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Followers: 181 | Age: 35 | Years in Handicapping: 8 

Achievements in Handicapping: 

  • Top Handicapper #1 Profit in soccer documented by pickmonitor.com on September 2014
  • Tipstrr Weekly Review | Top 5 Rank #2 that hasn’t slipped into a negative position yet which isn’t bad going after over 650 tips as reviewed by talkingtipsters.com
  • Tipstrr Weekly Review Top 5 on 13th May 2015 Rank #2 with 6 tips and +33% yield.
  • Tipstrr Weekly Review Top 5 on 27th May 2015 Rank #2 with 12 tips and +32% yield.
  • BEST WIN % TIPSTRR AWARD - MAY 2015 recorded a 56.25% win rate and some good profits to boot. With some seriously discounted promotions at the minute, this site is worth taking a look at as their profit from relatively modest stakes has been pretty good.
  • The Tipstrr Top 5 - Sept 2015 Rank #5 with 7 tips and +8% yield.
  • Tipstrr TOP 10 for 2015 Ranked #7 tips 610 with yield +1.62% fact that GIBOLtips has had a successful year and has been featured on talkingtipsters.com pages 7 times in 2015.

Systems used for handicapping a game: I'm a big fan of systems (as opposed to trends), as they lend an objective framework to handicapping. I have objective framework to handicapping that generate unique matches. However, I don't exclusively rely on systems, as a handicapper must also incorporate subjective analysis. 

As I worked as tipster in Tipstrr.com started on 27th Sept 2014, I can offer you sports betting picks with asian handicap betting market and published at least +2 hours before match starts.

Skill: Football or soccer and baseball MLB.

I have good results on Argentina, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Chile, Croatia, England, France, Finland, Iceland, Rep. Ireland, Poland, Spain, USA MLS and also other international events.

Favorite team to watch: My favorite sports team is AC Milan for such stars as Ruud Gullit, Frank Rijkaard, Marco van Basten, Jean-Pierre Papin, Zvonimir Boban, Dejan Savicevic and Gianluigi Lentini. As a handicapper, though, I never let my passion for a team interfere with my analysis.

Favorite team to wager on or against: Like most serious handicappers, I don't have a favorite team to wager on or against. If there's value based on the point spread, situation, or match-up then I will make a wager, regardless of the name of the particular team.

Team you avoid when wagering: I don't have a team that I avoid, but I do find the Holland or Netherlands league to be more difficult than the other to handicap.

Quote: I always research a game thoroughly, and if there's any reason, no matter how minor, to stay away from a play, then I won't release it. Only the games that satisfy all my handicapping criteria are released.

I take great pleasure in bringing these exclusive information to your attention and are delighted to offer you the best matches to predict. I have always enjoyed providing sports betting picks with asian handicap and I spent all my time throughout this betting market.  




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