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20th November 2016 @ 03:18

Punchestown Review

Hey All

So back for the weekend grind kicking off with the 2 day Punchestown Festival on these shores...

So, for those of you who are not familiar with the Irish scene ill try to depict it in my own way, It may not be the right way, but its my way in how i see it and hopefully we will have a bit of fun along the way...

I suppose the best way to start out is depicting who and why and for what reasons rule the roost over here in the NH Scene...

Very similiar to premiership football there is a type off "Money Orientated", monopoly, where a certain few stand above the rest...

When you are looking at the racecards over here it is very important to look at the "Colours", Or "Silks" as they are known as to decipher races, and its not easy.., From a fun aspect, My friend and i always say they are all sitting down together and they go back and forth with each other and say, "You have the 1st", Ill have the 3rd and 4th and the other guy will have the last 2 and we will let the others win the remaining races as we dont have any in it....

So will kick off with Gigginstown Stud, for those who dont know its Maroon colours with Star in the middle, This guy is the forefront of Ryanair and for what i will say here i will never get a job as an air host :), as i dont like this guy one bit..I may be wrong from media depiction but sometimes you just know..

For those who dont know he had a lot of horses with our Champion Trainer over here, Willie Mullins, 2 months ago he pulled all his horses from his stable over a rise in fees, On our main news channel over here there was a phone call from Mullins where he stated, "He pulled all the horses from our yard as we slightly put up our fees due to the fact that we have superior training methods, "We had kept them at the same rate for the past 10 years but due to the fact of associated costs with all involved we felt it was fair"..

Again for those of you who dont know how ryanair operates the profits made are not from passenger numbers but from taking from the general public from mistakes in travel that dont reflect the supposed investment in the organisation, kinda like 0% outlay, 100% profit...

I for one dont want these colours to win but unfortunately we are dealing with a "Double effect", where we have a top class trainer who has in a way brought up kids to be sports stars and now they are taken away from his upbringing and shared around to other stables, In my opinion i dont see this as fair game as when you see these colours winning in reality its The original trainer who brought them up..

In saying that, Its good for the game as it spreads the prize money around but for the points i stated its again unfair game from an upbringing point of view..

Second guy is Rich Ricci who is associated with Willie Mullins, "Pink Silks", American guy, Comes across as a really nice guy and is very good for the game, Has appeared on ATR a few times and seems very genuine, Loves the Irish scene and has great respect for Willie Mullins and lets him do his own thing, Im a huge fan of Willie Mullins as a trainer as his Strike Rate over the years has been phenomenal, Fair enough he has had the best horses in training but in saying that they still have to win and hats off to him, Im certainly rooting for these colours this year and Willie Mullins in general, I like the way he comes across, Thankfully Ruby Walsh i presume will stick by him and he is a class act...

Next up is JP McManus Colours, Green and Orange, This guy comes across as a true gent and is an absolute legend in the game, when i first started to try and be a tipster i seen an interview from the archives a long time ago where he stated a few things in betting such as never bet in maidens, never bet in big fields and something else which i cant recall right now, all these were 100% true and i try to stick to that as much as possible, Have a big feeling that JP is going to have a big 2017, Association with Joseph O'Brien will definately come to fruition in 2017 and watch out for the colours at cheltenham...

There are plenty of others involved as well, Barry connell "Yellow silks", and a whole lot more, Its a great game over here and should be on Terrestrial TV more, crazy that its not, as its a people sport, not gambling.....

So thats that, tough to write but thats the start out of the way...

Tomorrow nyte will see possibly more in depth of the actual races for sunday, The card tomorrow looks very much like a favourites day but will try a couple of selections anyway and see what happens...

Have a good one


18th November 2016 @ 23:52

Weekend Meetings

Hey All

This weekend sees some great racing taking place over in Ireland, Kicking off with a 2 day meeting at Punchestown starting Saturday, and Cork on Sunday, That is of course weather permitting...

Going to try and depict the cards as best i can in my own style for the two days prior to the racing within this blog...

The following weekend sees the 2 day Hennessy Meeting at Newbury along with Irish racing so some good stuff to look forward to...

Back Friday nyte


16th November 2016 @ 21:36

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