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Trends: 23/10/17

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22nd October 2017 @ 20:28

Wolverhampton Raiders Preview

Good Afternoon

Whilst all eyes will be on Champions Day at Ascot, We will take a look at Wolverhampton where a few Irish raids are in the mix there tonight...

Wolverhampton 17.40

Ahundretnotout 15/2 Generally,, Is the first of the raiders that appear here as part of a double colours significance for trainer Johnny Feane, Showed nothing in a trio of maidens over 6-8f before being allocated a mark of 50 which he races off today, He is significantly down in trip and there is nothing in the book to say he bounces in here, however his last run showed encouraging signs of him coming into himself albeit over 7f, Plus signs would be that the owner is responsible for stable star, "Not A Bad Oul Day", he appeared as a raider over in Southwell in early January off a mark off 54 and was whacked, however he went on to win an amazing 7/12 races since that run and improved 41lbs in the process which is a serious feat..., The jockey booking in Stevie Donohoe catches the eye as he rides the track as good as any, It's a tough call with the drop in trip,but he has been off 3 months and they could well have been gearing him up for this distance at home, The stable are known to be a gambling stable, but can be tricky to catch at times, there has been no market support as was priced 8/1 last night and is hovering around that now even after the favourite being taken out subsequently..

Wolverhampton 19.45

The second raider from the Feane stable appears here in the shape of Asian Wing 5/1 generally, Has been in terrible form as off late, but if we discount his last 3 runs which were on the turf, prior to that he had put in credible performances both here as a raider and generally at Dundalk over 12-14f,, steps up to 16f today, He is 4lbs below his last winning mark of 63 which was on turf,but has won off 59 at Dundalk, Employing the services of David Egan tonight claiming 3lbs you could argue that he is 7lbs below his last winning mark as Egan worth all the 3lb and is heading for the pro ranks, Egan is also 1/1 for the colours having rode Not a bad oul day to success at Ayr earlier this season,, There was a sea of green over him last night on Oddschecker with him being generally 4-1/7/2,however i managed to pick up 15/2 with betfred late lastnight which kinda makes me a bit weary when the horse is a lot lower everywhere else, but in saying all this there is evidence for him to perform returning to a surface where he has performed reasonably well in the past,, I would say the stable were not so happy with the handicapper not to drop him a couple of lbs considering they used 7 and 10lb claimers as off late off this mark and he was getting well beaten...

Molly Kaye is the first of two raiders for trainer Shane Duffy who employs the services of Robert Winston for both, Was best priced 10/1 lastnight and there has certainly been some support for him, however price wise is a little all over the place with Stan James offering 8/1 and bet365 going as low as 9/2, The horse herself is lightly raced with 5 runs under her belt, Has ran twice over 1m4f and has been well beaten, and has performed better over shorter,, Her 5 runs have produced an average SP of 45/1 which suggests that she is not exactly a world beater, the market usually knows its stuff, Its very hard for me to gauge whether the step up to 2m will bring about improvement, Positive to take would be that Winston has been successful for Duffy as a raider in the past, so its not a first time hook up, Honestly the evidence does not seem to be there and unless the trip brings serious improvement its hard to see her winning,Its racing tho and they can bounce in at their pearl...

Wolverhampton 20.15

Anthony McCann sends one over here tonight in the shape of Three Majors, The same colours attempted a raid at Newcastle a couple of days ago, unfortunately they were over for fresh air, I dont really understand why they would race their horses there as it does not make much sense with the track quite the opposite to running them at Dundalk, it makes a lot more sense for raiders to place their horses at Wolverhampton as it is more similiar bend towards the home straight, and the stats say that Wolverhampton is the best UK AW track for raiders in general, This guy is not out of this by any means, but has a 151 day break to overcome,, Since switching stables he is now 5lbs below his last winning mark at Dundalk which is a better comparitve than his actual last winning mark off 61 on turf, McGovern takes a further 5lb off which is all a help, He definately has decent form off higher albeit with previous stable, Its a tough call, I know nothing about training horses but they could certainly wait for him to drop another few lbs and plan an assault on picking up a couple of races at Dundalk where the pot will be bigger, as he would have the form in the book to be competitive there if dropped another 4-5lb, however in saying that i backed him ew at 8s lasnyte so hopefully he is ready to roll..., Market not to happy with him and has now eased to 9s generally...., Just a quick note about the guys at Newcastle on Thursday, U can stick a horse called Chicago School into your tracker as looks a sure fire winner in due course,most likely at Dundalk...

Wolverhampton 21.15

Last raider of the night is Multiviz for the Duffy/Winston combo,, Possibly on the ratings this looks the best of the lot on the night, Showed really strong maiden form at the beginning of her career and was allocated an opening mark of 76, unfortunately she lost her way in the process and has been winless throughout her career,, This is her second start for her new stable and could well be a good placing now having slipped to a mark off 52, The slight drop back in trip to 1m1f+ is probably a positive as opposed to placing her over 1m4f going through her history..., As i have mentioned, its always a positive to see a raider at this track that has shown signs of form at Dundalk and she has this in the book on occassions...,, Was best priced 6/1 lastnight and is now best priced 4/1 now with a few so it seems there has been a few quid floating about for her....

Thats the craic, Enjoy the evening...




21st October 2017 @ 15:20

Trends 21/10/17

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20th October 2017 @ 21:32

Trends 20/10/17

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20th October 2017 @ 21:23

System Trial Day 3

Great day today,almost a monster day with 2 at nice prices beat by a short head...

Will just guide price from now on to see the difference..


14.35: Heavens Guest 8.0

14.35: Storm Ahead 6.0

15.10: Smokey Lane 21.0

15.45:Mount Moriah 3.25

16.20: Bengal Lancer 5.0


15.55: Pull The Chord 6.0


15.00: Viognier 6.5

15.35: Princess Tara 3.5

16.10: Skipthescales 6.0

16.45: Forest del Aigles 3.0

17.20: Court Baloo 9.0

Chelmsford City

18.15: Emilia James 4.33

18.15: Another Day of Sun 6.0

18.45: Barig al Thumaa 9.0

19.45: Snowy Winter 3.5

20.45: Breaking Free 9.0

Good luck if following


6th October 2017 @ 00:30

System Trial Day 2

Day 1 went really well on the blog, but at high volume there is no way this would be able to match those numbers Strike rate wise, especially when the system is completely random number based with zero thought put into the actual horse or race, however there is i suppose some logical thinking to it, A lot really depends on how the cards fall on the day...

I done 10 days in a row pre testing and Win percentage came back 21% circa 200 bets,Its doubtful i would even be able to hold that being honest, the profit was very good but was skewed by a couple of big prices hitting in Irish racing, If u can catch a couple of big prices in Irish racing that is where u will make ur money as the market is heavily weighted towards favourites, thus when the preverbial outsider hits the BSP v SP discrepancy is massive but they are few and far between...

An example at Dundalk lasnyte was a 50/1 Sp shot winning, It came back 246.xx in the Win market and 31.5 in the Place market, This was a big blow to me personally as it was my hometown jockey Conor Hoban who rode it, I know he rides the track way better than on turf and has Halford behind him there, although it was Andrew Oliver he rode for on this occassion, Even the "Timeform Says" guy gave it a good write up,and whoever he is he must be getting paid serious money to put punters off backing horses, with comments like, "others more persuasive", "needs a couple of these to falter", "Better to look elsewhere", and time and time again they bolt in, cost me more winners than i have had hot dinners, Form is an illusion in horse racing, it pretty much only applies to high grade racing,, its the scenario on the day that counts...

Chelmsford City

17.45: Vegas Boy 1st 2.82/1.38

18.15: Frolic U/P 13.94/2.88

18.45: Deyaarna 1st 1.77/1.11

19.15: Toga Tiger 2nd 19.22/5.99(Beat sh)

19.15: Badenscoth U/P 8.80/2.45

19.45: Broughtons Knight U/P 5.40/2.05

20.45: Kaths Legacy U/P 17.52/4.80

21.15: Frangarry U/P 5.80/1.90

Win: 2/8(25%) -3.54

Place: 3/8(37%) +0.20


14.00: Honkytonktennessee U/P

14.35: New Agenda 1st 3.97/1.29

15.05: Dreamsoftheatre 1st 9.43/2.82

16.10: Number One London 2nd 3.55/1.61

16.45: Cosmic Diamond 1st 16.08/4.26

Win: 3/5(60%) +23.16

Place: 4/5(80%) +4.69


14.55: Fulham 2nd 6.89/2.30(beat sh)

16.35: Peace and Plenty 3rd 3.54/1.44

17.35: Monteamiata U/P

Win: 0/3(0%) -3.00

Place: 2/3(67%) +0.66


14.40: Rock On Bach U/P

15.10: Papal Motel U/P

15.45:Naturally Blond U/P

Win: 0/3(0%) -3.00

Place:0/3(0%) -3.00


14.45: The Welsh Paddies 1st 2.74/1.25

16.25: Beggars Cross 1st 8.40/3.82

Win: 2/2(100%) +8.68

Place: 2/2(100%) +2.92

Daily Win: 7/21(33%) +22.30, ROI: 106%

Daily Place: 11/21(52%) +5.47, ROI: 26%

Win Overall: 12/42(29%) +34.39, ROI: 82%

Place Overall: 23/42(55%) +13.96, ROI: 33%


4th October 2017 @ 19:42

System Trial Day 1

Want to trial a system on here that i have recently created rather than writing it down on my notepad at home...

Will depict all stats to BSP -5% for Win and Place and see how it goes...

Its random number based, has been doing ok behind the scenes, so may as well put it on here

Volume is quite high so not for the faint hearted...

Here are todays picks..


