from the truth. If you're someone who labels a service 'good or bad' after only 7 days then you have very little knowledge of 'long term profit' in my opinion.

My results are all verified and generated automatically by the Tipstrr website so what you see is what you get. You get good weeks and you get bad weeks but overall you get a very profitable service and a very good long term investment as proven over my first 3 months on here.

Thank you for reading my first ever blog, I've covered my first 3 months of service, my opinions on long term profit and my advice to punters who are seeking a long term profit.

11th August 2016 @ 14:56

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