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About investipstrr

I started punting as way back as 2008 with betfair offering bookmaker odds (lay bets) which I still think is the best strategy to invest in.

I will concentrate on match odds and over/under goal market here. I will advise you to get a good money management system to use because that is only way to make it out here. If you don't have any try mine; 

  1. declare you bankroll: set aside an amount of money you can afford to bet with (please make sure its not money you depend on for neccesities like rent feeding and the rest).
  2. divide it by 14 (two weeks) because personally I take stock every 14 days or every 14 bets.
  3. bet every selection with a unit of that division.

 I will be posting bets from odds of 2 up in every selection, it might be in singles or combos but one thing is certain, all my postings are for profits, am not here for fun. lets beat some bookies!



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