14.10: Libby T Valance 3rd 12.5/2.62

15.15: The Flame U/P 16.00/1.80

Win: 0/2(0%) -2.00

Place: 1/2(50%) +0.54


14.05: Africa Prado U/P 9.25/2.70

14.35: Aurora Eclipse 1st 2.90/1.48

15.10: Red Persian U/P 3.65/1.57

15.40: Sister Anne 3rd 18.50/3.00

16.15: Air of Nobility U/P 217.03/15.00

16.45: Scoil Naisunta 1st 10.00/3.05

Win: 2/6(33%) +6.35

Place: 3/6(50%) +1.31


13.50: Charnock Richard U/P 3.58/1.45

13.50: Little Boy Blue 2nd 6.38/1.89

14.20: Kodiac Express 1st 4.64/1.48

14.55: Calling Rio 3rd 29.17/5.40

Win: 1/4(25%) +0.46

Place: 3/4(75%) +4.49


15.05: Algam 2nd 3.60/1.99

15.05: Mr Top Hat 1st 8.94/3.47

15.35: Clear Spring 1st 8.10/2.34

16.10: Almoreb 2nd 2.33/1.43

16.40: Southern States U/P 33.42/9.34

Win: 2/5(40%) +11.28

Place: 4/5(80%) +3.97


19.10: Dragon Mountain D/Q 5.13/1.89(Was 3rd initially)

20.10: Jufn U/P 19.01/3.68

20.10: Desert Ruler 2nd 9.04/2.24

21.10: The Last Melon U/P

Win: 0/4(0%) -4.00

Place: 1/4(25%) -1.82

Win Overall: 5/21(24%) +12.09, ROI: 58%

Place Overall: 12/21(57%) +8.49, ROI: 40%


4th October 2017 @ 19:08

The Services so Far

Hey All

So, its been close to a year since i started on tipstrr, good times, bad times and shocking times...


TrendBetPro rocked the world in a short space of time, destroying a trial period that left members on a high that had never been felt before, Was this the Messiah?, Unfortunately not....

The self proclaimed "Best tipster", succumbed to fame and lost his way...

We had a chance to sit down with the fledgling pro..

Interviewer: Hey Trendbetpro,,

It's good to see u are well and alive,, It's been a turbulent year for you, Can u tell us if u have any plans of reentering the game in the near future?

Trendbetpro: Hey Dom, Yea highs and lows, I was not ready for the big time,,, Maybe if social media was not invented, it could have been possible, but was not meant to be...

Interviewer: Have u any plans for "putting", "TrendBetPro back in the game?

TrendBetPro: Yea, I am bringing back Trendbetpro as a UK NH Specialist and possibly Dubai when it starts up if worth playing...

Trendbetpro has scope for improvement even off a 32% ROI from 500, as played bad for half of it, so will be playing off a fresh head and will be starting from zero in his own mind, so scope for improvement will be there playing a one way zone till meydan hits...

Will be leaving him for free until he proves himself......


IrishRacingPro was born(e?) to compliment "Irish Racing" on a Saturday,and went on a slippery slope at the wrong time, which led to the demise of "TrendBetPro",, Both services took a break and tried to find their way back into the game...

Interviewer: Hey IrishRacingPro,

U came back into the game in late April under the guidance of renowned mental game expert, "Fred Ekermann",, How has that journey been??

IrishRacingPro: Hey,, Its been a journey for sure, very tough,, But Fred has been a great help, I think im playing good 26% and playing bad 74%

Interviewer: Ur stats have been very consistent, a couple of blips here and there, but u have been very solid, sometimes moving the markets like u have inside info???

IrishRacingPro: I can assure u there is no inside info here, But merely depicting the game!!!,,

When i named this service, I named it IrishRacingPro, as in "Im from Ireland", but as time goes on im going to beat the game as tipping in "Irish Racing", Like you have never seen before., i am super strong in Irish racing and have a good feel for the bs......, "One for the archives"..... :))),


I told u all about bugsbunny back in the day, nobody listens, BugsBunny is very hard to play, definately the hardest scenario i have faced, but u live and learn..., and even tho it looks like a stagnant service, Its not!!!, Once i perfect it, It's game over, I have played it terribly and i promise it will deliver, even at 50%, improvement forthcoming, definately,,,,,,,, no doubt about it.............


I dont have another job in life or want to, Im pretty sure this is my calling in life, I feel very comfortable and am not tricked by the cards as much anymore, I could be one of the best u will ever see if mindset is correct..., Im certain i can improve..

I have to keep it up tho, so, i have to play 100% at all times, "Impossible", "But i am going to try and play at a very high level consistently on all services...

I dont have xyz services set up for monetary value, they are there because "this is what i do in life", Its my job, I could have 10 services..,,

Im here to win, Im not throwing out horses for fun, If i give a horse "im trying",, I dont always play so well, but that is just mindset, if i can "Fix that", things will be good going forward at half the rate..,.

So, Thats It, Watch me go, Im out to win, And i will, I wont say it unless i can do it..

I will leave u with this video that makes me laugh but also encourages me...., the last hand....


Good luck





23rd September 2017 @ 01:33

York Day 1

13:55 York 23 Aug 2017

Symphony Group Handicap (Class 2) (3YO plus)

Winner £43,575 - 20 run - Draw Advantage: Low

A lottery to kick off with, There are 2 Irish raiders, Moviesta who "has the name to win", potentially on at least a fair mark for the times, in good form at the moment, ground is fine, trip is fine, was won at the course previously but last 3 runs there he was whacked each time, Has a good 3lb claimer on board in Robbie Downey, Drawn 12, with low numbers favoured, does not help the situation tho, 2 runs ago the horse himself landed a tidy gamble in style at Dundalk AW over this trip so any money could well be significant,, Currently best priced 14/1, showing 12% Support on Oddschecker..

Tithonus is the other guy, who was graduated through the ranks in the style of a boss,, having had a slow start to his career, albeit he was running over the wrong trip, he found the winning thread of a lowly mark off 52 back in Nov 15, going into 2016 off a mark off 63, he went 4/8 for the year picking up Pots of £15 and £30k, finishing off the year a short hd 2nd on a raid to doncaster off a mark off 87, Super stuff and had clearly established himself as a top class mid stakes reg,Took a 6 month break and went 0/3,dropping his mark to 86, was freshened up and then came back and won two £59k's in a row off 86 and 90, and got hiked another 6lbs, contested one more big pot on soft-heavy ground which he does not like and a line can be put through that run, negatives would be, can he win 3/4 big pots in a short space of time?, he's a class act for what he has achieved but its a bit of an ask here, done no favours by the draw in 16, has highest ever mark to contend with, however he deserves to take a shot here, Currently best priced 25/1 with no support showing...

So thats the 2 raiders, they could both win for sure, but there are a couple of others in this that i feel are better plays..

When i was looking at this yesterday,Thesme caught my eye, mostly because when you see Dettori riding for Tinkler he usually gives it a good shot for him, much like tithonus, this guy is another who has shot up through the ranks at a rapid rate,his last winning mark was 82 and has been winless but reached a mark off 109 so the horse has tonnes of ability, had a luckless 2016 hitting the crossbar on numerous occassions, back down to 100 today, might just have this in him assuming he is ready, Currently best priced 11/1 showing 15% support on oddschecker...

O'Meara has 4 in this, and my eye is drawn to james doyle riding Move in Time, has dropped a good few pounds in the ratings, I feel he is the significant jockey booking here and is my play out of the 4..., bad draw is the negative with him..

York 13.55: Thesme 0.5pt win 11/1 gen

York 13.55: Move in time 0.5pt win 12/1 gen

14:25 York 23 Aug 2017

Tattersalls Acomb Stakes (Group 3) (Class 1) (2YO only)

Winner £51,039 - 11 run - Draw Advantage: None

Dont know too much about these type races, Lansky was impressive fto on this ground, and Fleet Review beat a decent type over 6f lto, going away at the very end,suggesting the step up in trip would potentially suit..., The fav Dee ex Bee seems to be all the rage but encounters different ground conditions today, altho i cant say he wont be as impressive on this with no data to go on...

York 14.25: Lansky 0.4pt win 9/1 b365

York 14.25: Fleet Review 0.4pt win 4/1 PP/Bfsb

15:00 York 23 Aug 2017

Betway Great Voltigeur Stakes (Group 2) (Class 1) (3YO only)

Winner £96,407 - 8 run - Draw Advantage: None

No interest in this race and just a watching brief..

15:35 York 23 Aug 2017

Juddmonte International Stakes (Group 1) (Class 1) (3YO plus)

Winner £567,100 - 7 run - Draw Advantage: None

I feel like playing against the favourites here, have had Cliffs of Moher on my mind for a few days for whatever reason, and i wonder could shutter speed be decent having only ever being ridden by Dettori, just small stakes here tho..

York 15.35: Cliffs of Moher 0.3pt win 11/2 gen

York 15.35: Shutter speed 0.3pt win 10/1 gen

16:15 York 23 Aug 2017

Fine Equinity Handicap (Class 2) (4YO plus)

Winner £43,575 - 17 run - Draw Advantage: Low

Looking at this, im drawn to Ian Jardine double play, Shrewd with the 7lb claimer on, "has the name, to bounce back to form", and Edge of Sanity who ran very well after a long break both catch my here as ew plays

York 16.15: Shrewd 0.3pt ew

York 16.15: Edge of Sanity 0.3pt ew

The lucky last is a staw ayaw race from me...

Over at Carlisle, i liked Renfrew street in the 16.55 as he was game lto in defeat lto and could go one better today, and in the last at 17.25 i like Dodgy bob, who should go in, considering his last run..., also in the 16.25, id be afraid quoteline direct could be "well in" so id side with himwith a decent jockey on boardin a tricky race

Carl 16.25: Quoteline Direct 0.7pt win 13/2 b365/bvic

Carl 16.55: Renfrew Street 0.7pt win 4/1 gen

Carl 17.25: Dodgy Bob 0.8pt win 4/1 various

Good luck



22nd August 2017 @ 21:03

Murder By Numbers: Preview: 11/08/2017

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12th August 2017 @ 22:40

Murder By Numbers: Preview: 10/08/2017

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12th August 2017 @ 18:42


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11th August 2017 @ 11:23

Monday system Picks

Hey All

Ayrs 14.00: Jessie Allan(5) 13/2 various
Ayrs 17.00: Goninodaethat(4) 9/2 b365/bvic
NAbb 15.45: Sureness(4) 12/1 b365/bvic
Wolv 19.25: Easy Code(4) 5/2 gen

Good luck


30th July 2017 @ 19:41

Sunday's System Picks

Hey All


Uttx 14.15: Bridane Rebel(4) 9/2 gen
Uttx 16.15: Ravens Hill(4) 20/1 pp/bfsb
Uttx 16.45: Wadswick Court(4) 9/2 b365/bvic

Good luck

29th July 2017 @ 20:46

Friday's System Picks

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27th July 2017 @ 19:49

Thursday's System Picks

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26th July 2017 @ 18:58

Wednesdays System Picks

Wednesday 26/07/2017

Bath 14.10: Golden Salute(5) 6/4 gen
Bath 15.10: Farleigh Mac(5) 6/4 gen
Bath 16.40: Kiruna Peak(4) 11/2 b365/5s lads/bvic

Catt 14.00: Placebo Effect(5) 5/2 b365/bvic
Catt 16.00: Landing Night(4) 9/2 gen
Catt 17.30: King of the celts(5) 3/1 gen

Leic 17.45: Time Medicean(4) 15/2 bfsb, 7s gen N/R
Leic 18.15: Tenby Two(5) 11/4 b365, lads
Leic 20.50: Canadian Royal(5) 11/4 gen

Ling 14.50: Atalanta Queen(4) 11/4 hills,bfsb
Ling 16.20: Sevilla(5) 3/1 gen
Ling 17.20: Perla Blanca(5) 7/4 Various

Naas 20.30: Pincheck(5) 7/2 gen

26th July 2017 @ 11:27

New System July Stats

Hey All

All stats now done, went very well, fingers crossed it keeps it up now...

