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Based on level stakes of £10, Gambling Garden has made £3487 profit in the last 6 months across 841 football and horse racing tips (roughly 32 tips per week), giving an average monthly profit of £573.

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Why should you choose Gambling Garden for your football and horse racing betting tips?

Gambling Garden is a horse racing betting service looking to provide sustainable long-term profit for its members.

I have over 20 years of experience in betting on horse racing - now I'm putting all my experience and knowledge into this betting service.

I am passionate about horse racing. I have learned lots of lessons over the years but perhaps the most important lesson I've learned is that betting is tough. There is no magic secret to unlocking long-term betting success other than putting in the work each day to find horses that represent good value. Over time if you consistently back horses that represent value, you will make money. This key principle drives my service, so let me do the hard work for you.

All bets posted are carefully selected using a specific process that has been developed over the past few years. This process is constantly being reviewed and refined. The simple goal is to pick out regular winners at valuable prices.

Typically, selected single bets are over the odds of 6/4 (2.5). Usually, there will be a maximum of 5 selections in one day, on rare occasions, there might be more. Selections will often be combined into multiples to enhance value. Each way stakes will be advised where appropriate, and bets are normally posted the evening before when possible. I highly recommend you follow a staking plan and track your bets. You are welcome to follow my staking recommendations or follow your own staking plan. For this service, I usually post single bets and doubles at 10 points, which represents £25. For multiples, I post at 5 points or below (£12.50). Whether you follow my staking plan or your own, what is important is that you are consistent with your staking and don't just stake random amounts.

I don't provide any commentary or narratives on my selections and bets, I also don't post very often. The reason for this is that I spend lots of time each day finding good value selections, and there is a mountain of information available online about racehorses. If you would like to know more about the horses I select, you can visit one of the many websites available (I recommend Attheraces or Racing Post), or you can simply Google the horse's name. Rest assured that there are sound reasons behind each selection.

I do have a Twitter profile - @GamblingGarden - Which I mainly use to promote my service outside the Tipstrr platform, but I'd to build a community around my service. So please give it a follow, and we can celebrate success together, process our losses, and learn from misfortune.

With betting, you can never guarantee success, we will have good runs and bad runs, and we can't control the variance of life. Read the information below to help you get the most from this service.

Betting is tough. It can mess you up financially and mentally if you don't stay in control. Follow these key principles to enjoy your betting and manage it:

- You are solely responsible for your betting.

- Set aside a betting bank of at least 250 points worth of funds.

- Only bet with funds you are prepared to and can afford to lose.

- Betting is an investment of time and money, so do it wisely.

- Never bet when angry, upset or bitter to compensate for losses. 

- Always know the reasons behind a bet, don't just bet blindly.

- Accept that any bet can lose, and that's OK.

- Don't go blindly with the crowd, there's a reason bookies win so much.

- Pick and choose when you bet and what you bet on, don't just bet on everything.

- Have a staking plan and stick to it. 

- Track and record all your bets.

- Only place bets that you think represent good value.

- Make sure you get Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG) when placing bets.

- Take regular breaks from betting.

- Develop strategies for processing and rationalising losses. We can't control the outcome of races, but we can control the process of how we bet.

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