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About Going, Trip & Speed

I set up this account to track a few racing "systems" and to track my own, researched selections. I have been tipping on BetRef with tips based on top speed or positive draws over the past 12-18 months, but, although profitable, the success wasn't what I was hoping for, and I want to get back to good old fashioned research and hard work to make my selections (it's much more rewarding).



Sport is my life, simple as that. I've followed racing, and betting, for well over a decade now, and have learnt plenty along the way, but I'm by no-means an expert. Ive used tipping platforms online to test different tipsters and research their strategies, and looking at my own systems too. I've made mistakes and learnt the hard way, as many do, but now believe I'm knowledgeable and selective enough to be successful, and pass on the profits to others, if they wish to follow. 

I've never been a fan of paid tipsters, but that's because it's difficult to know which are genuine. I put a lot of work into the research, I'm not gaining anything through affiliate links, and I won't send tips for every single race. In time, I'm looking to have a website for any subscribers. 

My selections aren't a get rich quick kind of service, and profits are never guaranteed in this game, but the aim will always be steady profit over the long-term. Patience is KEY!


Price/odds are irrelevant to me, in that I try to avoid seeing them before making my selections, to ensure they don't have an influence. If a price is shorter than I expected and too short once I check the odds, I'll likely leave it alone. 

Also irrelevant, is a drifter in the market, it really doesn't put me off. I've had winners that have drifted out to double the price, and on the other hand, I've had losers that have come into odds-on favourite from double figure prices.


Being selective is important, especially if you haven't got thousands of £££'s as a starting balance, so you'll only get an average of 2-3 tips per day over the month. This also enables some followers, who have the funds available, to stake more on selections. There maybe more, or less, than 2-3 tips a day on average, but I guarantee there won't be 20-30 tips every single day.

All selections will be based on £10 win (or £5 each-way) level stake singles.

But the stakes are entirely up to the individual, only bet what you can afford, and always start with a hefty bank roll to cover potential losses (recommended; minimum £1,000 for £10 bets/stakes; ideally; minimum £2,500 for £10 bets/stakes).



  • My own selections, fully researched, no outside influence
  • Selective; Average 2-3 tips per day
  • Write-Ups/Reasoning when I have the time (I'm usually working full-time, so it's not always possible)
  • Sent between 5-7 PM the night before (unless busy, maybe later)


I didn't have the time to focus on some of the systems I was following, and have left the most unsuccessful alone, and my main focus is on my own tips at present, and just one of the Systems based on favourites in a race. I have a separate portfolio for sprint races on the flat, while this portfolio focuses on all my other tips on the flat (and all-weather) but that's not set in stone, and there may be additional sprint tips in this portfolio. 

There's also portfolios for my football tips, and weekly ITV7 (racing) and Super6 (football) picks, and they'll mainly be for Saturday's, but I've only just started them.


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  • ROI: 65.00%
  • Profit: 546
  • Tips: 83
  • Win: 25%
  • Average Odds: 7.96





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