5+4 Star trends


Ches 14.20: Queen In Waiting(4) U/P 2.84
Ches 14.55: Atteq(5) U/P 4.33
Ches 15.25: Billy Dylan(4) 1st 3.80 +2.66
Ches 16.35: Rosealee(4) U/P 7.70
Curr 15.40: Mizaah(4) 2nd 6.83
Curr 16.10: Asking(4) 1st 12.00 +10.45
Donc 20.25: Maulesden May(5) U/P 2.72
Ling 17.40: Toulonme Meadows(4) 2nd 7.54
Newc 13.50: Mazzini(4) U/P 6.94
Newc 16.45: Auspicion(5) 1st 4.93 +3.73
Newm 16.55: Swiftsure(4) 3rd @ 2.62
York 15.05: Bear Valley(4) U/P 11.31
York 17.25: Jacbequick(4) 1st 10.57 +9.09

Overall Totals: 4/13(31%) +16.93


Cart 14.20: Rock n stones(4) U/P 4.95
Cart 17.35: Back To Baloo(5) U/P 3.88
Curr 14.15: The Mcgregonator(4) U/P 7.02
Curr 15.45: Clemmie(5) 1st 2.80 +1.71
Curr 16.50: belgravia(4) U/P 4.70
Uttx 14.30: Havana Beat(5) 3rd 3.15
Uttx 17.10: Theo(5) 1st 1.64 +0.61
Wind 16.45: Coolfitch(5) U/P 4.81

Overall Totals: 6/21(29%) +13.25


Haml 19.15: Vintage Dream(4) 2nd 5.10
Haml 20.45: Company Asset(4) 1st 3.47 +2.35
Pont 15.00: Love Oasis(4) U/P 4.57
Pont 16.30: Yorkee Mo Sabee(4) U/P 4.30
Wind 18.00: Fab(5) U/P 5.13
Wind 21.00: Jumping Jack(5) 2nd 4.50
Wolv 14.15: Debonaire David 1st 3.58 +2.45
Wolv 16.15: Sophisticated heir(5) 2nd 3.16

Overall Totals: 8/29(28%) +12.05


Brig 16.45: Topmeup(4) U/P 3.47
Brig 17.15: Super Julius(5) 1st 2.58 +1.50
Chep 19.10: Champagne Bob(4) 1st 5.98 +4.73
Gpar 18.30: Nothing to lose(5) 2nd 7.19
GPar 19.00: Tamara Love(5) U/P 7.40
GPar 20.00: Storm Ranger(5) 2nd 5.79
Haml 16.30: Lexington Times(4) U/P 4.53
Haml 17.30: Wee Jock(5) 1st 2.00 +0.95

Overall Totals: 11/37(30%) +14.23


Bath 18.30: Case Key(4) 2nd 13.39
Bath 21.00: Av a word(5) U/P 9.51
Fair 17.50: Bubbly Bellini(4) U/P 5.98
Kemp 20.10: Clowance One(4) 1st 2.30 +1.24
Worc 14.20: Murray Mount(5) U/P 2.38
Worc 14.50: Prettylittlething(5) U/P 5.20
Worc 16.20: Novis adventus(4) 1st 6.94 +5.63

Overall Totals: 13/44(30%) +16.10


Bell 18.05: Patuano(5) U/P 2.67
Bell 19.05: Miro(5) U/P 5.30
Hayd 17.00: Foxy Boy(5) 1st 2.12 +1.06
Newb 17.55: Swanton Blue(5) U/P xx
Newb 19.30: Onto Victory(5) UP xx
Newb 20.05: Belledessert(4) UP xx
Pert 15.10: Tangolan(4) 1st 4.30 +3.13
Tipp 18.15: Rosa Klebb(4) UP xx
Yarm 14.50: Sir Gnet(5) UP xx
Yarm 16.50: Shining Romeo(5) UP xx

Overall Totals: 15/54(28%) +12.29


Bell 17.55: Live Twice(4) U/P 7.46
Bell 18.55: Richard Strauss(4) U/P xx
Bell 19.55: Air Supremacy(5) U/P xx
Bell 20.25: Sandstorming(4) 1st 5.40 +4.18
Chel 18.30: Cainhoe Star(5) 1st 2.10 +1.04
Chel 21.00: Interlink(5) U/P 2.52
Donc 15.35: Claim The Roses(4) U/P xx
Donc 16.10: Canny Style(4) U/P xx
Donc 17.40: Justice Lady(5) 1st 3.25 +2.14
NAbb 14.40: Braquer D'or(4) 1st 1.31 +0.29
Nabb 16.50: Cillians Well(5) 1st 2.55 +1.47
Sand 13.50: Fethiye Boy(5) 1st 13.50 +11.87
Sand 14.20: Rebel Assault(4) U/P 7.05
Sand 16.30: Sternrubin(4) 3rd 3.90

Overall Totals: 21/68(31%) +25.28


Bevr 16.35: Clear as a bell(4) 1st 5.28 +4.07
Carl 19.00: Deeds not words(5) 2nd 2.98
Carl 19.30: Archipeglio(5) 2nd 14.00
Leic 15.05: Art Echo(5) U/P 5.01
Naas 14.10: Pillar(4) UP 7.20
Naas 17.05: Less of that(4) 1st 3.26 +2.15
Nott 18.40: Socialites red(5) U/P 6.40
Nott 19.40: Endless gold(4) 2nd 3.90

Overall Totals: 23/76(30%) +25.50


Ayr 16.20: Town Charter(5) U/P 3.00
Ayr 16.55: Nothing to lose(5) 1st 2.74 +1.65

Overall Totals: 24/78(31%) +26.15


Ayr 14.45: Dark Defender(4) 1st 11.96 +10.41
Ayr 17.30: Cyflymder(4) U/P 13.00
Ros 18.20: Botanical Lady(5) 2nd 4.30
Ros 18.55: Alan's Pride(5) 2nd 2.80
Ros 19.55: Gustavus Vassa(5) 3rd 3.79
Ros 20.55: Flaming Sea(5) 2nd 4.06
Wind 18.05: Etienne gerrard(4) U/P 10.50
Wind 19.35: Jumping Jack(5) U/P 5.20

Overall Totals: 25/86(29%) +29.56


Pont 15.40: Avon breeze(4) U/P 7.90
Pont 16.40: Edgar allan poe(4) 1st 3.02 +1.90
Pont 17.10: Exclusive Waters(5) U/P 4.15
Uttx 19.35: Red Riverman(4) 1st 2.86 +1.77
Uttx 20.35: Gran Maestro(4) 3rd 11.00
Uttx 21.05: Defining Year(5) 1st 2.48 +1.41
Wolv 15.55: Bruny Island(5) 2nd 2.19

Overall Totals: 28/93(30%) +30.64


Bath 19.40: Bicolour(5) U/P 3.79
Bath 20.10: Compton Prince(5) U/P 4.48
Bath 21.10: Unified(4) 1st 3.00 +1.90
Catt 16.30: Addicted to you(5) 1st 2.11 +1.05
Catt 18.05: Kody Ridge(4) 3rd 2.25
Kemp 19.55: Fitzwilly(5) 2nd 5.09
Kemp 20.55: Madame Bounty(5) 2nd 6.04
Yarm 16.55: Turning Gold(5) 1st 1.68 +0.65

Overall Totals: 31/101(31%) +29.24


Carl 14.35: Poetic Steps(5) 1st 2.62 +1.54
Carl 15.10: Bossipop(4) 3rd 4.80
Carl 15.45: Storm Cry(4) U/P 3.38
Donc 13.40: Wordiness(4) 1st 7.40 +6.08
Donc 16.55: Acadian Angel(5) 1st 2.90 +1.80
Dpat 16.40: Omega Springs(5) U/P 5.00
Epsm 18.05: Fair Power(4) 1st 3.61 +2.48
Epsm 19.15: Hamster Jam(4) U/P 5.50
Epsm 20.20: Berrahri(4) 1st 2.59 +1.51
Leop 18.25: Live Twice(4) U/P 8.48
Leop 18.55: Ruler of france(5) 3rd xx
Leop 19.25: Auckland(5) U/P xx
Newb 19.05: Mr Minerals(5) 2nd xx
Nmkt 16.35: Shamshon(4) 1st 8.40 +7.03

Overall Totals: 37/115(32%) +41.68


Carl 19.05: The Nazca Lines(4) 1st 7.60 +6.27
Carl 20.45: Brother McGonagle(4) 1st 2.52 +1.44
Chep 17.45: Wotabreeze(5) 3rd 5.39
Chep 19.15: Peachey Carnehan(4) U/P 10.52
Cork 18.40: Rathnaleen Girl(5) U/P 16.07
Cork 19.10: Whatsinthecorner(4) U/P 5.90
Cork 19.40: Rashaan(4) 1st 4.02 +2.85
Cork 20.15: Pixie Lane(5) 1st 7.40 +6.08
Muss 17.55: See Vermont(5) 3rd 6.20
Muss 18.55: Soldier In action(4) U/P 4.05
Muss 20.00: Inglorious(4) 3rd 2.90
Muss 20.35: Dominating(5) 1st 1.23 +0.22
Muss 21.10: Percy Verence(4) U/P 7.67
Navn 17.25: Future Frontier(4) U/P 4.53
Navn 18.00: Room to roam(4) 2nd 4.20
Navn 18.30: Mirror Man(4) 2nd 2.29
Navn 19.30: Sankari Royale(5) 2nd 4.30
Navn 20.05: Aggression(5) 2nd 10.66
Navn 20.40: Silken Thomas(4) U/P 7.00
York 14.40: Beardwood(4) U/P xx
York 16.20: Funkadelic(5) U/P xx
York 16.55: Merry Banter(4) U/P xx

