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Improvers has made £187.84 profit in the last 12 months across 1081 Horse racing tips (roughly 21 tips per week), based on an average stake of £1 (5.6/10 units) giving an average monthly profit of £15.66

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Hello and thanks for your interest.

The Improvers service is built on two different approaches with each attempting to find horses that are offering strong value that are being, or likely to be, underrated by the market.

Each selection comes with reasoning or statistical pointers to let you know the thinking behind each bet and why backing it is likely to have a better chance of succeeding than its odds suggest.

'Angles bets' (which are based on trainer angles and trends) are sent in the morning email between 10 and 10.30. 

You can choose whether to place the 'Orthodox bets' (which are based on more orthodox race analysis and replay watching) the night before racing on in the morning because these are initially sent around 7pm and then the advice is updated in the morning email, advising whether prices are still acceptable or not. These should be followed by using the best available price (or the current price on the exchanges) because they will commonly shorten in price by the off.

A bank of 75 is recommended- decide what you are going to allocate towards following this service and divide it by 75. Find the nearest round number and use that as your stake for each bet. (Ignore the stake size in the tips notifications, typically 8 for win bets and 4 for each-way bets, as these are just used for recording purposes, and you should use your standard stake for each bet.)

Excuse the pun, but this is a very stable service but even so, like all horse racing services, it will have ups and downs along the way with periods doing better than normal and spells with fewer winners. Steady bank management will help you profit in the long-term by allowing you to cope if and when any temporary dips come along.

Although I only joined Tipstrr in February 2020, I've been a professional tipster elsewhere since 2013 so there is plenty of experience (and previous profits!) behind what you'll find here. You can try Improvers for a week for free to get a taste of it and if you need any help, have any questions or simply want to get in touch at any stage then please do by emailing me at directly at [email protected]

One final point is that I would strongly urge you to use the taster period on offer for this service (or indeed for any other service) to see if it suits your style- number and time of bets, odds range and so on- above making a judgement based on a few results. Tipping services should be judged over a long period and the best will have losing weeks and months (but be up in the long-term), while the worst will fluke winning weeks and months (but be down in the long-term). So, please look at the history, quality of analysis and the work that goes into a service to decide whether or not you think it will be profitable in the long-term. 

Good luck and I hope you enjoy and profit from Improvers.


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