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Recap July

Hi, every month i will post recap from past month and what we can expect for new month.

Im proud to be already football tipster #4. But it's not enough. I want, and i will be #1 soon :)
It was a good month, even i had some swing in a middle of July.
For this month, many important leagues come back, so we can have many tips week end.
Important things too : some months can be minus, but majority of my months are up. Please remember betting is long term, don't think or don't have judgment after few days or weeks.

As you can see, i use two filters :

first one is underdog with handicap for half time ! 
second one is favorite + total team over 1.5 goals. 

So, don't be afraid if you see sometimes reverse tips ( for exemple with Colo Colo we have colo colo win and underdog +0.25 HT ).
Anyway don't forget to follow me on twitter @mikariche.
And let's crush the bookies together.

Published 3rd August @ 17:51