Overall Totals: 42/137(31%) +41.54


Asct 13.40: Puchita(4) U/P 6.92
Ches 16.40: Storm King(4) 1st 17.59 +15.76
Curr 18.30: Sandstorming(5) 3rd 4.53
Curr 19.00: Air Supremacy(5) 1st 2.05 +1.00
Haml 18.35: Mutadel(5) U/P 3.90
Haml 19.05: Kenny The Captain(4) 3rd 4.26
Haml 20.35: Pronounced(4) U/P 5.03
York 15.05: Big Country(4) 2nd 7.93
York 17.15: Jim Rockford(4) U/P 4.77

Overall Totals: 44/146(30%) +51.30


Curr 16.45: Zeftan(4) 1st 5.64 +4.41
Curr 17.20: Kamili(4) 1st 5.34 +4.12
Pert 14.00: Triolet(4) 2nd xx
Slig 14.55: Canny Tom(5) 2nd 3.35
Sthw 16.00: Western Miller(5) U/P 2.76
Strt 15.50: Bestwork(5) 1st 3.92 +2.77
Strt 17.30: Sky Of Stars(5) 1st 3.05 +1.95
Strt 18.00: Anton Dolin(4) U/P 8.75

Overall Totals: 48/154(31%) +60.50


Ayrs 15.00: Special V(4) U/P 6.32
Ayrs 15.30: Lucent Dream(5) 1st 3.10 +1.98
Ayrs 16.00: Ingleby Angel(5) 3rd 4.96
Flas 16.45: Clever Lady(5) U/P 6.04
Kill 18.30: Ruler of france(4) U/P 6.6
Wind 19.50: Canberra cliffs(4) U/P 3.78
Wolv 19.10: Never say(4) U/P 17.00
Wolv 20.40: The amber fort(4) 3rd 3.xx

Overall Totals: 49/162(30%) +55.48


Bath 14.30: Evening Starlight(4) U/P 9.61
Bath 16.00: Archimedes(5) 1st 3.05 +1.94
Bath 16.30: Londonia(4) 2nd 3.32
Bevr 17.15: Clenymistyra(4) 2nd 4.42
Bevr 17.45: Royal Reserve(5) 2nd 4.20
Kill 17.50: Artistic Melody(4) 1st 3.65 +2.52
Kill 19.20: French Mix(4) U/P 19.71
Thir 18.10: Aclimatise(4) 1st 5.30 +4.08
Thir 19.10: Mysterial(5) U/P 3.30
Thir 20.10: Totally Magic(5) 3rd 3.39
Worc 18.00: Defining Year(5) U/P 2.46
Worc 20.30: Utility(5) 1st 3.13 +2.02

Overall Totals: 53/174(30%) +58.04


Catt 14.05: Reflect Alexander(5) 1st 1.86 +0.82
Catt 15.15: Three Duchesses(5) 1st 2.04 +0.99
Catt 15.50: Love Oasis(4) 2nd 4.45
Kill 20.00: Open To the world(5) 1st 2.63 +1.55
Ling 16.00: Fitzwilly(5)2nd 3.27
Ling 16.30: Travelcard(4) 1st 4.20 +3.04
Ling 17.05: Tooty frutti(5) U/P 2.72
Uttx 15.35: Lady Of Longstone(4) U/P 13.38
Uttx 16.40: Stonecoldsoba(5) 1st 4.45 +3.28
Yarm 20.20: Yorkshire Rover(4) 1st 6.30 +5.04

Overall Totals: 59/184(32%) +68.76


Chep 15.25: Spare Parts(4) U/P 5.90
Chep 16.30: Lucky Clover(5) 2nd 3.90
Chep 17.35: Toubagaloo(4) 1st 1.92 +0.87
Donc 17.40: Archimedes(4) U/P 4.30
Epsm 18.00: Ravenhoe(4) U/P 5.10
Epsm 19.00: Human Nature(5) U/P 4.30
Haml 15.35: Hochfeld(5) 2nd 1.46
Haml 17.15: Stardrifter(5) 3rd 14.00
Leic 16.20: Ventura Knight(5) 1st 1.72 +0.68
Leic 17.30: Jazz Legend(4) 1st 4.10 +2.95
Leop 18.50: Korbous(4) 2nd 4.16
Leop 19.25: Fior Cliste(5) 2nd 2.67

Overall Totals: 62/196(32%) +64.26


Haml 20.55: Cliff bay(4) U/P 5.73
Kilb 18.25: Canny Tom(4) 2nd 5.38
Kilb 18.55: Zanjabeel(4) 2nd 2.92
Newb 15.15: Flight Of Fantasy(4) U/P 6.63
Newb 16.55: Cadeaux Boxer(5) U/P 7.05
Newb 17.25: Field of vision(5) 2nd 2.91
Newm 18.40: Turning Gold(5) U/P 4.10

62/203(30%) +57.26


Gowr 14.15: Always Dancing(4) 1st 2.68 +1.60
Gowr 17.10: Mainicin(5) U/P 9.20
Hayd 18.30: Cornborough(5) 1st 2.80 +1.71
Hayd 19.30: Jungle Cat(5) 1st 1.77 +0.73
Hayd 20.00: Wordiness(4) U/P 12.07
Limr 16.20: Ballyoisin(5) 2nd 1.47
MRas 15.55: Tangolan(4) U/P 3.59
Nmkt 15.50: Masham Star(5) U/P 8.12
Nmkt 17.00: Love Dreams(5) 1st 2.91 +1.81
Ripn 15.30: Jacbequick(4) 2nd 6.30
Ripn 16.05: Mukhayyam(4) 1st 6.20 +4.94

Overall Totals: 67/214(31%) +62.05


Fair 14.25: Boragh Steps(5) 1st 1.81 +0.77
Fair 14.55: Tom Dooley(4) 1st 3.25 +2.14
Fair 15.25: Rivellino(5) U/P 7.40
Nabb 15.50: Phoenix Dawn(5) U/P 2.66
Redc 16.00: Mysterial(5) U/P 2.96
Redc 17.00: Totally Magic(4) 2nd 5.81

Overall Totals: 69/220(31%) +60.96


Ayrs 14.30: Circuitous(5) U/P 10.91
Ball 17.35: Six silver Lane(4) 2nd 2.64
Ball 20.05: Black Label(5) U/P 2.90
Ball 20.35: Alls Quiet(4) 1st 6.25 +4.99
Bevr 20.55: Bollin Ted(5) 1st 2.82 +1.73
Wind 19.15: Evening Hill(4) U/P 10.55

Overall Totals: 71/226(31%) +63.68


Ball 19.40: Presenting Julio(5) U/P xx
Ball 20.10: Darkest flyer(5) 2nd 1.xx
Chel 18.00: Anna Medici(5) 1st 5.22 +4.01
Chel 18.30: Amazing Alice(5) 2nd 1.xx
Flas 14.00: Coal Stock(4) 4th xxx
Flas 15.00: Nothing to lose(4) 1st 2.79 +1.70
Flas 15.30: Frantical(4) 1st 10.41 +8.94
Flas 16.30: Nabhan(5) 2nd 6.10
Flas 17.00: Celerity(4) 2nd 9.60
Flas 17.30: The Daley Express(4) 1st 5.00 +3.80
Muss 14.15: Haymarket(4) 1st 6.17 +4.91
Muss 15.15: Royal Brave(4) 1st 3.83 +2.69
Muss 15.45: Question of faith(5) 2nd 4.xx
Muss 16.15: Major Crispies(4) 4th 3.x
Muss 17.15: Bond Bombshell(5) U/P 3.x
Nott 18.20: Ginbar(5) 2nd 1.x
Nott 19.20: Champagne Bob(5) U/P 5.20
Nott 20.20: Mordoree(5) 1st 2.98 +1.88

Overall Totals: 78/244(32%) +80.61

Wednesday 26/07/2017

Bath 14.10: Golden Salute(5) 6/4 gen 1st 2.50 +1.42
Bath 15.10: Farleigh Mac(5) 6/4 gen U/P 1.92
Bath 16.40: Kiruna Peak(4) 11/2 b365/5s lads/bvic 2nd 4.78
Catt 14.00: Placebo Effect(5) 5/2 b365/bvic 1st 4.00 +2.85
Catt 16.00: Landing Night(4) 9/2 gen 2nd 4.97
Catt 17.30: King of the celts(5) 3/1 gen U/P xx
Leic 17.45: Time Medicean(4) 15/2 bfsb, 7s gen NR
Leic 18.15: Tenby Two(5) 11/4 b365, lads 2nd 2.xx
Leic 20.50: Canadian Royal(5) 11/4 gen U/P xx
Ling 14.50: Atalanta Queen(4) 11/4 hills,bfsb 1st 3.90 +2.76
Ling 16.20: Sevilla(5) 3/1 gen 2nd 2.62
Ling 17.20: Perla Blanca(5) 7/4 Various 3rd 4.xx
Naas 20.30: Pincheck(5) 7/2 gen 1st 3.20 +2.09

Overall Totals: 82/256(32%) +81.73, ROI: 32%


Donc 20.20: Muatadel(5) 5/1 gen 1st 10.75 +9.26
Limr 20.10: The Rite Article(5) 7/2 gen NR
Newb 18.30: Miss Mo Brown Bear(5) 2/1 b365 U/P xx
Newb 19.35: Cheerfilly(4) 11/4 gen UP xx
Newb 20.05: Zumran(5) 9/4 pp/bfsb UP xx
Yarm 14.40: Retribution(5) 2/1 b365/tote/bfred N/R
Yarm 15.15: Craftmanship(5) 9/2 gen U/P 2.96
Yarm 15.50: Errismus Maximus(4) 11/4 bvic/coral 1st 2.36 +1.29
Yarm 16.25: Yorkshire Rover(4) 4/1 gen N/R

Overall Totals: 84/262(32%) +88.28, ROI: 34%


Asct 16.25: Jack Dexter(5) 15/2 bvic 7s gen, 1st 6.20 +4.94
Asct 16.55: Midnight Malibu(5) 7/2 gen, 3rd xx
Chep 18.50: Peach Melba(5) 11/8 Stars/pp/bfsb 1st 1.84 +0.80
Chep 19.50: Seamster(4) 7/1 lads/b365 2nd 4.xx
Chep 20.50: St Andrews(4) 11/2 b365/bvic N/R
DRoy 18.55: The Broghie Man(5) 9/4 pp N/R
Thir 14.55: Silca Mistress(5) 7/2 b365, U/P 4.72
Thir 16.05: Oriental Lilly(5) 2/1 gen, 2nd 2.62
Wexf 18.35: Uptake(4) 15/2 pp/lads/bfsb, U/P xx
Wexf 19.35: William Du Berlais(4) 9/4 b365, 2nd 4.xx
Wexf 20.05: A Sizing Network(5) 5/1 pp/bfsb, U/P xx

Overall Totals: 86/271(32%) +87.02, ROI: 32%


No Bets


Uttx 14.15: Bridane Rebel(4) 9/2 gen N/R
Uttx 16.15: Ravens Hill(4) 20/1 pp/bfsb U/P xx
Uttx 16.45: Wadswick Court(4) 9/2 b365/bvic, 1st 4.72 +3.53

Overall Totals: 87/273(32%) +89.55





26th July 2017 @ 01:26

Tomorrows Racing + Todays Results

Hey all

Take no heed of the 5 and 4 in brackets, does not mean anything..., Will have full July stats up when ready...

