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About Football Value

Value picks. Very few tipsters know what represents value and what doesn't. My criteria takes into account a whole range of factors which I believe relevent. Statistics alone will not get you very far. I plan to show you through my tips that with patience and time, a sum of money can be made.

I'm not here to entertain people who lack restraint. If you are tipping over 10 units a day consistently! You're doing it wrong! I know weekends are tempting with all the football on but trust me, the more tips you place, the less likely you are to beat probabilty.. When you place a large amount of bets your results will be more likely to reflect the true probabilty of those events, therefore unless the bookies have been pricing events incorrectly over and over again. You will at best probably end up with a minimal loss at the end of the day. That is why, I try to pick out a few of my best bets even when It seems like there is money for the taking on some days. I implore you to do the same, as in the long run it will be far more profitable as you are less at risk of having a stinker of a weekend with half a bankroll left when it seemed like easy money.

I may not be offering you the rediculous amounts of tips as other tipsters, I am one person so that kind of volume requires an obscene amount of research for somebody to do alone. Adding the fact I'm also working toward a degree in Economics and Finance.

I generaly prefer to take a step back and be more cautious during losing runs( which every tipster gets) and slightly riskier when the purple patch hits.

If you have read this far, thank you.I know my writing abilty is a long shot acca behind my punting ability :)

A longshot acca is a very very bad bet. A degenerates bet. Although we all have that inner degenerate in us, that is why discipline is key ;)



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Blog Posts

Twitter ,bad runs and honesty

I have had my fair share of twitter tipsters in my time. Some great and some not so good. The biggest issue I have with twitter tipsters is the dishonesty. On there it is too easy to make a losing tip vanish. If a tipsters timeline looks too good to be true, then it damn near all the time is, too good to be true!That alone is the driving force behind me deciding to use this platform to reach fellow punters. On here there is 100% transparency whether a tipster is absolutely detroying the bookies or having a complete stinker. Its out in the open for all to see.

A key advantage of following tipsters on here is that you get to see how they react towards a bad run. You can tell a lot about the quality of a tipster by how they deal with bad runs. For some tipsters, they are world beaters until the world is not at their feet anymore. When you can't seem to pick a winner even if your life depended on it.When real madrid lose two on the bounce after going 40-0. When you're in this situation your judgement can get clouded. When you see what you think is a sure thing when in fact you're really just chasing losers and digging an even bigger hole for yourself.

I believe, if you go ten tips down without reply regardless of the amount of points staked, you need to tap out and take a day or two off. If you need your fix, as many of us do. Join a site like Betminds where you can test different strategy and compete without risking your bankroll.

Thanks for reading this far if you did, sometimes I read my writing and think what on earth was I thinking. I hope this is not one of those :)

Patience, In Time all will be ours and more :)

24th January 2017 @ 14:11

Staking Plan

10=1 point

5=0.5 points

and so on. Slow and steady wins the race :)

You can also use a strict 1 point level plan on all tips.

Happy tipping.

30th December 2016 @ 10:31

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