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Welcome to Chronos by HCo Syndicate. Take advantage of a 3 day trial for only £30.

Yes, our service is pricey, but this information is highly valuable, and in reality, if you're disciplined, it will be the best investment you ever made.

PLEASE NOTE: This service is for experienced bettors who understand percentage staking plans. Jumping in and out of this service will only frustrate you when you're not in and we're winning, or when your in and we're not. Because you know that's what's going to happen don't you.

We advise using a 1% staking plan on single bets, we don't do each way, it's win only, starting with 100% starting bank.

Multiples should be split up to stake no more than 2% on each multiple/trixie/lucky15 etc. For example, trixie bet equals 4 bets, so 0.5% stake x4 = 2% stake (Max). Plus the x3 individual singles, equals 5% total stake for the day.

Generally there will never be more than 4 bets in one day. Most of the time 2 or 3 in order to maintain multiples & stay within the 4-5% per day staking range.

Alternative staking plans that work well with our service would be a 5% stake per individual bet, with a 5%/10% starting bank & 95%/90% in reserve bank. Topping up the betting fund every time it drops down to around 20% of what you started with.

Example, £10,000 starting bank.

£1,000 starting fund (10% of bank)

(£9,000 in reserve)

Stake £50 (5% of £1,000)

>> Fund drops to £200 (20% of £1,000 starting fund)

> Top up with another £800 from reserve fund.

= £1,000 fund

= £8,200 in reserve.

Etc etc

Horse racing14:40 CarlisleCarlisleWinnerArranmore Advised odds: 8.50

Horse racing18:30 WorcesterWorcesterWinnerOur Colossus Advised odds: 6.00

Bookmaker: 888Stake: £25

Total stake: £25

Bet strength: 10/10 units

Portfolio Max stake: £25