Wednesday 26/07/2017

Bath 14.10: Golden Salute(5) 6/4 gen
Bath 15.10: Farleigh Mac(5) 6/4 gen
Bath 16.40: Kiruna Peak(4) 11/2 b365/5s lads/bvic

Catt 14.00: Placebo Effect(5) 5/2 b365/bvic
Catt 16.00: Landing Night(4) 9/2 gen
Catt 17.30: King of the celts(5) 3/1 gen

Leic 17.45: Time Medicean(4) 15/2 bfsb, 7s gen
Leic 18.15: Tenby Two(5) 11/4 b365, lads
Leic 20.50: Canadian Royal(5) 11/4 gen

Ling 14.50: Atalanta Queen(4) 11/4 hills,bfsb
Ling 16.20: Sevilla(5) 3/1 gen
Ling 17.20: Perla Blanca(5) 7/4 Various

Naas 20.30: Pincheck(5) 7/2 gen

Tuesday 25/07/2017

Ball 19.40: Presenting Julio(5) U/P
Ball 20.10: Darkest flyer(5) 2nd

Chel 18.00: Anna Medici(5) 1st 3/1 SP
Chel 18.30: Amazing Alice(5) 2nd 8/11

Flas 14.00: Coal Stock(4) 4th 7/2 SP
Flas 15.00: Nothing to lose(4) 1st 11/8 SP
Flas 15.30: Frantical(4) 1st 7/1 SP
Flas 16.30: Nabhan(5) 2nd 4/1(Jockey Timmy Murphy should be banned for looking for authorized too to come and win the race)
Flas 17.00: Celerity(4) 2nd 5/1
Flas 17.30: The Daley Express(4) 1st 7/2 SP

Muss 14.15: Haymarket(4) 1st 9/2 SP
Muss 15.15: Royal Brave(4) 1st 5/2 SP
Muss 15.45: Question of faith(5) 2nd 3/1
Muss 16.15: Major Crispies(4) 4th 7/4
Muss 17.15: Bond Bombshell(5) U/P 15/8

Nott 18.20: Ginbar(5) 2nd 8/11
Nott 19.20: Champagne Bob(5) U/P 4/1
Nott 20.20: Mordoree(5) 1st 7/4


25th July 2017 @ 20:18

Killarney Day 2

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17th July 2017 @ 20:21

Services review

Hey All

So it has been a dissappointing week, especially for bugsbunny who is on the slippery slope...

Running two services is hard and sometimes the mental game is not there, I probably need to try PrimedMind or something like that as i treat tipping as a sport rather than just giving out horses day to day if that makes sense...

IrishRacingPro landed a colossal gamble last saturday, 18/1>9/4 with DancingDuke and just had been off form all week but today he hit 3/5, with Scripturient 8/1>5/2, Urtheoneiwant 9/2>4s and Sky of stars 5/2>15/8 to keep the recent record in tact and now 12 weeks variance free on the platform with the service, just about..

When studying i have a very bad habit of picking winners and then say, "Nah he wont win", and we all know what happens next and that is the tough part that u wont see from behind the scenes to keep going into the next day/week etc..., so i will have to cover what i see via the blog from now on, win or lose does not bother me as enough will win on there to make it worthwhile to read...

I definately lack "Gamble" as a tipster, and need to improve a lot in that area, as at the end of the day, "This is gambling", and u have to go for it sometimes, especially if the odds are on side...

BugsBunny is a method i introduced back in April, i felt it was one of the best things i had seen in racing from following the game and decided to seperate it from my main tips, It has underperformed no end lately but its more of me playing it incorrectly than the results themselves, and honestly im not that worried, and will just have to play it better going forward and cut out the mistakes, Its a long road and there will be plenty of good stuff about the turn the tide....

I need to perform well on both accounts over the next couple of weeks as i need to be fully tuned up for the Galway Races, and thats the meeting i really want to smash over anything all year, I will be all out to win day in day out...

So that is it, short and sweet, time to ramp up my performance now and start beating the game handy as im playing long enough now to see the right plays day to day...

Have a good one


16th July 2017 @ 23:16

Leopardstown Preview

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12th July 2017 @ 21:00

Downpatrick Preview

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12th July 2017 @ 19:03

Wolverhampton Preview

Good Afternoon

Will have a look at the cards for tomorrows racing at Wolverhampton


So we have a tip in the 13.55 and will move on

14.25: Pushkin Museum catches the eye immediately and we will see what is connected to him on the day,, The horse himself likes it around here, is above his last recent winning mark, but below his highest, Offloaded from the Fahey yard at 59, he is now off 68 with 2 wins under his belt for newer connections, Ownership is Dr Marwan Koukash who i had noticed was taking i suppose Fahey horses that had been underforming or sliding in the ratings and sending them to Morris and ian williams for spins on the aw, particularly noticing Williams hitting a couple of 20/1 shots late january for the same colours/scenario, Connor Murtagh takes 7lbs off gives the horse a chance in this, whilst not obviously been thrown in he is a 20/80 bet anyway...

14.55: A race where there is not much to go on and looks unplayable, No real significant jockey bookings, Trainer Mark Tompkins has two in it for the same colours, Four Fifty Three who has two duck eggs, and newcomer Rum Ration who cost very little, would be somewhat of a shock if one or the two won this but not out of the ordinary, but a stayaway scenario...

15.25: Again the Koukash/Morris combo pop up, this time Bell Heather who is having his 1st run  for Morris, The horse himself is winless since achieving a starting rating off 80 on the turf in May of last year, He dropped to 77 on turf and then was given a 2 month break where he had 7 spins on various AW tracks and all the while his mark was slipping, They never used a claimer on the AW during that time, today he races off 60, with Connor Murtagh again taking 7lb off, So on the ratings he could be potentially thrown in as he is definately better than 60, but his AW exploits have been less than inspiring, also 147 days off is a concern, however following the colours significance and the large drop in the ratings with the good claimer enhancing that, again he has to be off some interest here...

15.55: Bruny Island looks to have a good chance here, his last run reads well in the context of this race, you could argue that he is not well in on the ratings but could be just coming to himself now, quick turn around and has another entry on the turf on thursday..

The other off interest here is Jazz Legend for Olly Murphy, Murphy has just started out on his own as a trainer in the UK, He was Gordon Elliot's assistant for the last few years, he has already had 2 winners from 4 runners with one of them coming 2nd to the winner, i was sickened as i had mentioned to watch out for him after i tipped Dove Mountain last week who was his first runner over here, On sunday he booked the two best lady jockeys and they proceeded to come 1st and 2nd, with the winner's SP at 16/1, i was sick, anyways the point is, ignore him at your peril, he could be a danger going forward, and i will be watching him closely, He also saddles two over the jumps, Skilled in the 18.35 Uttox and Sky of Stars at 21.05, Richard Johnson rides both, Going back to the race here, there are no positive signs for this horse to win here, other than he has dropped 35lbs from his opening allocated mark, Jimmy Quinn rides, rode him the last twice, not exactly a top jockey but can win if the horse is ready...

16.25: Again the colours significance pops up here with Energia Flavio, was offloaded from Fahey to Williams but just had the 1 run for the latter coming 2nd at this course off the same mark before being offloaded to Morris, This time Fran Berry takes the ride,, There is a possibility that he could be well weighted here, it would not surprise me if he popped in, a lot depends on what plan they have in place for him..

The other that i like here would be the combo of Buick/Appleby here, I had noticed bits and pieces if you see Buick riding for somewhat lesser trainers that it could well be significant, Its somewhat significant to even see Buick riding here,, The horse himself is no mug, his last two wins have came at this course, he is 5lbs below last winning mark, has to merit consideration with the jockey booking and liking for the course here...

16.55: Maiden here and a staw ayay race for me, Buick and Charlie Abbleby with an odds on Godolphin is hard to play against.....

17.25: Tricky Finale with again the colours significance coming up in the shape of Gabrial The Duke who has showed nothing on turf in his first two starts for Morris, but i suppose the interesting thing is that he is allowed to run off say between 15-18lbs less than his last AW run, he won off 82 at Lingfield, Definately his best results have came on the all weather and running off 66 today under Franny Norton he could be thrown in on the translation of the ratings, but this is a tough race with some good stables against each other....

So that's it, nothing else i could really remember from the other meetings in the UK, On what i wrote there is evidence to support there might be a Koukash 4 play, but its not significant that he has a few horses at the one meeting...

Definately keep an eye on Olly Murphy as a trainer over both codes, just starting out now and looks the time to wade in on him, albeit the boat is slightly missed with the big priced winner in a sense that he is 2/4(50%) +17 SP, however could smash the stats in a short period and then cool down..

Have a good one




10th July 2017 @ 18:08

Horse Racing Tipstrr of the year 2017(ROI)

Good Afternoon

So, 2 months on after the last post, lets find out is there a different complexion on the leaderboards...

With players from far and wide vying for the title, we will take a look at the top 10 contenders from the 12 month rolling ROI Leaderboard...


Newcomer, Racino, makes his first appearance on the leaderboards filling the number 10 spot,, A high volume tipster, he has hit 914 units profit to date from 491 bets, earning him a 19.37% ROI figure, 150 Unit downswing is the worst week he has showed so far and considering his volume and style of play, Its a very good performance, His current Monthly Rolling Average stands good in relation to his 3 month and is certainly one to keep an eye on going forward, With the high volume of bets being recorded it will be hard for him to win this particular title, but could well be a threat in the single bet tipsters profit standing's at years end.., Generally priced at 250/1 across the board....


Filling the number 9 spot is FootballSuperTips, This tipster seems more of a sports betting tipster than an actual horse racing tipster and i cant weigh up his performance thus far, Graph wise or profit wise,, Bookmakers also reacted to this and he is priced at 750/1 generally for the title, 910.0 on the exchanges as well...


