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Hi I am kysportspicks.

I have decided to offer my sports service to the public. I have had this service very private for only a select few for the last 5 years. I decided with the start of football season to open it up. I try to find what I think is the best play everyday in each or any sport. I mainly play moneylines. It can be 1stQ,1stH, or Game ML. I cover MLB,NFL,COLFB,COLBB,NBA,NHL. I approach this as a investment and my goal is to grow our bankroll over time. 

For any ?, You can email me at: kysportspicks@yahoo.com 

I have a special offer for my yearly price. $800 all picks 

Our final results for the 2016-2017 NFL season. 35-13 ($1,237.69) $1,000 bankroll @ 10% Play

Final Results for 2016-2017 COLFB season. 52-23-2 ($1,127.60) $1,000 bankroll @ 10% Play

So both COLFB, NFL seasons were not as profitable as we are used to, but we did continue to increase our bankroll. That is our main goal.

ALL MY PICKS OUR POSTED ON MY FACEBOOK PAGE. I open page after all games start. This is a pretty good monitoring site but I have alot of picks I can't monitor here. 

UPDATED SERVICE PRICE: I have had more people sign up for my yearly service so I was able to cut the price again. Posted on facebook and Twitter.






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To mark my 1 year anniversary posting online I am giving away a free weekend. If interested you can email me and I will put you on my list. Just put free weekend in subject line.  kysportspicks@yahoo.com 

7th September 2017 @ 04:34

Down to MLB to finish off my 6th year

We are down to MLB to finish off our 6th year. After a terrible NBA season a really good playoff run got my members back to the plus side, just barely. This is my worst year in 6 years, but my members are still to the plus side. We still have not had a losing season, with MLB left. After a poor 1st month of the season a really good May has us back to the plus side. Hopefully we can have a good season and still manage to get around a 30-50% or so profit for the year. 

6th June 2017 @ 15:56

NBA season


Having a terrible NBA season so far. There is still alot of season left but really need to turn things around to get to the plus side. Our NBA bankroll has taken a big hit but still enough left that any kind of run can get to the plus side. If not we will be looking at our first losing season in 6 years. Even though the NBA has been such a struggle we are still to the plus side for the year thanks to small increase in both NFL,COLFB and up nice right now in NHL just need a good finish there and MLB still to go in year 6 and we can still have a good profitable year.

11th March 2017 @ 00:31



Facebook: KY Sportspicks


I opened up facebook page early today for a free day.



14th February 2017 @ 19:01

2-14-2017 CAN'T POST COLBB 1STH play today

I have a 1st half play in COLBB but since they count a tie as a loss I won't post those here anymore unless they put a win push option or just do away with the draw option. (which you never play draw option in football or basketball) that's a soccer line.

14th February 2017 @ 18:59

My thought on bankroll management


You should treat this as a investment, your bankroll needs to grow over 2-4 years. To use a limited bankroll you have to give it time to grow.

The reason I play the way I do is when I started out at this, me and the ones who followed me didn't have alot of money so I had to figure out the best way to maximize profits for the good runs and minimize losses during the bad. BAD runs will happen, I don't care how good you are at this. 


Use a set bankroll and a set %. I started with $1,000 bankroll because it wasn't too large and if it were to go bust I could try again. I have been extremely fortunate to do as well as I have at this. My 6th year now and not only have I not had one go bust yet, but I have made a profit in every sport every year. Most seasons have been extremely profitable. 


Hopefully we will continue to be as fortunate the next 6 years as we have the last 6 years.

13th February 2017 @ 21:25

Feb 8th 2017 BOS pick

After contacting support they said it is a loss since it was a tie. I will accept that  but I won't post anymore picks here for 1st halfs unless they have a win/push option. I understand that is how you bet soccer but with basketball and football that is just not how you bet it. A tie is a push.



13th February 2017 @ 16:33

2016-2017 NFL, COLFB seasons

Last night finished up the 2016-2017 football season. We have started off our 6th year with yet another profitable season. (Year starts with COLFB-NFL Season). Sorry about the fact that it wasn't as good as we are used to but we did continue to grow our bankroll. We have been extremely fortunate as we are yet to have a losing season in now our 6th year of this service. 

2016-2017 COLFB FINAL RESULTS: 52-23-2 ($1,127.60) $1,000 bankroll  @ 10% Play

2016-2017 NFL FINAL RESULTS: 35-13 ($1,237.69) $1,000 bankroll @10% Play

Since we have been very fortunate the first 5 years of this service, all my members start with a min of $5,000 bankroll in all sports. Because of how we play 20-50% profit in each COLFB, NFL we consider an acceptable season but we hope to finish above 50% in each, So this was very dissappointing for us this season. 

6th February 2017 @ 19:12

End of 2 month free trial

My 2 month free trial ended. If you had been checking out my Facebook page I hope you enjoyed the free trial and hopefully you made some money during the free trial. Would have been much better if not for that bad 5-8 run in NHL. That happens but after winning 6 straight got the NHL back to close to even. Hopefully I will have NHL back to the plus side over the next week or 2. As you saw I don't change the way I play or the number of plays just because of a bad run. GL 




8th November 2016 @ 19:12

Cant post all my plays here

This seems like a nice site but I still have alot of problems getting all my plays monitored as many are not offered. I play alot of 1stH ML plays and here you have 1stH totals but no 1stH ML on the games. I also play some 1STQ ML in the NBA and cant post those here either.

I would also like to see this site put out a post where they explain what some of these bets offered are as being from the US I dont understand what some of these are as I have never seen them posted like that.



4th November 2016 @ 21:42

Start here.

Seems like I strted here at just the wrong time as NHL has been a rough start but hopefully in a week or 2 I will have that back to the plus side. I hope if anyone comes across my site and is interested that you will checdk out my facebook page where I have been posting all my plays for free since 9-6-2016 the start of the NFL season.

I dont have the option to post all my picks here so you can not get a real good feel for how I am doing unless you look at my facebook site where you can see all my picks.


4th November 2016 @ 21:36

This site

Still having a hard time figuring out this site. I have TB ML -169 tonight. Hopefully that is the play that is put in. Check out my facebook site to get all my plays since most it doesnt look like I will be able to post here. I have been posting free trial there since 9-6-2016, the start of the NFL season..

16th October 2016 @ 00:03

New to this site

I am new to this site. Im not sure if this is going to be a very good site for me to get monitored on as they might not offer all the lines for the way I play. Today for example, If you go to my facebook page where I have been posting for free as a trial period since 9-6-2016 the start of the NFL season. I have ALA 1STH ML -350, Cubs (Lester) -195. I could not post either of those here. Hopefully this is not going to be normal but just happen once in a while.



15th October 2016 @ 20:56

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