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About Horses For Courses

I have decided to just use this account for where I will post free bets. These will either be horses that are too short in the betting to put up on my main account or horses that I have question marks against. I tend to only put up horses on my main account that I am fairly confident that they will run their race. I thought it only fair that I make these tips free, but it will also give people some insight in to what they can expect from my service if they decide to sign up.

My other service on here is One to Jump where I just cover just NH racing as that is where I enjoy my most success. 

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Weekly Update 15th-21st August

Weekly Update 15th-21st August

Selections: 12
Winners: 2
Placed: 4
Losers: 6
Profit/Loss: +0.12

BOG P/L: +1.11


17th August York Idaho Advised 4/5(SP @ 4/5)

17th August York Oceane Advised @ 13/2(SP 7/1)


15th August Roscommon I'll be Your Clown 2nd Advised @ 10/1(SP @ 4/1)

18th August Stratford Mont Royale 3rd Advised @ 13/2(SP 7/1)

18th August Stratford Hepijeu 2nd Advised @ 8/1(SP @ 7/1)

20th August Newton Abbot Strongly Suggested 2nd Advised @ 15/2(SP @ 9/1)

While our end profit for the week was not great, we have had a week where we have had three frustrating seconds and if even one of those won, it would have looked a much better week for us. I'll be Your Clown was gambled off the boards and was only passed within yards of the post and that would have been an excellent start to the week for us. Hepijeu was a well held second but Strongly Suggested was another very unfortunate second for us. He met the last fence all wrong and lost all momentum and would surely have won that contest with a cleaner jump. Our profit does leap up to +1.11 points when you factor in bets with BOG bookmakers and these are always the firms I advise my bets with. This may not seem that small when you are playing with a smaller bank but when you start betting to £100+ a point, fractions like that make a huge difference to your profits.

I am confident that we will have things click in to place soon as it has just been a case of hitting the crossbar and the wheel will surely turn in our favour as we are finding the value and that is the most important aspect of punting.


21st August 2016 @ 18:07

Weekly Update 8th-14th August

Weekly Update 8th-14th August

Selections: 11
Winners: 0
Placed: 1
Losers: 10
Profit/Loss: -19pts


8th August Navajo War Dance 2nd Advised 10/1(SP 11/2)

Was a terrible week for us with only one placed effort from our eleven selections. We had no real hard luck stories with any of our selections but a few of the races did offer up information for future bets. Was a tough week but I do have a few horses from my notebook which are due to run next week and hope we can turn things around.

14th August 2016 @ 16:39

Weekly Update 2nd-7th August

Weekly Update 2nd-7th August

Selections: 16
Winners: 4
Placed: 2
Losers: 10
Profit/Loss: +1.5pts


2nd August Project Bluebook Advised at 2/1(SP 6/4)

2nd August Master Dancer Advised at 5/1(SP 9/2)

3rd August Music Man Advised at 5/2(SP 9/4)

7th August Tasty Ginger Advised at 11/4(SP 3/1)


3rd August Fast and Hot 2nd Advised at 6/1(SP 4/1)

4th August My Mistress 2nd Advised at 9/1(SP 14/1)

We have had an ok opening week on the Tipstrr platform collecting on six of our sixteen bets. We were a touch unlucky with a few more of our bets as two of our selections finished second, with Gabrial King being denied a victory by his inexperienced jockey not been able to ride out the finish competently. He was 9/1 too so it would have been a very profitable week had he been successful. I had the 4:30 race at Musselburgh on the 5th of August down to the two runners who filled the 1-2 positions, but unfortunately for us we were on the second.

Also this platform does not account for BOG bookmakers and two of our selections that we collected on did drift in the market and that would have seen an extra 1.5 points of profit for us to take our total for the week to 3 points of profit. They were advised with BOG bookmakers on here too.

I will be doing these updates weekly on the Sunday of every week and won't be hiding from my results no matter what. I will also do a monthly update at the end of each month too.


7th August 2016 @ 18:47

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We're still calculating data for this tipster