Starting out as a tennis tipster, TennisFutbol turned his attention to horse racing with good effect,, This young european is a high roller and is not afraid to have win bets at big odds, He has been ticking along nicely and is now at the 240 bet mark in horse-racing, 1 losing week in the last 10, has seen an increase in his 1 and 3 month rolling ROI and is in very good form at the moment, 30% Win rate, solid graph, he could be a danger, but his highroller tendencies may catch him out in the end,, He is currently 125/1 generally...., He could be one for alternative markets...


Newcomer PerissoPicks hits the number 7 spot, Another high volume tipster who has been flying along nicely, has had his first bad week this week, but has still ammassed 623 Units profit from 302 bets with a 20% Win Rate making it good for a 21.58% ROI thus far, There had been trickles of cash for him in the past couple of weeks going as short as 80/1 with some firms but has now eased back out to 125/1 generally..., Definately another to keep an eye on for alternative markets...


ValueHuntsman reaches the no 6 spot with a 21.74% ROI from 434 bets bringing with it 905 units profit, has performed very well as of late but has been pushing volume which makes him vulnerable for win purposes in the ROI title, but is definately not to be overlooked with no apparent downswings in the past 3 months, he is generally available at 100/1


The gap widens slightly as we hit the top 5, The impressive SpeedBreed has made 1153 unit profits from just 282 bets, with a win rate off 30% at average odds 7/1, he had a bit of a blip in late may but bounced back impressively in the past few weeks, with his current monthly rolling average standing at 67% ROI with 541 units profit from just 70 bets with a 33% Win rate, Whilst he is a little off the pace ROI wise it did not stop bookmakers cutting his price and can now be backed at 25/1 generally across the board for the title...


Newcomer to the platform SYHRPremiumTips has had a great introduction to tipstrr thus far, Just slotting in over the required 120 tips, he has now ammassed 413 units profit from 125 tips which is good for 33.3% ROI, Playing at average odds of 17.05 and having a win rate of 41% so far is very impressive and this young gun could be a danger to all going forward, He is generally a 20/1 shot for the title...


OmahaRacing has been a revelation since coming to the Tipstrr, Legend has it that whilst on holidays in Vegas with his wife he won a substantial amount of money in an Omaha cash game, came back to the UK, quit his job to become a professional horse racing tipster, bringing with it the name OmahaRacing and it has certainly served him well so far..

This 2 time Tipstrr of the month is as solid as they come, keeping variance at bay to the minimum, which suggests u can bet his selections confidently as he is not a high volume player, Whilst the volume has been low in the last 3 months, his stats have been incredible,, 421 unit profit from 103 bets with a 48% Win Rate and a 57.60% ROI is a big performance from the sample, and is a no brainer for any betting portfolio, he is even relaxed on the staking so is probably more profitable depending what way you stake him, Currently Standing at 40.67% ROI from 245 bets, with 667 units profit at average odds 9.20, with a win rate of 39%, he is a serious contender for the title...

Bookmakers have generally priced him up at 6/1 Fav for the title, there is also 47% Support for him at the price on tipstrr oddschecker, but it has not been born yet, so id expect that price to shorten up slightly, There is a long way to go for the title tho and with so many unknown quantities yet to reveal their hand, i would play a watching brief until more data evolves...


IrishRacingPro just edges into the No 2 spot, with a 41.01% ROI from 280 bets bringing with it 1104 units profit and a 32% Win rate, he has now been on a variance free run for 11 weeks, his stats are very consistent within time frames allocated and he brings excitement to the game, he is not a 1 trick pony and can play any type racing as well as the other..., He is currently best priced 8/1 across the board for the title...

When asked was this value, IrishRacingPro responded...

"It's way to early to be taking a price on any tipster as there are new entrants to the market yet to be revealed, In a sense of me versus omaha, id guess 8/1 looks value v his 6/1 in a sense i have 35 bets more than him, but things can change very quickly so u just dont know, I can see why 6/1 is attractive as i will probably have double the volume so i think the bookies have got it right there, we will see what happens..."


ZinjaBets occupies the no1 spot with a 48.56% ROI from 141 bets, This multiple bet tipster has shyed away from tipping in the past while only risking very small amounts, The jury is out on him in regard to single bet v multiple tipsters and i would not be lumping on him just yet, The bookies have taken into account that he has only half the bets of IrishRacingPro and may not meet the yearly quota for bets placed and are best priced 28/1 Bet365 and 25s generally...

So Thats it for another month, the competition is heating up and there is a lot at stake going forward....

Have a good one







6th July 2017 @ 20:43

Sup Mo Fo's

Good Evening,(I dont think ive ever said good evening to anybody through speech in my life)

So June has came to an end, It started badly and picked up midway through, There were some nice priced winners and plenty of losers, But we had some good days and kept our head above water...

The Win strike rate was poor, coming in at 11/52(21%), but i suppose at the average odds we have played at its not too bad..., I went 1/15 at start of month Win Rate and ended 10/37, so at least there was a bounce back effect to keep the stats at an accurate level in a hopeful sense going forward..

I have definately been under staking on the platform, intentionally as well, and i need to get back to playing to win at odds 9/1 lower, and ew double digits...

Im now hitting 11 weeks variance free on the account, Its like therapy altho ive never been, Certainly does not feel variance free, but its there in black white on the tipstrr platform, so the battle now is to keep it that way, that is what ur dealing with....

The leaderboards keep me going a lot here on tipstrr, a lot of the time im more focused on making my presence felt there than making u money, but it's a good thing for all involved....

So i have been 3 different tipsters on the platform in 8 months, the disaster that was "TrendBetPro", i fell apart completely and could not handle the onslaught and just lost my way, It was too much too soon and lesson learned...," The archives will say" "he was good in his day tho",, so all is not lost :))

I persevered somewhat with him and hit some nice scores here and there but decided to call time on it, he had his day and fucked it up, but i enjoyed playing him, he had his day in the sun...

IrishRacingPro was handed over the reigns to repair the damage, and thus far has done ok without breaking any world records...

He has a lot of tricks up his sleeve tho, and should be a danger to all going forward..., i have a few quid on him for tipstrr of the year....))

In late April i decided to create another service, I felt it would bring excitement to the game, so i named it BugsBunny, My thinking was "I wonder could a cartoon be the best tipster?"..., He is a very exciting player and i love to play him when opportunities arise, He's tough to play at times, but he is what he is, and im very excited for him for the future as he is a good one, he also creates a double effect that trickles back to IrishRacingPro so im in tune enough to spot it so all is good....

So, reasons there are why i seperate, its not monetary, its just to get better, and separation is best as you can put 100% into both, rather than 70% into one, be excited for both's progress, rather than going stale on one if that makes sense...

I have been trying out some new stuff to good effect lately, If i can push myself to write things up, i would like to play a little on the blog by significant jockey bookings and the like by the cards, getting a real good feel for it at the moment, so may try some live stuff, just short card read plays, rather than going indepth..., keep it simple...

I plan on writing between the two accounts, I have a funny/educational write-up on tipstrr of the year coming up, and also a serious issue within racing that i have noticed that is unfair in an effort to beat the game, I think it's better to say it as we are at a disadvantage as is..., I just hope the bookies dont put a hit on me, If im murdered i said it here first, so i hope you have my back.. :))...

So, thats it, i hope you enjoyed the month, So you know, Im building up to the Galway races, this is where i first learned how to play, and im out for blood this year, I also love glorious goodwood the same week and they are my majors in the racing calendar...

So, i have decided to end off my blog posts with a youtube song, it may not be applicable to the times as such but i have to entertain myself


Title heading is meant in the nicest way..., i got shy at the end....

All The Best








1st July 2017 @ 00:15

Ballinrobe Races Preview

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27th June 2017 @ 14:50

Roscommon Preview

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12th June 2017 @ 18:09

Wexford Races Preview

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6th June 2017 @ 19:27

Ballinrobe Races Day 2 Preview

Hey All

So, not the worst effort today on a tricky day..., A case of same bs, different day...

The obvious ruby plays were beat apart from the odds on shot, and ofc he dots in on the drifter in the 20.30, U could not make it up, thats the bookies for you as they set the racecards, FYI, if u ever see ruby on a horse thats drifting heavily, lump on with huge confidence...

Rachel Blackmore had another great day with a double, and she moves into joint 4th in the jockeys championship, she's a class act..., she has been mediaised for the past 12-18 months and i always take notice of these type of things going forward...

Here is the table with the jockey's standings, worth keeping an eye on throughout the season..., a lot of blind info in there...


So, onto tomorrow, with the feature being the "Mayo National".....

18:00 Ballinrobe (IRE) 30 May 2017

Mchale Pro Glide Mower Range Rated Novice Hurdle (5YO plus)

Winner €9,856 - 7 run - Draw Advantage: None

So, straight away the eye is drawn to Is She Diesel who won today, strange they dont have rachel blackmore on again, she claims 3lbs but i think gets another 4lbs for being a female, i know they spoke about this earlier but could not be bothered listening to their bs, so effectively, the horse runs off a 5lb higher mark even though it has been dropped 2lbs for this race, Under normal circumstances i would auto tipmthis, but my gut feeling says it will be pulled out in the morning, i could well be wrong..., They are cutting the price on this like its a certainty and could well be, Its two things, either the market was very impressed with its win today and mopped up the 16/1 on offer, or they are cutting it to shreds and it wont run tomorrow but we will all incur a r4 if taking prices now...

You could really give chances to all in this, elliot has two in it, ruby rides fridaynightlights who i wrote about before, just failed to win the day i tipped at 10/1, and ofc he came out and won twice after that, they used claimers on both occassions so i think will effectively be running off 14lbs higher at this trip in a better race, Davy russell rides Dorans river who is also up in the ratings but won well lto...

Cluan Dara represents the same colours that won this race last year, was down to run today as a reserve but did not get in, was well beaten in a nhf flace when last seen but that was to potentially top class horse called samcro, the 3rd in that, Product of Love, came out and won the first today very easily, so there is some sort of a form line there...

I like little folke down the bottom in this, the formline is decent enough and will side with him...

Play: Little Folke €5 win 11/2 pp/bfsb,, €1 rfc Little Folke/Cluan Dara

Best Backed: FridayNightLights 45% @ 9/2

18:30 Ballinrobe (IRE) 30 May 2017

Mchale F5500 Baler Maiden Hurdle (5YO plus)

Winner €7,084 - 14 run - Draw Advantage: None

Maiden Hurdle here, Very hard to get away from Timi Roli here, good 3rd at this course last month, both 4th and 5th have came out since and bolted in, looks the one here to be honest and will look no further...

Play: €5 win Timi Roli 11/10 Various, €2 SFC Timi Roli/Muhaafiz...

