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274.5 Last 12 months

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Follow along for long term profit gains. 

Short term investors stay clear. Long term guaranteed profits


Contact me privately for more info: itchyfingerstip@gmail.com

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Blog Posts

Back after summer

Past few rocky months for my own bankroll and record 


coming back stronger. just wait for results to pick up

15th September 2017 @ 06:12


April was a tough month for me and for many other tipsters who are on the same level.

However, there will always be a profit and a good ROI as long as you keep to your staking plan and have faith in the selections i post - Results don't lie.

May is going good. My sources and information have been able to narrow down and concentrate their picks due to the ending of season (not many games left)

Subscription has been raised, but i can assure you it's well worth it and the amount you pay is nothing compared to what i come out from my end for valuable sources and information.

Those who are still waiting to jump on the bandwagon, I'll tell you straight up you're losing precious $$



My profit and ROI can't be compared to those who bet on horses, but you will find yourself getting limited quickly. Use asianbooks and you will be fine. Even europe bookies like bet365 will limit your account (Just a matter of time) because they hate to see yo uwinning. 


Enough said. Lets hope the good run in May continues.

11th May 2017 @ 23:19


Many many selections especially on the weekends.

Overall guaranteed profit. 

If you don't wish to follow all the picks because it is too troublesome, i have a special set of picks with in depth research which promises an overall profit over a span of a month. - 30 Picks max and they are really really good. No limits as they are mostly on soccer.  - Email if keen.


Cheers and keep the profit rolling!

15th April 2017 @ 10:48


As I am new on tipstrr, price for the first few subscribers will be cheaper. 

Football i use a flat stake unless otherwise stated and adviced by me.

As you can see almost all my tips are from pinnacle to get a fixed stable odds and not the 'best' odds because it is a hassle to use different accounts for some people. My tips are available mostly on pinnacle and major bookmakers so it is up to you to get the best odds but i will put the most stable one up.

If not enough interest is garnered i will stop posting here altogether... I don't see a point. 

For those who are interested in winning long term, let's work together. 

Past years positive returns on at least 11 out of 12 months

7th March 2017 @ 18:35


Hi all, new to publishing picks.

As stated in description, picks that have brought me profit over the years and in the long run.

Here to share the sources and information converted into carefully selected picks.

Lets hope for a good start!

28th February 2017 @ 23:58

Results Summary

Period: Sport:
  • ROI: 3.70%
  • Profit: 274.5
  • Tips: 755
  • Win: 52%
  • Average Odds: 2.27





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