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GermanHighLimit has made £1925.96 profit in the last 12 months across 182 Football tips (roughly 4 tips per week), based on an average stake of £25 (2.6/10 units) giving an average monthly profit of £160.60

What to expect

The bets:

Most bets will be from Germany 1 + 2 + cup.

Only high volume 1x2, asian and total.

I often post the highest yield variation like straight 1x2 but you obviously can take regular asian hcps as well.


There will be weeks with dozens of bets, other weeks might only include a couple of 1/10 bets. I will only post if there is value.

If you catch a month with very low volume, I will extend the membership for free. 


My 10/10 bets are massive value. If I post such bet @ 4,0 it usually will move at least to @ 3,5 closing odd, often @ 3,0.

The 1/10 bets are small value. If you cannot catch the odd I posted you should skip it.

How to know if I am worth the money?

Stats often are pure coincidence. If you choose 100 guys posting 100 random bets, some guys will show a huge profit – but they obviously don’t play value.

I posted nearly 1000 bets with more than 1000 units profit. This mathematically cannot be coincidence anymore.

But there even is a way better way to rate me: Take a look how my bets move.

Most early market bets with 10 units will show a seriously lower odd at kickoff. The closing odd in the big leagues usually is quite accurate, so this should give you the final evidence you are on the value side with my bets.


I usually wont post any explanations about my bets because I am not interested in sharing my team rankings or similar inside information. 

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