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Kvasir has made £1.87 profit in the last 6 months across 126 Football tips (roughly 5 tips per week), based on an average stake of £1 (6/10 units) giving an average monthly profit of £0.31

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My name is Fernando and I am from Spain. I am known as Kvasir, the name for the Nordic god that represents wisdom. My father used to be a football player who came here, Spain, to play for a La Liga team and he decided to stay here after marrying because my mother is Spanish. 

I first met football of course at the age of 6 and I tried to follow my father's steps but I was not that skillful neither at football nor basketball or something else. Therefore, I like watching sports competitions and games from all around the world and I have my achievements of statistics for nearly 347 teams that I follow close beginning from the year 2006. I am earning my living by betting.

My friends insisted that I am really good at making predictions so why don't I become a professional tipster? I thought about it and decided to share free picks till I get to the top in the list of "best tipsters" as it is important for me to be really good at whatever I am dealing with. 

Besides the tips shared here, you can find more at https://bet-ibc.com/tips/ as I also share two exclusive picks there to keep winning altogether. And on top of all, you can follow my social media on Twitter as @KvasirBets and my Telegram channel https://t.me/kvasir_tips

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