Best Backed: Timi Roli 47% @ 11/10

19:00 Ballinrobe (IRE) 30 May 2017

Mchale Coranna Handicap Hurdle (4YO plus)

Winner €18,450 - 16 run - Draw Advantage: None

€18k up top here and quite a tricky race,,, JP Mcmanus colours is triple handed, all for different stables, Plinth for Joseph O Brien(O'Brien is McManus's Pet project over the jumps) and two ex Dermot Weld horses for elliot and roche in the shape of Timiyan and Waaheeb who are interesting to a point..

However i cant get away from Sure Reef here for the Mullins/walsh combo in the colours of Graham and Andrea Wylie, We may not have seen the best of him yet and ruby/mullins combo priced at 7/1 is always a no brainer for me...

Play: Sure Reef €2.50 ew 7/1 gen, €1rfc Sure Reef/Swamp Fox

Best Backed: Little Haarth 23% @ 14/1

19:30 Ballinrobe (IRE) 30 May 2017

Mchale Fusion Vario Handicap Hurdle (80-95) (4YO plus)

Winner €6,160 - 19 run - Draw Advantage: None

So, i tipped Rebel Cry, he's a bit of a b*ll*cks, but i know well if i dont tip him he will win, he is down below last winning mark, has ran decent enough lately over hurdles but is better known as a chaser, Jack Kenneddy would be riding him but is out injured so they have Donagh Meyler up, claiming a further 3lbs, Donagh Meyler has not quite got going the way i thought he would, he was brought over to the UK last december to land a coup for the Williams yard on Poker school and landed it in style, i thought that was his breakthru but his stats so far this year have been terrible, lets hope that changes tomorrow...

Play: Rebel Cry €2.50 ew 16/1 gen, €1rfc Rebel Cry/Mischief Maisy

Best Backed: Kilganer Queen 50% @ 3/1

20:00 Ballinrobe (IRE) 30 May 2017

Mchale Fusion 3 Plus Beginners Chase (4YO plus)

Winner €7,392 - 12 run - Draw Advantage: None

Beginners Chase here, before i go any further i want to share a little tip here, prob wont happen tomorrow, but keep this in your memory, The amount of outsiders that win Beginner chases in Ireland is surreal, outsiders as in 33s, 50s, 66s, sky is the limit @BSP, Guaranteed ud make a fortune if u just played outsiders in this type race all season, never fails...

JP McManus is triple handed here with Roconga looking the pick of the three, Jessie harrington has two in it, one for JP and Billys Hope down the bottom, Willie Mullins saddles Rathvinden who was rated 151 over hurdles so thats grade A type, but must be one that has had his problems and has not raced much over the past 3 years...

The one i like here is Modem, was out for a spin 2 days ago on the flat, i wonder was that some sort of a prep, Cant let it go anyway as the nature of the race deems anybody can win these type races..

Play: Modem €2.50 ew 8/1 general, €1rfc Modem/Roconga

Best Backed: Rathvinden 28% @ 11/4

20:30 Ballinrobe (IRE) 30 May 2017

Mchale Mayo National Handicap Chase (4YO plus)

Winner €23,600 - 13 run - Draw Advantage: None

Race of the day here is very tricky, JP McManus again triple handed and all 3 look to have chances, such a tricky race, the easiest way to play it is to play the two best jockeys and leave it at that...

Play: Retour En France €2.50 ew 7/1 b365, €1rfc Retour en france/Jetstream Jack

Best Backed: Kilcarry Bridge 17% @ 12/1

21:00 Ballinrobe (IRE) 30 May 2017

Mchale Orbital Round Bale Wrapper Flat Race (4YO only)

Winner €6,160 - 13 run - Draw Advantage: None

Decent bumper here with a couple of good ones in it, The early market whacked in Tower Bridge from 11/4 to best priced 7/4 now, ran a cracker on debut and was immediately snapped up by JP McManus, i seen him buying one of the same colours recently that came out and won, i actually tipped it last week, cant remember name now but led start to finish and won easy 4/1>15/8, Tower Bridges formline is very good through Cornelius Sulla, who has came out and won a couple of times since, Being honest at first glance i thought Special Ted was the play here for the Mullins combo, he was 3rd 1st time out in a €59k race behind the promising Red Jack, If he happens to win this tomorrow nyte, i think i will definately be tipping lighthouse warrier in the last at Punch on wed nyte id say, not because there is a formline, but Patrick Mullins is pulling a few clear of JJ Codd in the early exchanges for the amateur title and I think it will be a ding dong battle between the two this year again.., Codd is not riding in this race tomorrow nyte...

Play: Special Ted €5 win , €1rfc Special Ted/Tower Bridge(Nothing exciting here...)

Best Backed: Just Another Lady 40% @ 40/1

So, could well be a disaster day, but wanted to write these up a bit anyway...

JP McManus colours will most likely haunt me as i have mentioned him enough in this..

Thanks for reading




29th May 2017 @ 23:11

Ballinrobe Races Preview

Hey all

So, Ballinrobe is my local race track, I live about 30 mins drive away, Its a beautiful course and a great day out if ur ever around the west of Ireland...

Normally there is very good racing there, and you can certainly can find some pointers towards the Galway Festival later in the summer...

So for the archives, i will give it a shot for the next 2 days, will be good for memory if anything...

Definately at first glance it looks like a Ruby Walsh day, whether its set that way to trick us, we will find out...

18:00 Ballinrobe (IRE) 29 May 2017

F.B.D. Maiden Hurdle (5YO plus)

Winner €7,084 - 17 run - Draw Advantage: None

We kick off with a maiden hurdle, I cant really see past the market principles here so lets take a look at them...

Product of Love: 7/4 generally, Im not really convinced on the form line with this guy, dont think he has beaten much, The colours are strong, but its his first time over hurdles, also its kind of a horse for course track and i dont think 7/4 offers any value here...

Knockmaole Boy: 7/4 generally, Knockmaole Boy fell last week in a decent enough maiden hurdle, i dont think he actually fell as such, but more so the jockey slightly hesitated coming to the fence and it was like he slipped after the fence, i dont think he would have won anyway, This horse won at this course on the flat last summer off a mark of 68, and went in again 9 days later off 72, he has some good efforts over hurdles last year, notably 6l second to Bleu Berry reads well, the only thing is most of his good efforts have came with cut in the ground and he wont get that tomorrow, The early market is going for him but i dont think 7/4 is good value on this guy either, Ruby Factor i suppose...

Valgor Du Ronceray: 10/3 Various, This guy ran in the same race as knockmaole boy last week, coming 3rd and sticking to the task, dropped 1lb for that, has some good form lines and seems versatile to ground, again its another that does not really offer value, its just not a nice race to play in..

Consideration: None

Best Backed: Knockmaole Boy 40% @ 7/4

18:30 Ballinrobe (IRE) 29 May 2017

Sheridan Electric Hurdle (4YO only)

Winner €7,700 - 8 run - Draw Advantage: None

Its hard to see past Dandy Mag here for the Mullins/Walsh combo, But at best priced 8/13, its not for me...

Zig Zag ran quite well when last seen over a half mile further, he has been highly tried this year and ran well at Cheltenham in a grade 3 over this trip, its just on form Dandy Mag could be a cut above all these guys even though its not a weak field..., Best price 5/1, money back pay for a place and not worth it...

Consideration: None

Best Backed: Dandy Mag 50% @ 8/13

19:00 Ballinrobe (IRE) 29 May 2017

Monroe's Live Mares Handicap Hurdle (4YO plus)

Winner €18,450 - 10 run - Draw Advantage: None

So it looks like Ruby Walsh is winning everything so far and looks like he will win this as well, Chambord Du lys has contested €30k and €60k races the last twice with credit, is up another 3lb to 130, but could be a class above here as well, I suppose its not a given as such...

Tellthemnuttin was very impressive 3 days ago when bolting in, that was over 3 miles though and also has a 10lb rise to contend with, if the distance was closer to 3m today id be all over him but seems a strange move here...

Morga brings some very good form to the table, rated 97 on the flat, prob low 90s would be correct, he has a 130 rating here, a former cd winner off 122, he is definately not out of this, 12/1 is not a bad price here...

Finally Is She Diesel, kind of catches the eye here, I have spotted she is part of a double colours significance at the meeting, albeit different trainers, ran quite well 11 days ago, has the services of Rachel Blackmore who is the only professional female jockey in Ireland and she is heading for the top, She is definately top 10 nh jockeys in Ireland and closer to top 5, U could liken her to Josephine Gordon in the Uk, albeit different codes.., The worry here is it looks a bit of a step up for her here so early in her career,, She is 10/1 Generally and attracting 20% Support atm...

Consideration: None:

Best Backed: Nothing Standout

19:30 Ballinrobe (IRE) 29 May 2017

Audi Ballina Handicap Hurdle (80-102) (4YO plus)

Winner €7,084 - 19 run - Draw Advantage: None

Very tricky race here, Lizzies Champ was a very good second here when last seen, It is also part of a double colours significance for same owner trainer jockey combo in Kelly/kelly/ruby, its very short at 5/2 and does not offer value to me in this type of race, however it must have a great chance, albeit u would think they would stay at the same trip...

Ceide Fields ran no sort of a race last time out, but drops down to a mark off 102 here which represents a drop in class, forgiving his last run his formline is pretty good, notably running Presenting Percy to a couple of lenghts, Priced at 12/1 generally he offers a lot better value than the fav here if he is back on song..

Consideration: Ceide Fields 12/1 generally

Best Backed: What's the plot 38% @ 11/2

20:00 Ballinrobe (IRE) 29 May 2017

Killeen Sports Grounds Handicap Hurdle (80-109) (4YO plus)

Winner €7,700 - 19 run - Draw Advantage: None

Extremely tough race here, Dawn Raider is the double colour significance here that i spoke off in the last race, Without winning the handicapper has been slowly moving him up the ratings, and he would want to be winning soon or he will become badly handicapped, was 2nd at this meeting last year, will like the ground and really should go close here best priced 5/1 betfair, offers some value for sure albeit a big field....

JP McManus has two in this, with Russian Roulette being Mark Walsh's only ride at the meeting, certainly has some significance to it...

Nothing else jumps out as such in the race...

Consideration: Dawn Raider 5/1 Betfair

Best Backed: Russian Roulette/Theturnofthesun both 7/1 generally

20:30 Ballinrobe (IRE) 29 May 2017

Mulholland Bookmakers Handicap Chase (4YO plus)

Winner €11,088 - 10 run - Draw Advantage: None

Bashful Beauty is part of the double colours significance with Is She Diesel, She is a decent chaser but is weighted accordingly here, The trainer is a flat trainer but they do put up Sean Flanagan on her, who is more than capable in the saddle, seems a strange move here considering she is rated 102 over hurdles and 126 here, doesnt make sense with the placing but u never know...

