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Joseph Stallion

Horse Racing

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Set for a cracker

We really hit the crossbar today. I felt there were a lot of good bets posted and the money went in well, but we just about didn't manage to land some of the biggies. We picked out a few winners but overall it ended as a small losing day. No disaster, we'll move onto tomorrow full of confidence and ready for more winners. 

Funny enough, I haven't actually got a huge number of horses on my shortlist for tomorrow, and for the ones I do have, there is still plenty to be taken into consideration. With that in mind, I'm sure there will still be a couple of bets posted. I'll never force anything, so if it's a no bet day, then that's how it might be. Either way, there is plenty that can happen between now and tomorrow. As always, I look forward to the days racing. 

Published 23rd June @ 22:54