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So I have had some time to test several strategies over the course of 2 years with Tippstr (Progression style, Underdogs, Big play only strategy, multiple league and several plays a day strategy) and I have to agree with all the veterans having a 100pt Bankroll and tipping 1% of roll with each game (max 3-4 games on any given day) is the most effective way to INVEST in Sports and not "GAMBLE" in sports. Those of you that have been around for a while know what I mean by invest over gambling. Trust me I have won several thousands in Parlays, and big plays with risky plays but I have also lost several thousand chasing the same dreams over and over. In the end it’s a never ending game of chasing a false dream.  You young guys it may take you some years in this industry to understand the concept of investing in sports over gambling but that’s part of the learning curve I suppose.  

Now that I have said a little about the past let’s talk about this new Portfolio. For MAJOR K TIPS I am starting with a 100 unit bankroll (100 unit can mean 1k for some 10k for others) and posting 1 unit plays until I get to 200 units (I may have 2 unit plays from time to time).... Once I hit the 200 unit mark I will start posting 2 unit plays or less until I reach the next mile stone. I will ATTEMPT to keep this up until 500 units. Once I get to 500 Units I will cash out and start a new MAJOR K TIPs 2 portfolio or start back up with 1 unit plays. Again through experience I just do not see any point and playing greater than 5 unit monsters. Playing big can get you big wins but it’s also a fast way to deplete your bankroll. However, I wanted to state whatever level of unit I am at as a follower you should never play over 1% of your bankroll with each plays I am posting.  This will ensure that Sports investing plays do not crash and burn if we hit a bad run. And BELIEVE me bad runs get the best of us. Bad runs are part of the process similar to stocks it’s not a one way graph point up. There will be dips but managing bank roll will help ensure we can weather the storm.  I will try to write 1-2 sentence write ups with my picks. 

As all always Tail or Fade and best of luck to you!!



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Period: Sport:
  • ROI: 20.83%
  • Profit: 31.3
  • Tips: 15
  • Win: 60%
  • Average Odds: 1.87





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