USA is interesting to a point, if going for this the prep is confusing, but his last chase was a €38k and he ran with credit in quite a decent race,,has course form and this is his last winning mark, but certainly is not well in by any means, but thisis around his mark anyway...

Other guys to consider would be Hello Sweetie with ruby up, and also Afatcat who has been knocking on the door as of late....

Consideration: None

Best Backed: Hello Sweetie 24% @ 7/4

21:00 Ballinrobe (IRE) 29 May 2017

Irish Stallion Farms EBF Mares Flat Race (4YO to 7YO)

Winner €6,775 - 15 run - Draw Advantage: None

The Princetonian has the stand out form in this and if u go by form she will be hard beat here, Mares are unreliable tho and she is a very short price..

Willie Mullins has a first time out here in the shape of Sapphire Lady, who comes from the same colours as Westerner Lady who has been a top pro since entering the game, Its a case of the horse could be anything but will need to be something to beat The Princetonian here...

JJ Codd rides an outsider here for a stable who has been winning these type of events, a notable name would be MinutesToMidnight, as i said many times before, Codd is the best jockey full stop and he is folly to ignore him on an outsider here in the shape of Corcadia, dissappointed in his PTP when pulling up does not bode well, but the jockey is so good, its almost worth an each way play at best priced 20/1 Bet365...

Consideration: None

Best Backed: Misskymydee 42% @ 33/1(Note same colours as USA and also Freedom Statue in the 8.30 and 8.00 respectively)

So thats it, very tricky card, Nothing jumps out without a danger somewhere, there are a lot entered for the next day and day after, so its impossible to break it down in that sense...

Small stakes plays on the day would be to cover all Ruby Walsh's mounts where u can get 7/4 or better, the bigger the better for ruby as his strike rate is so good...., he has the double colour significance with lizzies Champ and Dawn Raider...

Trainer SJ Mahon has a few at the meeting, the treble colour significance i mentioned, also Ceide Fields is one of his but not the same colours and Afatcat is another in Usa's race as well...

The other double colours i mentioned was Is She Diesel and Bashful Beauty..., Im sure there are others

Definately one of the tougher cards i have encountered, hopefully Tuesday's will look a little clearer...

Have a good one





28th May 2017 @ 21:43

Clonmel Preview

Good Evening

Clonmel racecourse hosts 7 races tomorrow and we will have a look to see what is what..

We kick off proceedings with a Maiden Hurdle in the 13.55, Not colours dominated, The eye is immediately drawn to Strike Is Back, who ran a credible 2nd over a longer trip on Saturday, From the inform stable of Gordon Elliot who was champion trainer at Cheltenham this year with 6 winners, he also banged in 6 on Sunday, including 5 at his home track in Navan, Rising star Jack Kenneddy takes the ride and looks to have a good chance here to break his maiden tag..,, Jacobs Well is a useful recruit switching codes, rated 79 on the flat, he rates the biggest danger with Top claimer Donagh Meyler in the saddle...

Consideration: Strike Is Back 65% @ 6/5

Best Backed: Strike Is Back 65% @ 6/5

The 14.25 sees another Maiden Hurdle over 2m2f, Tricky enough race, Moroval was fancied last time out but completely flopped, possibly they placed him a trip too far and is now dropped back to a distance where he has performed well in the past, Soul Kaliber represents Gigginstown House stud and the Elliot/Kenneddy combo, PU 12 days ago over 2m7f, his form prior to that reads ok, Hickeys rock and Nicat's Benefit also bring form to the table and what looks like a tricky race...

Consideration: None...

Best Backed: Nanny Stone 60% @ 10/3

The 14.55 sees a handicap hurdle for horses rated 80-109, The jockey booking of Paul Townend catches the eye here on FridayNightLights, not beaten too far into 8th when last seen, could be worth an each way punt here, Its also interesting to note that he is entered for a race at Cork on Thursday.., Obviously i would be more confident if he was entered for a race on Friday, but what can you do...

Consideration: FridayNightLights 43% @ 10/1

Best Backed: FridayNightLights 43% @ 10/1

The 15.30 sees a beginners chase for 5yo plus horses, Logical Song has been a very solid reg over hurdles throughout the season, beaten 3 lengths in total in his last 3 races, including 1/2l defeat over these obstacles, looks the one to be on here, Few with chances tho, Combo of O'Regan/Martin fire one bullet on the day and will be popular with some good form to his name...

Consideration: Logical Song 74% @ 11/4

Best Backed: Logical Song 74% @ 11/4

The 16.05 sees another chase where The Paparazzi kid will be all the rage taking into consideration it's Ruby Walsh's only ride at the meeting, came from last to first a few days ago under Katie O'Farrell so brings recent form to the table, Val De Ferbet has some very good hurdling form and looks a danger here with Gold Cup winning jockey, Robbie "Puppy" Power taking over in the saddle and will side with him...

Consideration: Val De Ferbet 4% @ 5/2

Best Backed: The Paparazzi Kid 61% @ 11/8

The 16.40 sees a handicap chase for horses rated 0-109 and looks a nightmare for betting purposes, Nothing really catches the eye as such, but possibly the combo of Meyler/Tyner with Soaring High could be an each way play here, Decent enough third when last seen to Winter Magic, Might just be just about the play in a trappy race...

Consideration: Soaring High, No Support @ 5/1

Best Backed: Dinnies Vinnie 21% @ 7/1

Last race off the day is a bumper, where it looks to be between, Willie Mullins Clitandre, Gigginstowns Imperial Way and an odd one sees "The best Jockey", "JJ Codd", ride one for Walters Plant hire for Gordon Elliot in the shape of Mon Eldorado, Not only is JJ Codd the best Amateur jockey, he is the best jockey full stop and anything he rides merits serious consideration..., he is the only one with fitted headgear in the field as well, 6th to le Breuil on his only outing as a pro, will be interested to see how he goes tomorrow...

Consideration: Mon Eldorado 12% @ 4/1

Best Backed: Clitandre 64% @ 2/1

Premium Bets:

13.55: Strike Is Back 1pt win 6/5 bfsb

14.55: Friday Night lights 0.5pts ew 10/1 various

15.30: Logical Song 1pt win 11/4 various

Back wednesday evening for Cork on Thursday..



20th March 2017 @ 18:53

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20th November 2016 @ 03:18

Punchestown Review

Hey All

So back for the weekend grind kicking off with the 2 day Punchestown Festival on these shores...

So, for those of you who are not familiar with the Irish scene ill try to depict it in my own way, It may not be the right way, but its my way in how i see it and hopefully we will have a bit of fun along the way...

I suppose the best way to start out is depicting who and why and for what reasons rule the roost over here in the NH Scene...

Very similiar to premiership football there is a type off "Money Orientated", monopoly, where a certain few stand above the rest...

When you are looking at the racecards over here it is very important to look at the "Colours", Or "Silks" as they are known as to decipher races, and its not easy.., From a fun aspect, My friend and i always say they are all sitting down together and they go back and forth with each other and say, "You have the 1st", Ill have the 3rd and 4th and the other guy will have the last 2 and we will let the others win the remaining races as we dont have any in it....

So will kick off with Gigginstown Stud, for those who dont know its Maroon colours with Star in the middle, This guy is the forefront of Ryanair and for what i will say here i will never get a job as an air host :), as i dont like this guy one bit..I may be wrong from media depiction but sometimes you just know..

For those who dont know he had a lot of horses with our Champion Trainer over here, Willie Mullins, 2 months ago he pulled all his horses from his stable over a rise in fees, On our main news channel over here there was a phone call from Mullins where he stated, "He pulled all the horses from our yard as we slightly put up our fees due to the fact that we have superior training methods, "We had kept them at the same rate for the past 10 years but due to the fact of associated costs with all involved we felt it was fair"..

Again for those of you who dont know how ryanair operates the profits made are not from passenger numbers but from taking from the general public from mistakes in travel that dont reflect the supposed investment in the organisation, kinda like 0% outlay, 100% profit...

I for one dont want these colours to win but unfortunately we are dealing with a "Double effect", where we have a top class trainer who has in a way brought up kids to be sports stars and now they are taken away from his upbringing and shared around to other stables, In my opinion i dont see this as fair game as when you see these colours winning in reality its The original trainer who brought them up..

In saying that, Its good for the game as it spreads the prize money around but for the points i stated its again unfair game from an upbringing point of view..

Second guy is Rich Ricci who is associated with Willie Mullins, "Pink Silks", American guy, Comes across as a really nice guy and is very good for the game, Has appeared on ATR a few times and seems very genuine, Loves the Irish scene and has great respect for Willie Mullins and lets him do his own thing, Im a huge fan of Willie Mullins as a trainer as his Strike Rate over the years has been phenomenal, Fair enough he has had the best horses in training but in saying that they still have to win and hats off to him, Im certainly rooting for these colours this year and Willie Mullins in general, I like the way he comes across, Thankfully Ruby Walsh i presume will stick by him and he is a class act...

Next up is JP McManus Colours, Green and Orange, This guy comes across as a true gent and is an absolute legend in the game, when i first started to try and be a tipster i seen an interview from the archives a long time ago where he stated a few things in betting such as never bet in maidens, never bet in big fields and something else which i cant recall right now, all these were 100% true and i try to stick to that as much as possible, Have a big feeling that JP is going to have a big 2017, Association with Joseph O'Brien will definately come to fruition in 2017 and watch out for the colours at cheltenham...

There are plenty of others involved as well, Barry connell "Yellow silks", and a whole lot more, Its a great game over here and should be on Terrestrial TV more, crazy that its not, as its a people sport, not gambling.....

So thats that, tough to write but thats the start out of the way...

Tomorrow nyte will see possibly more in depth of the actual races for sunday, The card tomorrow looks very much like a favourites day but will try a couple of selections anyway and see what happens...

Have a good one


18th November 2016 @ 23:52

Weekend Meetings

Hey All

This weekend sees some great racing taking place over in Ireland, Kicking off with a 2 day meeting at Punchestown starting Saturday, and Cork on Sunday, That is of course weather permitting...

Going to try and depict the cards as best i can in my own style for the two days prior to the racing within this blog...

The following weekend sees the 2 day Hennessy Meeting at Newbury along with Irish racing so some good stuff to look forward to...

Back Friday nyte


16th November 2016 @ 21:36

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